Why Dogs Eat Their Poop: All Reasons and Solutions.

Why dogs eat their poop?

A lot of dog owners keep wondering why dogs eat their poop. This can be a result of lots of factors some of which I’ll be listing. Some of the major factors that make them(dogs) eat their poop/stool will be listed and explained below.

Basically, there are 3 major factors/reasons  why dogs to eat their poop:

• Behavioral Factors
• Nutritional Deficiencies/Factors
• Medical Issues/Factors

1. Behavioral Factor:

Why dogs to eat their poop most times is due to behavioral factors. The behavior of a dog can be gotten or learned from either the mum or other littermates. To stop dogs from eating their poop, be sure to remove the feces on time. Dogs usually defecate a few minutes after eating or playing. If you have a feeding routine or play routine for your dog, it will be easy to determine toilet time.
Boredom is also a Behavioural Factor and can lead to stool or poop eating. So, get your pet entertained to avoid such an occurrence. Get them engaged in active, lively, energetic activities.

Also, it can be a sign that they are looking for attention, many dogs eat their poop to avoid punishment. However, dogs eat their poop, is known as coprophagy. coprophagy is actually a normal behavior in puppies. However, if the cause or behavior is not addressed appropriately and promptly, it does have a good chance to become a recurring habit.

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In a situation where you see your dam eating her puppy’s poop do not fret, it is very natural for the dam to eat the poop of her puppies. She eats their poop to keep the “kennel”. The dam does repeat this behavior from the time the pups are born until they are about 8 weeks and are weaned. Now, seeing their mum do so, puppies also learns from her by following her lead and do what she does.


Usually, the dam stops eating her pups’ feces when the pups start eating solid foods and can leave the kennel to defecate outside, but the pups may still continue to exhibit the behavior until they get more mature. This is why It may be considered as a learned behavior that may come along with natural puppy curiosity which may lead them to start smelling, tasting and or even eating their own or other dogs’ poop.

It is the breeder’s duty to begin to discourage this behavior seen in the puppy before the puppy leaves for a new home. To do this, the breeder must endeavor to always get the puppies cleaned up before they even have a chance to eat them.

Boredom: Boredom is another major cause of why dogs eat their poop. When a puppy is left alone over a long period of time. The may find liberation from boredom by playing and eating his own poop.

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Hunger: When dogs become very hungry, they begin to look for the nearest alternative to get their stomach filled. When none can be seen, they resolve in eating their poop.

other behavioral factors include; stress,

Attention: When dogs are eager to get the attention of their owners; whether it be positive or negative, they don’t mind. that is why they can even get involved in even eating their poop.


2. Nutritional Factor:

If you are feeding a diet that is not balanced, your pet may instinctively develop this habit of eating their stool or poop. This is just nature, trying to balance whatever they are not getting from the diet they’re given, they opt into eating their poop or stool. Solution? Change to a balanced premium diet or dog food.

As previously stated, it is very common to find your puppy eat its own or other dogs’ stool. However, dogs who are fed with a well-balanced dog food should grow out of this behavior. If your pup continues to eat poop after all your efforts to stop that behavior, you will need to consult a veterinarian or behaviorist in order to identify the problem.

dogs eats their poop

3. Medical Factor:

Certain medical conditions can be the cause of why dogs eat their poop. Examples of such medical conditions include; Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI): This is the inability to properly digest food due to a lack of digestive enzymes made by the pancreas.

Poor digestion: Poor digestion is one of the too many reasons why dogs eat their poop. Dogs may not be digesting their food properly. This may be due to the foods that are not easily digestible. Especially when they give them animal-based protein. – it is advisable that you give your puppy animal-based nutrients. Another reason for this poor digestion may be that the dog has got some problems with his/her digestive system. In this case, it is advisable that you go see a veterinarian.

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How to Stop a Dog from Eating their Poop

  • Ensure that you feed your dog with good and well-balanced nutrients that are very essential to their growth and development.
  • Exercise your dog(s) regularly to get rid of boredom
  • Always eliminates and clean up their cages or kennel after eating or poop
  • If you notice that your dog’s of puppies have got some digestive issues; ensure you add digestive enzymes or natural additives to their food to make it more digestible.
  • Always take him on a walk. Give him your attention and make him feel loved.
  • Whenever you successfully caution him from eating his poop, make sure he is rewarded. Also, reward whenever he when he behaves rightly. This will help to instill discipline in him.

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