Why People Love Dogs?


This is one very big questions that always attract various kinds of answers and reasons- based on personal experience or view. There are so many reasons why people like dogs. We shall be looking st those vital or most important reasons why people choose or love dogs over all other domestic/wild creatures. I know that, there are lots of domestic animals known to mankind. But as a dog lover I will be listing those basic but yet, very important facts why people choose to love dogs

Note: these points are not all the reasons why human/people love dogs- as reason may vary form person to person. Nonetheless, these are the very vital/key reasons amongst other reasons why people love dogs. Dogs are much more than domestic animals they are very loyal companions and can be seen as another member of the family.

why people love dogs

Reasons why peoples love dogs includes;

Makes us responsible: Owning a dog comes with lots of responsibilities. This is the reason why lots of people who seek to act responsibly get dogs for themselves. This is because, it eventually gets them to be. For this reason, parents are advised to get dogs for their kids, to get them to act responsibly

Financial benefits: It is no secret that, owning a dog can be financial benefitting. This is one reason people get dogs. When they litter/whelp they get to sell the pups which eventually get them some cool cash.

Security: this is one of the most common reasons why people love dogs. A dog can secure his/her owner and the property in which they stay. Unlike cats who will probably look at thieves attacking their owners or looting their properties; the dog is ready to protect them with his/her life.

why people love dogs

For their beauty: breeds like the bichon frise, Lhasa apso, chow chow, German Shepherd dog, shuh tzu, American Eskimo, Samoyed etc.. Possess undeniable bbeauty causing everyone who looks at them to fall in love with them.

They encourage physical fitness and boost health: Owning a dog will eventually get you tto get up on your feet during the early hours or late evening to jog or run with your dog. But the truth is that, you are directly and indirectly keeping yourself fit. These exercises lower excess fat and obesity and lower blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels.- alk these boosts our health.

Boost social interaction: Dogs are great facilitators for making newconnections, friends and helps in building our social lifes.

The reasons why people love dogs cannot be fully explained as reasons varies from one individual to another.

Note: thepoints listed above, are based on personal experience and observations.

Feel free to add your reason below..

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