Privacy Policy

Welcome! We can guess the major reason why you are here? To understand how we use your data right? No problem we will try our best to solve your problem.

At, we don’t share your data with anyone and we try our possible best to keep your data safe.

Please bear in mind that the moment you leave our website, we have no right to access your information so your information are stored so you cab check their privacy policy.

Is privacy policy page of any use to me and why should I care?

The main motive of creating this page is to apprise you on how we collect your personal information and what we use them for.

Who do we share these information with?

We don’t share or sell your information to anybody or 3rd party companies, we are aware that they are your pesonal data and it is our rwsponsibility to safe-guard them. The only reason why we may have to save your data is when we try to “comply with the law”.

What information do we collect when you visit our blog?

Information we collect goes thus:

Your Name: You will notice that we ask for your name in the comment field when you want to comment on our blog, also when we store your name, it is just to address you more politely when you visit our blog next time and to differentiate your comment from other comments.

When we send you newsletter, we want to address you better and we don’t want to address you anonymously

Your Email address: When you drop a comment, subscribe for our newsletter or want to contact us.

Your ip address : We store your iP address for us to know.that you are thesame person using thesame device to access our blog so you won’t have to start entering information you already entered before on your blog and to send some push notifications.

Your browser : The type of browser you use will up understand how to better display our pafes on this device and the number of users using this browser

In future we may need to collect more information on your location, device, phobe number etc. This page will be updated when we decide to do so.

What are cookies and do we use cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored within your browser. This means that that cookies can store nothing expect text and that they are contrived to a browser you use.

If you still don’t agree with the cookies data collected from you, you can simply choose to disable cookies on individual browser you use.

To acquire more facts about cookie management related to each web browsers, you can get them on the browser’s official websites.

We will like to serve Google adsense adverts later on in future, please bear in mind that as a third-party , Google Adsense will use cookies to serve ads on our blog to better serve engaging adverts to you and google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve adverts to our viewers based on what you read on our website and what you read on other websites. You can option out of the dart cookies if you don’t want personalized adverts to be served to you.

You can read more on google privacy policy page about displaying adverts