Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet

Do you want to know the answer to the question-  why do dogs sit on your feet? -If yes, read on.

Like humans, dogs get very emotionally attached to their owners and show their attachment in different ways.

One way they show their devotion is by staying put to your side.

Some lie at our feet while others sit at your feet.

Although not everyone enjoys their dog sitting on their feet, a lot of people do.

Regardless of what you think about your dog sitting at your feet, you should know why it sits at your feet.

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Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet?

In asking why do dogs sit on your feet? There are reasons for that and below are the reasons dogs sit at your feet.

why do dogs sit on your feet

1. Anxiety

In thinking- why do dogs sit on your feet? This shouldn’t be neglected.

Dogs sometimes sit on the feet of their owner when they are anxious or scared.

If your dog sits on your feet regularly, then it does not have to get anxious before sitting on your feet.

On the other hand, if it rarely sits on your feet, there are things you must look out for to ensure it is not scared whenever it does so.

Are its ears pulled back?

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Look out for signals that indicate it is stressed or afraid.

These signs are drooling and extreme panting.

Is its tail tucked between its legs or hanging down?

Dogs react in different ways when they are; they are anxious.

Some of them make desperate attempts to get near their owners.

This occurs when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

Others do not have to wait until they get to new grounds before showing their fear.

They react in fear when there is thunder, construction noise, and fireworks.

Generally, dogs try to stay in contact with their owners whenever they feel scared.

This is one reason they sit on your feet.

2. It’s a Way to Show Their Love

This also shouldn’t be neglected when you ask the question- why do dogs sit on your feet?

There are many ways dogs show affection.

One way they do this is by sitting at their owner’s feet. It can be likened to a friend sitting close to another.

While some dogs prefer sitting on the couch, others do not mind staying on the floor.

Sitting on the floor means they will sit at your feet.

Although dogs sit at their owner’s feet to show love, others do this always to be ready to go around with them.

3. Attention Sake

Many dogs learn to sit at their owner’s feet because it is one way they are sure of getting the attention they require.

While the average dog owner gives their dog attention, having your dog seated at your feet will make you give it a lot more attention.

4. Dogs Sit at Your Feet to Show Comfort

Many dogs are emotionally connected to their owners and can sense when their owner is down emotionally.

When a dog’s master shows any sign of being down, dogs show comfort by sitting at their feet.

Now dogs cannot speak. Nonetheless, they can communicate a great deal of support by sitting on your feet.

5. It’s a Way of Claiming You

Dogs are territorial animals. While they are known to mark their territories,

this is not all there is to them about being territorial.

Dogs also lay claims to their owners.

One way they do this is by sitting at your feet.

This is its way of making it known to other dogs that you belong to it.

This behavior can sometimes be a challenge if you live in a home with several dogs.

If you have the dogs in your family struggling to sit at your feet, you will need to seek help from a dog expert.

This is something you can do to ensure you have peace in your home always.

When the struggle to sit at your feet is left unchecked, some people might get injured.

6. Dogs Need Warmth

It is common knowledge that humans need warmth. They, however, are not the only ones in need of warmth.

Dogs also need warmth. They seek warmth by sitting close to their owner’s feet.

This behavior is not innate. It is learned when dogs are still puppies.

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Is it Okay for Your Dog to sit at Your Feet?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your dog sit at your feet.

Beyond the fact that it allows them to show you their love, it also gives you an opportunity to tell you dog(s) that you love them.

When they sit on your feet, you can reciprocate their love by parting them on the back every now and then.

How Do You Stop Your Dog from Sitting at Your Feet

Not everyone is comfortable with their dog sitting on their feet.

While people have various reasons for this, some are uncomfortable because of their dog’s level of aggression.

One way to keep your dog from sitting at your feet is to ensure you do not reward it while seated at your feet.

Also, you should avoid petting it whenever it is in this position.

When you rub it while it is in this position, the message you are passing simply lets it know you are comfortable with its actions.

In addition to not petting it when seated at your feet, encourage it to use its bed.

You can do this by getting its bed very close to you. If it listens to you and uses its bed, you should reward it.

This will encourage it to use Its bed more often instead of sitting at your feet.


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The above-listed points answer the question- why do dogs sit on your feet?

I hope you found the article helpful.

If you have some more questions, feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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