Italian Dog Commands: Basic Italian Dog Commands and their Meaning

Using Italian dog commands in training your dog to train your dog can be both practical and fun. 

Why make use of the Italian commands in training your dog?

Dog commands in Italian language stands-out.

English dog commands are very common. 90% of dog owners use them.

Using an entirely different command in a different language like the Italian dog commands will make it easier for your dog to differentiate it from your day to day words.

Using  commands in the Italian language makes it clear for your dog to understand


When your friends and family are coming visiting and see that you train your dog to understand Italian commands, they will be amazed, blown-off, and Impressed that your dog understands a second language and theirs don’t.

It’s fun


Info-Graphic Photo of dog commands in the Italian Language

An infographic photo containing some German Dog Commands can be seen below.

Italian dog commands

List of Italian Dog Commands

  • Come: Vieni (vee-en-ee)
  • Sit: Seduto (say-doo-toe)
  • Down: Giu (jew)
  • Stay: Fermo (fair-mo)
  • Yes: Sì
  • No: No
  • Good dog: Bravo cane (cah-nay)
  • Go: Andave
  • Good: Buono
  • Bad: Facile – Said with a frowned face.
  • drop it: Lascialo
  • Leave it: Lascia

Now you have it, a List of Italian dog commands.

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