Why Do Dogs Roll in Grass

Do you ask the question- why do dogs roll in grass? and would love to know the right answer to that question?- If yes, then you are in the right place.

Why Do Dogs Roll in Grass?

Asking why do dogs roll in grass comes with an answer, and those answers can be seen below;

The reasons why dogs roll in grass include:

why do dogs roll in grass

Everyone that has owned a dog for a reasonably long while must have seen it rolling in the grass a couple of times. Although it seems normal for dogs to roll in the grass, the question is, why do they do so?
If you have the same question on your mind, you are on the right page. Read on to find out why dogs roll in the grass.

1. Obsessive Compulsory Disorder

Dogs roll in the grass because of obsessive behavior.

This is not precisely an excellent reason for your dog rolling in the grass.

You, therefore, might need to get a solution to this behavior.

One way to prevent your dog from rolling in the grass due to obsessive the compulsory disorder is to take note of the things that get it excited.

When you know these things, you can always get it back to your side before it starts rolling in the grass.

After preventing it from rolling in the grass, make it go through fun games and reward it for participating in these games.

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When it gets rewarded for taking part in fun games, it will learn to associate being rewarded with fun games and not rolling in the grass.

Keeping your dog from rolling in the grass because of obsessive compulsory disorder might seem like asking yourself for too much.

However, it is not a lot as you will not have to spend time taking it for a bathe.

2. Dogs Roll in the Grass When They Fell Itchy

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons dogs roll in the grass.

Your dog gets itchy now and then, and once way it makes itself feel comfortable is by rolling in the grass.

Now, your dog being itchy might not seem like much; it, however, might be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Some of these issues are tick bite or skin allergies.

When your dog begins to roll in the grass often because it feels itchy, you might need to get it to a vet and find out why it is itchy.

3. Dogs Roll on the Grass to Deal with Unwanted Smells

Averagely, dogs possess over 220 million olfactory receptors positioned in their nose.

This is a lot more than the olfactory receptors in the nose of humans.

The implication of this is they have a susceptible sense of smell.

Going by this, smells you consider good might not be too good for your dog.

Although all dogs have got a powerful sense of smell, they do not all have the same way of judging a scent.

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So one smell that makes one dog run into the grass to begin rolling might be entirely comfortable for another dog.

If your dog keeps rolling in the grass after bathing, you will need to get an odorless shampoo.

4. It is An Innate Behavior

Dogs are related to wolves, and rolling in the grass is perhaps one thing they both have in common.

Wolves are known to roll in the grass when they come across a new smell.

They usually roll in this smell in a bid to get it on their body.

5. Dogs Roll in the Grass to Relax

Rolling in the grass feels excellent for lots of dogs.

They, therefore, do this to relax.

When dogs are looking for an avenue to scratch their back and bask in the sun, they do this by rolling in the grass.

Although dogs roll on the grass to simply relax, others do so to get something off their back.

Therefore, you have to be very observant as this is one way to know the exact reason your dog is rolling on the grass.

When a dog s trying to get something off its back, it will roll more vigorously on the grass.

However, one that is rolling on the grass simply to relax will do this calmly.

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6. Dogs Roll on the Grass to Mark Their Territory

Dogs do not just roll in the grass to pick up a scent from it.

Sometimes, they roll in the grass to rob off their own scent in it.

This is one way they let other dogs know it is their territory.

Is It Okay to Let Your Dog Roll in the Grass?

If you’re one of those who ask- why do dogs roll in grass? and would like to know if it is okay.

It is absolutely okay for your dog to roll in the grass.

What is not so good is letting it roll in the grass without tick and flea protection.

Please, endeavor to also pay a lot of attention to the presence of herbicides and pesticides already spray in the grass.

Still got some more questions outside- why do dogs roll in grass?
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