Russian Dog Commands: 24 Basic Russian Dog Training Commands

Looking forward to training your dog with some Russian dog training commands? if yes, then you are in the right place.

If you just got or already have one or more Russian breeds such as Borzoi, Black Russian Terrier, Samoyed, Russian Toy, Caucasian Shepherd, or another Russian canine, you would presumably need to show him/her some Russian dog commands. Russian dog commands are usually short and very simple to articulate and recall or remember.

A disciplined dog needs essential training likewise that any dog owner can offer him. This will help in stopping any sort of social issues that he may arise.

Remember, the accompanying directions, if suitably applied by the Dog owner, can be a good time for the dog and the owner, also, in addition to that, it will make their bond or love between the two of them stronger and their lives simpler, healthier, and pleasant.

Some of the few essential and most significant Russian dog commands include:
and “Out!”.

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Be patient and consistent.

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Try not to push your dog excessively hard toward the beginning.

Locate a peaceful spot for the activities – to maintain a strategic distance from interruptions and noise or distractions.

Make learning sessions short and basic.

Make every training session/practice steady and a normal/fun-filled activity.

Never rebuff your dog.

Endeavor to practice at home or nursery first before practicing freely in public places

Reward your dog for being obedient and successfully scaling through any of the commands

Give him what you need him to know-power won’t help.

Teach your dog new commands immediately when he appropriately learns an old one.

Make every dog training fun and engaging.

Include yourself in preparing works out, not simply the canine – he needs a companion to play with

The following is a rundown with 24 fundamental Russian dog commands that each dog owner needs.


Here is the basic Russian Dog Commands list:


  1. Sit: Sideet( Сидеть)
  2. Stop: Ostanovit
  3. Heel: Ryadom( Рядом)
  4. Stand: Stoy-aut( Стоять)
  5. Jump: Preghet(Барьер)
  6. Bark: Kora( Голос)
  7. Lay: Lee-Zhet
  8. Fetch: A-Port( Апорт)
  9. Be quit: Zatknis
  10. Get down: Spusgotsa
  11. Stay: Myjesto( Дай)
  12. Come: Komne( Ко мне)
  13. Down: Lyezhat( Место & лежать)
  14. Out: Fu( Фу)
  15. Good: Horosho(ХОРОШО)
  16. Goodboy or Good dog: Molodets(МОЛОДЕЦ)
  17. Outside: Gutyat( Гуляй)
  18. Go home: Domoy(Вперед or  Гуляй)
  19. Voice: Golos(ГОЛОС)
  20. Quiet: Tiho(ТИХО)
  21. Fetch: Aport(АПОРТ)
  22. Forward: Vperyod((ВПЕРЁД)
  23. Guard: Ohranyai(ОХРАНЯЙ)
  24. Attack: Fas(ФАС)
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