Why Do Dogs Sneeze

Do you ask why do dogs sneeze? or why do dogs sneeze when playing? or why do dogs sneeze when excited? or why do dogs sneeze a lot? or why do dogs sneeze when you play with them?- If yes, then read on to get the answers to your questions

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Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

Sneezing might be very common among humans.- They, however, are not the only ones that sneeze.

Dogs also sneeze.

Unlike humans that sneeze when they are down with a cold, sneezing in dogs is different.

There are different reasons for dogs sneeze. Some of these reasons are very serious, others are not too serious.

All things being equal, dogs sneeze when they feel irritated in the upper airway of their nose.

Sneezing is one way they push out the irritant.

Lots of people have noticed their dogs sneezing but are not sure why dogs sneeze.

If you find dog sneezing fascinating and will like to know what it is all about, please read on.

You are on the right page.

why do dogs sneeze

1. Presence of an Irritant

 One of the most common reasons dogs sneeze is the presence of an irritant in its nose.

This irritant might be pollen, perfume, or dust.

Additionally, other substances can get stuck in a dog’s nose while it’s digging.

This could lead to sneezing.

If you notice your dog sneezing too frequently, you will need to pay attention to what you spray as it simply might be reacting to something you are spraying into the atmosphere. 

Furthermore, dogs that are used in hunting might be prone to sneezing as the likelihood of them having something in their nose is huge.

So, if you have a dog that moves around with its nose to the ground, it just might end up sneezing too much.

Lots of dog owners might be uncomfortable with their dog sneezing.

Sneezing in dogs, however, is not a bad thing as it makes it possible for dogs to push out irritants all by themselves.

2. Dogs Sneeze when they Play

This might not be the most common reason dogs sneeze.

It, however, is one of the few reasons dogs sneeze.

Dogs sometimes experience a phenomenon known as “play sneezing” when they are excited.

If you notice this in your dog, you should not be scared as it is a very harmless occurrence.

A lot of small breeds sneeze when playing as an indication that they are having fun and that they are simply playing.

So, if you have a dog that sneezes when you both play, you can be certain it will not be getting violent anytime soon.

3. Tumors

The presence of a tumor in a dog’s nasal passage can make it sneeze.

Going by this, if your dog sneezes persistently, you might need to visit the veterinarian as it just might be dealing with a tumor. 

T0 prevent this occurrence in your dog, you will need to keep it off second-hand smoke as this is the major cause of tumors in dogs.

It is also common among dog breeds with a large nose.

4. Dog Breed

Although dogs sneeze generally, certain breeds are known to sneeze more than others even when there is no serious issue.

These breeds sneeze because their nasal passages are more compressed than those of others.

Some of these breeds are Pug, Bulldog, and Boston terrier.

5. An Infection in the Tooth

In the third upper premolar of most dogs are roots that are closely linked to the nasal passages.

If there is an infection in their tooth or any tooth close to it, it could cause sneezing in your dog.

6. Sometimes a Sneeze is more than Just a Sneeze

As a dog owner, it is important to note that there are times what you call a sneeze in your dog is really not a sneeze. Sometimes, what seems to be a sneeze is actually a dog snorting. 

If you have a healthy dog snorting, this could just be a signal that its upper airway is obstructed. – In this situation, you will need to pay a visit to a veterinarian.

Snorting also occurs when your dog is beginning to develop an unhealthy weight.

You, therefore, might want to help it lose weight.


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