What to Give Dogs for Constipation

Want to know what to give dogs for constipation? -If yes, then this article is for you.

This is one very common digestive issues in dogs that dog owners face frequently

What is constipation?

Constipation in dogs is the difficulty, infrequent, or absence of bowel movement in dogs.

Causes of Constipation in dogs

  • Too much fiber in your dog’s diet
  • Too little fiber in their dog’s diet
  • Lack of frequent exercise
  • Blocked anal sacs or abscessed anal sacs
  •  An enlarged prostate gland in dogs
  • Excessive self-grooming in dogs that can cause lots of dog hair to be present in the stool
  • Matted dog hairs around your dog’s anus from lack of grooming or obesity
  • Ingested gravel, specks of dirt, or pieces of toys, etc. caught in his intestinal tract
  • Masses or tumors on your dog’s anus or within the rectum- Which can cause an obstruction
  • A side effect of medication
  • Trauma to the pelvis
  • An orthopedic problem that causes pain when a dog positions himself to defecate
  • Neurologic disorder
  •  Dehydration due to other illness

How Can you tell if your Dog Is Constipated?

If your dog has not had any bowel movement in over two(2) days or if he strains, crouches, or cries out whenever he attempts defecating, then this calls for special attention.

You also see your veterinarian right away.

Note: Sometimes, constipation signs in dogs may be similar to those with a urinary tract problem.- This makes it important that you see your vet determine the cause.

Which Dog Breeds Are Susceptible to Constipation?

Elderly dogs are known to suffer more often from infrequent or difficult bowel movements. 

However, constipation is a condition that can occur in any dog with one or more of the causes of constipation listed above.

What to give Dogs for Constipation

To help your dog during constipation, you must have the following products.- These products have helped me in getting rid of constipation in my dogs.

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They are super effective in relieving constipation.

what to give dogs for constipation

Probiotics For Dogs – Advanced Dog Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes

This has helped my severally in relieving constipation in my dogs

Some of the features of this product are:

  • It helps in maintaining good bacterial for the overall improved health of your dog
  • Makes handling your dog’s gut health easy. 
  • Helps in promoting a healthy balance of good bacteria which may keep your dog’s immune system strong
  • Supports brain function
  • Aids digestion, and the assimilation of vital vitamins and minerals
  • Contains natural probiotic and enzyme support which helps to relieve your dog of gut problems using highly advanced probiotic strains and specialized digestive enzymes specifically formulated for your dog’s health.
  • Great for dogs of all sizes and age – Be it a puppy, adult, or senior dog
  • This is an anti-gas and anti-diarrhea.
  • Helps your dog to feel at its best 
  • Tastes great – like dog treats without any added fillers such as corn, dairy, soy, and artificial colors and ingredients.
  • Quality
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

None at all. It has been super effective in relieving constipation in my dogs.

Where to buy from

There is no better place than Amazon.- That’s where you can get this product at the best price ever.

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How Can I Treat My Dog’s Constipation?

  • A stool softener or any other laxative agent
  • Medication that’ll help to increase the contractile strength of your dog’s large intestine
  • Try adding some fiber to your dog’s diet with canned pumpkin, wheat bran, or a product such as Metamucil
  • Check a veterinarian surgeon for a prescribed, high-fiber diet
  • Increase your dog’s  exercise

All these can be found in the product mentioned above.


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