Dog Breeds from Africa | The Most Accurate List

What are the Dog Breeds from Africa? This is one question lots of dog owners – Breeders most especially ask.

I know you may be thinking that every know breed in the world today came outside Africa.

Well, if that’s what you have been thinking, then this list is here to prove you wrong.

We have gathered the most accurate list of Dog Breeds from Africa and today, you shall know all breeds whose origin can be traced to Africa.

Without much ado, let us get to know these breeds of dogs.


dog breeds from africa

The breed originated from South Africa. 

The Africanis is said to be of ancient origin.

The breed is also believed to be a direct descendant of hounds and pariah dogs, which are of ancient Africa.

The breed is short-coated, medium-sized, well-muscled, and slightly longer than tall.

They generally come in different colors.

Other names for this breed include;

  • African dog
  • Bantu dog
  • Hottentot hunting dog
  • Tswana dog
  • Zulu dog
  • Katali

The height of the breed is between 50- 60cm (20-24)

It has a short, hand and thick coat. An international kennel club does not recognize it.


dog breeds from africa

This breed was bred for hunting. The breed originates from Congo in central Africa and is recognized by several major kennel clubs, including the FCI.

The basenji is known to be a “barkless dog” due to the unusual yodel-like sound which it produces. 

Its unusual shaped larynx causes this. – screams instead of barking

The breed harms into estrus only once annually – unlike other which may have or come into estrus twice or more

Other names of the breed include:

-African bush dog

-Ango Angari

-Congo dog

-Zande dog

The breed weight between 9kg – 11kg and has a height between 40-43cm

It has a short and fine coat and life span of 12 – 14 years.


dog breeds from africa

The Aidi is a Berber dog breed bred to protect livestock, herd sheep, and goat. 

The breed originated from North Africa.

It possesses excellent hunting and scenting capacity. 

The breed’s country of origin includes; morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

The FCI and UKC recognize the breed

Other names of the breed include;

  • Aidi
  • Atlas mountain dog
  • Atlas shepherd dog
  • Berber dog
  • Chien de l’ Atlas
  • Chien de Montagne de l’ Atlas


dog breeds from africa

The Armant dog is a medium-sized herding guard dog which originates from Egypt. The breed is fearless when faced by a predator and is very loyal to his owners. 

The breed has a height of about 21 – 23 inches (53-58cm) and weighs between 50-65 pounds (23-29kg).

The breed has a small head, small eyes, and a deep but broad chest.

The breed has a life-span of 10-13 years.

Other names of the breed include:

-Egyptian sheepdog


-Hawara Dog Egyptian

-Armant herding dog

Other common names include.

-Egyptian Armant

-Herding dog

-Black lion



dog breeds from africa

The Azawakh breed of dog originates from West Africa. 

The breed has its origin from Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso.

It is used as sighthound – although it’s recent times has been used to guard camps.

It has a height of about 60-74cm (25-29inches) and a weight of (15-25).

The breed has a short and fine coat and usually fawn, brown, red, and brindle. The breed is recognized by the FCI, UKC, AN KC, KC (UK), NZ KC, and AKC.

Just like the basenji, the dog also has a single estrus annually.


Dog Breeds from Africa

The Boerboel breed is a large mastiff with origin in South-Africa

The Boerboel is among the list of most powerful dogs in the world. It has a bite force of soo psi

The breed weighs about (55-90kg)-depending on the gender and height of 160-177cm

The coat colors are; fawn, red, brown, brindle, cream, and black.

The coat is short, dense, and usually sight, smooth and shiny.

AKC, UKC, etc. recognize the breed.

Dog Breeds from Africa

Chinese crested dog

dog breeds from africa

The Chinese crested dog is also a hairless dog with origin said to be from Africa.

The Chinese crested dog comes in two types with fur and without fur(Powder Puff and Hairless).

The powder puff is a type of the Chinese crested dog with a long and soft coat.

Hairless is also a type of the Chinese crested dog, but the difference it has with the powder puff is that the hairless has no hair.

The breed is seen as a small breed with a weight of 46-60kg.

Although this breed is said to have an origin in China, there is a fact also pointing to the fact that this breed originates from Africa.

Cotton de Tulear

dog breeds from africa

This breed is a beautiful breed of dog developed in the island of Madagascar in East Africa.

The breed is named after a city in Madagascar called Tulear.

The breed posses a cotton-like coat and is known to grow not more than 18pounds.

The breed weighs about 3-8kg and a height of 22-30kg.

The coat of the Cotton de Tulear is medium-to-long cotton-like and fluffy.

The breed comes in various colors, such as white ( most times with tan markings or stripes), tricolor (a combination of several colors, and black and white.

It is also recognized by the FCI, CKC, KC (UK), and UKC.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

dog breeds from africa

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that was named in the southern region of Africa.

The dog is known for its intelligence and loyalty.

Although they can go aloof to strangers but has a good temperament.

Other names of this breed include;

  • African lion dog
  • African lion hound

The height of a Rhodesian Ridgeback is between 60-80cm, and the weight is between 40-50kg’

The coat is short, dense, sleeky, and also glossy in appearance.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback can come in several colors which includes:

Light wheaten to red wheaten (with little white color, which may appear on the chest or toe of the breed.

The life-span of the breed is between 10-13 years.

The breed is also recognized by FCI, ANKC, KC (UK), NZKC, UKC.


dog breeds from africa

This breed has its origin in the northern part of Africa. 

The Sloughi is a member of the sight and family. 

It is a medium-large breed of dog.

The breed was bred in the northern part of Africa (which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya).

This breed was bred to hunt down games such as fox, hares, gazette, wild pig, jackal, etc.

The breed is robust yet elegant and sporty/racy.

This breed is a breed of class with a noble attitude.

The physical appearance of the breed shows a well defined bony structure with firm and lean muscles.

other names for of the breed include:

  • Arabian Greyhound
  • Sloughi Maghrebi

The breed is also recognized by FCI, AKC, ANKC, KC (UK), NZKC, UKC.


dog breeds from africa


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This breed is an ancient breed, claimed to be the oldest dog breed in history.

The breed is said to have its origin in Egypt.

As the name “Tesem” which means “hunting dog” in the ancient Egyptian language, this breed was used for hunting

The t Tesem breed is said to be similar to the “Pariah dogs.”

Abyssinian Sand Terrier

dog breeds from africa

The Abyssinian sand terrier is also called the African Hairless Dog

This breed known as the hairless dog can grow between 15.5 to 20.5 in (39 to 52 cm) height.

The breed weighs between 21 to 39 lb (9 to 18 kg). 

The Abyssinian Sand Terriers are a hairless breed with little hair that can be found on their skull and towards the end of their tail. However, some of these breeds of dogs are entirely hairless. 

They can be seen in different colors which include;

  • Bronze 
  • Elephant-gray 
  • Grayish-black, 
  • Black 
  • Pale sandy and 
  • Mottled

The ear ears of this breed come in two types.

They can be;

  1. Rose-shaped or
  2. Large and bat-like

The ear of this breed is thin in texture

The Abyssinian Sand Terrier possesses a broadhead is broad(in the skull) and a long, tapered muzzle. 

They have a black nose, although some take the color of their coat. 

They either have a scissor bite or a level bite. 

 One peculiar thing about this breed is that they are fearless, yet very loyal and willing to please their masters.


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Now that you have gone our ist of Dog Breeds from Africa, I hope you can now tell your friends and fellow dog owners and lovers about these Dog Breeds from Africa.

If you have any questions or contributions, feel free to make use of the comment section below.


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