Why dogs eat their poop| Reasons and Solutions.

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Why dogs eat their poop

A lot of dog owner are wondering why dogs eat their poop. This can be as a result of lots of factors some of which I’ll be listing. Some of the major factors that makes them(dogs) eat their poop/stool will be listed and explained below.

Basically, there are 3 major factors/reasons  why dogs to eat their poop:

• Behavioural Factors
• Nutritional Deficiencies/Factors
• Medical Issues/Factors


The behaviour of a dog can be gotten or learnt from the mum or other litter mates. To stop dogs from eating their poop, be sure to remove the faeces on time. Dogs usually defecate few minutes after eating or playing. If you have a feeding routine or play routine for your dog, it will be easy to determine toilet time.
Boredom is also a Behavioural Factor and can lead to stool or poop eating. So, get your pet entertained to avoid such occurrence. Get them engaged in active, lively, energetic activities.


If you are feeding a diet that is not balanced, your pet may instinctively develop this habit of eating their stool or poop. This is just nature, trying to balance whatever they are not getting from the diet they’re given, they opt into eating their poop or stool. Solution? Change to a balanced premium diet or dog food.


Certain medical conditions can be the cause why dogs eat their poop. Example of such medical conditions include; Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI): This is the inability to properly digest food due to lack of digestive enzymes made by the pancreas. What is the solution? The only solution to this is to  Talk to your vet.


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