What is the Only Dog Breed Specifically Mentioned in the Bible?

Want to know what is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the bible? If yes, then read on.

You are curious to know what type of dog breed was mention in the Bible, right?

You wanted to know how many times we have dog mention in the scripture, we have taken out time to research this subject matter, and we have all of your answers here.

Ever before learning the science of animal domestication, the dog has been the first man’s petOpens in a new tab..

According to reliable research, it was stated that the dog was domesticated about 15,000 years ago; this was not the purpose of this piece. 

However, it is essential to know; let us get to do justice to the dog mentioned in the Bible.

What dog is mentioned in the Bible?

Even though dogs were mentioned in the Bible in different chapters but all of these

references, only a particular dog breed was said.

The dog breed mentioned in the Bible is the GreyhoundOpens in a new tab.; you can check this in proverbs chapter 30, verses 29 to 31.

You may ask yourself, in what context was this particular dog breed mentioned? Here is a direct quote from the scripture.

“There be three things which do well, yea, which is comely in going; a lion, which is strongest among beasts and turneth not away from any; A greyhound; A he-goat also.”

According to King James’ version, this was the name stated, even though you may get another word in other translations.

Still, referencing the Hebrew words where the name Greyhound was translated, it merely means “girt in the loins”.

It is worth mentioning that the common dogs in King James court were the greyhound dogs when this Bible was being published.

Was Greyhound in existence in the days of King James?

According to research, the exact answer for this is exclusive; the type of dog breed available then was the Saluki breed that is commonly known as the pariah dog.

What is the only dog breed mentioned explicitly in the Bible?

We have earlier stated this, do not be surprised if you open this particular chapter of the Bible, and you will not see Greyhound mentioned. 

But, if you use the King James Bible version, the only dog breeds discussed explicitly in the Bible are Greyhound, and it is found in Proverbs 30-29-31.

How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible?

As you already know, there are two testaments in the Bible, the old testament and the new testament.

According to personal research, the word was mentioned 32 times in the old testament, and only appears nine times in the new testament.

The word dog was mentioned in the Bible altogether 41 times.

This does not stop the fact that there are other way dogs was illustrated in the scripture, but the exact time it appears is 41 times.

What is the power of the dog in the Bible?

What does the dog connote in the scripture? If we should check through the bible verses that dog appears, what it simply means is that they are meant for hunting, farming, and herding.

In another parable that Jesus spoke using dogs, it merely means workers of iniquities.

It also references those that go back to their transgressions after every forgiveness; the Bible says in revelation 22:15, outside are the dogs, those who practice black magic, the sexually immoral, murderer,

idolaters, and those that practice falsehood.

Also, in Philippians 3 verses 2, the bible referred to dogs as evildoers and those that mutilate the flesh; if we should start mentioning pages that dogs appear and what the bible connotes there, this piece will be voluminous.

The scriptural myth about Greyhound

Do you know only dogs receive a reward for their actions in the scripture?

Checkout Exodus chapter 11, verses 7, it was written “no dog barked” because the Jewish slaves fled from Egypt, which means Dogs love the Jewish people.

In reward of their actions, the scripture states it in Exodus 22 verses 30 that flesh in the field you will not eat, but you shall cast it to the dogs; this was rewards for honoring the Jewish slaves.

What to know about the Greyhound breed

Greyhound Breeds is one of the famous dogs around. They are known for their incredible speed. Most time, they are used for sporting and hunting.

They are bred to chase deer, foxes, hares, and other animals.

Few profiles of Greyhound

  1. Origin: England
  2. Breed: Sighthound
  3. Height at Withers: Male: 30 in.; Female: 28 in.
  4. Coat Length: Short
  5. Characteristics: Flat
  6. Life Span: 10-13 yrs.
  7. Weight Range: Male: 65-70 lbs; Female: 60-65 lbs.
  8. Colors: Brindle, Black, White, Fawn, Blue, Red
  9. Overall Grooming Needs: Low
  10. Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
  11. Temperament: Intelligent, Quiet, Affectionate, Athletic, Even Tempered, Gentle
  12. Speed: 72 km/h (Maximum, Race speed)

Facts about Greyhound

Greyhound is Sighthound Breed

The Greyhounds are the Fastest Dogs in the World

Greyhounds need the training to get the best out of it.

Greyhounds are Healthy Breeds you can acquire

Greyhounds Are Gentle and Calm

Greyhounds are Lazy dogs when it comes to kidding.

Greyhounds have Short Coat.

Greyhounds don’t need many exercises.

Greyhounds are not Dangerous.

Greyhounds are Related to Herding Dog

Greyhound can have fur of 18 whole different colors and more than 55 in combinations between them.

Greyhound has fragile skins and short fur, which make it vulnerable to cold.

In over 11 works of Shakespeare, Greyhound was mentioned.

Do you know that only the nobles have Greyhound in their court in ancient


Greyhound can jump as 9.14-meter high.

The tail of the Greyhound’s acts as a rudder while it runs.

This animal can detect an object that is more than 800 meters away.

Greyhounds have a vision range of 270º, which means that greyhounds can detect objects that are behind themselves.

Do you know that Greyhound can see moving objects better than a static object? This was because of the stereoscopic nature of its vision.


So far, so good; we have given you detailed information on where Greyhound is mentioned in the Bible.

Also, we have given several times dogs were mentioned in the scripture; we welcome opinions and idea from our readers; if there is the information we need to know, you may simply share with us in the comment section, beliw, if you find this useful and interesting, you can share with friends on social media.

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