How to import dogs into Nigeria

How to import dogs into Nigeria


This is a topic of concern to many Nigerians.  How to import dogs into Nigeria. It has been one very big challenge or will I say; problem, for lots of dog lovers in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians have in one time or the other fallen into the hands of fraudsters who claim to be importers. Today, we’ll be shown, how to import dogs into Nigeria. 

  • A regular occurrence includes the following:
    You paid a guy you do not know- just because you saw him online claiming to be a breeder or importer, you paid him some amount of money.


    After payment, you’ve been debited, all of a sudden the guy is no longer picking up your calls, is busying your call, switched off or in most cases has even blocked you. This can cause a lot to the health of someone.



  • The second regular occurrence is:
    You met a well known guy. He showed you pictures of his past and present deals/dealings. You paid him. Few weeks or days later, the dog arrives only for you to get what the both of you never agreed on. You got something entirely different. This can be very disheartening you know.

I have heard and seen lots of cases of fraudulent transactions between genuine dog lovers and supposed breeders(fraudsters).

I always get angry whenever I come across such. One thing I find funny is the fact that, these so-called breeders (thieves) end up getting more and more victims in the name of clients.

To solve this very big problem in Nigeria. I have decided to liberate Nigerians especially those ready to be liberated by Putting them in a step-by-step approach on “How to import dogs into Nigeria.”


Importing a dog into Nigeria is no silver bullet anymore.

Truth be told, anyone can buy his or her dogs on his own all you need are little consultations here and there and everything will fall in place.

Buying the right dog depends solely on your taste, needs and pocket- that is the main issue.

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Also Note This: Those breeders abroad are very much eager to send in rubbish into Africa. Only very few will give you unbiased and sincere review of thier dogs. You must be careful.

So, you must know what you want and ask questions.- This is very essential.

Finally, Let me clarify, everybody must not bring in dogs on thier own for reasons of experience, expertise and time.

…….But there are things you must know:

  • 1.Country of origin
  • 2.breeders Name
  • 3.kennel Name
  • 4.Name of parents
  • 4.ensure you get pedigree details and any other necessary documents.

Some clients might want to play smart and try to negiotiate directly

  • 1. Breeders sell higher most times to first time clients
  • 2. Breeders dont give certain quality of dogs to first time clients.
  • Infact you must have reached a level with some of them to get the best!

With all the dogs I have brought in, I still use shippers and I dont clear at the port on my own, the stress too plenty, so I will rather pay for the bureaucratic stress involved.

Sometimes you pay for certain services, not because you cant do it own your own, but not as good as an expert with experience in the field.

Now,lets look at the

Steps on how to import dogs into Nigeria:


There are very crucial and important questions that anyone interested in bringing a dog from any coutry down into Nigeria so answer to them will make a well articulated proceedure-

1. Why do you want to Import a Dog?

2. What are those Requirements for Importing a Dog?

3. Do you need a Permit to Import a Dog?

4. Can I Import an Unimmunized Dog?

5. What About Dogs from Rabies-Free Countries?

6. Are There Other Health Concerns for Imported Dogs?

7. Can I Import a Dog for Commercial Sale?

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8. hat is the Most Common Way to Ship a Dog?

9. Do I need a Customs Bond to Import a Dog?

10. Can I Import Other Pets?

11. What About Internet Scams for Imported Dogs?

12. How do I get the down to Nigeria?

Now, lets look at the answers to the questions above.

Answer 1(one): The Major reason why most people import dogs is to improve their breeding stock(s).
Most time, people look out for certain features and quality of dog they want their future dogs to have and when they search around and see none is available, the only option left is to import dogs with these features down here.

Answer 2(two): No much requirements needed. Like I earlier said, Buying the right dog depends solely on your taste, needs and pocket that is the main issue and money is your basic requirement.

Answer 3(three): Import permit is very paramount especially, if you are landing your dog in Nigeria at least that way you have reduced a lot of stress and payments.


Also read about the dog farms in Nigeria. dog farms in Nigeria. 

Although, not at all times but most times, a permit from the ministry of agriculture under livestock is needed at the airport.

To get this import permit; visit the Veterinary section quarantine
Head office in Abuja under Federal ministry of agriculture quarantine veterinary section

Answer 4(four): No, you can’t. This is because, the dog to be imported health papers are needed before the dog leaves the country.

Answer 5(five): Dog must be fully vaccinated

Answer 6(six): It is assumed that any dog coming out of a country and into another, should have been medically certified.

Answer 7(seven): Yes, you can.

Answer 8(eight): Mostly through Aeroplane from abroad. But when done within states the mos preferred means is through Vehicles.

Answer 9(nine): In Nigeria airport you must pay for clearance before you can get your dog.

Answer 10(ten): Yes, you can import other pets.

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Answer 11(eleven): Internet scam is very common and a regular occurrence. The best way to go about it is to contact someone who has done it before so they can help or any agency that does importation to help you out.

You can do it on your own if you have the heart to buy from tested and trusted breeders overseas. If you’re not confident enough, that’s where we come in. We take the risk for you. While you relax and watch!!

Answer 12(twelve):

Pay breeder.

You’ll need an agent to help you out in running up and down to make sure the dig leave the said country and gets to you.

Any body that wants to import should be a reliable agent.

That will negotiate with airlines
Or he can travel him self to and take dogs by his self to avoid stories.

You’ll pay the agent that will cargo the dog for you.
Note: Your agents will give you copy of papers, arrival date and time then you go to the airport and clear.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any question, drop it in the comment section below.




    1. Yes we can. But I’ll suggest you look out for exceptional GSDs around and purchase.- There are good/quality GSDs. Although, they’re very rare. We can also help you get one around. Whichever one you want import or Nigeria, we can help. Do send us your contact via:

    1. Getting pure bred pedigree English Mastiff dog into Nigeria will cost some good amount of money-say 1.5-2million Naira. But getting it from a breeder in Nigeria shouldn’t exceed 300-350k

  1. I want to start a dog business , can you give us hint on how to go about it , just for people like me that will like to venture into it

  2. My brother want to send dog from Malaysia, pls put me through how to go about it. U can mail me tijanibolaji777

    1. In getting your caucasian into nigeria, there a people who must help you do that. we’ve got thekey plays in Nigeria for that. – If you are ready.

  3. Hi very educative write-up. I have a breeder ij the us who wish to send some pitbulls to me here in Nigeria for sales but the question is how do we get it down here. Please i need your help on this thanks.

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