What is the best thing for dogs to chew on

As a veterinarian, I am very familiar with the question of what is the best thing for dogs to chew on?

I currently have 30 dogs, and I trained them all from puppy stage to adulthood.

I know how it feels like when you come back and find all your furniture, slippers, shoes, clothes, and anything chewable eaten by your dog(s)

I know for sure that it can be very very annoying.

Sometimes, even the most durable toys can be eaten by a super-aggressive chewer.

So, what is the best thing for dogs to chew on?

Check out the list below to see for yourself

What is the Best thing for Dogs to Chew on?

The best thing for a dog to check on include the following;

1. Monster K9 Ultra Durable Chew Ring

My dog Dami is an extremely aggressive chewer.

Usually, dog toys got for her, only last for a few hours, even those that claim to be for aggressive chewers.

This UtraChew Ring toy however is still fully intact after using it for about four weeks now.

No pieces are broken yet.

Dami loves to play with it.

I would highly recommend this chew ring toy for those asking- what is the best thing for dogs to chew on?

Would also get this for her siblings that like to chew like my Dami

Believe me, Dami is having a good time with this Chew Ring.

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Features of this Chew Ring

  • This chew ring is virtually indestructible- With a natural rubber compound engineered to be as strong and indestructible as physically possible. 
  • Ideal for a dog with high-energy or plays non-stop or a super aggressive chewer.
  • The toy is designed and proven to outlast it all. Give your big dog a real challenge with a toy they’ll love!
  • Aggressive chewer approved
  • Strong AND safe as possible, t
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • This chew is sure to satisfy your dog’s primal instincts
  • Perfect toy for heavy chewing sessions
  • Ideal for fetch in the yard
  • Great for the ultimate game of tug of war.
  • It will for sure become an instant favorite in your household. 
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Quality
  • Great value for money

Possible downsides

This is a durable chew for aggressive chewers.

It worked for me and I’m glad I got it.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this chew toy from is Amazon- Very affordable there


2. KONG – Extreme Ball – Durable Rubber Dog Toy

Adopted a Dogasaurus?- He was a 75lb Staffordshire-Mix. He’s an amazing dog.

He also has a superpower – With a very strong jaw that can double as a hydraulic press, but with teeth.

He loves dog toys; truly enjoys destroying and annihilating them – Tennis balls are no match for him – They pop in less than 5 minutes.

Ropes, the 2inches rope you’d use as dock line for a destroyer class warship, lasts maybe half a week.

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Squeak toys are quite annoying, but they only for about a minute or so.

After intense research, I found this gem.

I can tell you that this is the only toy that has survived for over 11 months and still going.

All Other “Kong” products are solid, but they only make it to a month or two.

But this dog toy is simply one of the Kings of Durability.

As a bonus, the toys have a little hole in it – It seems perfectly sized to jam a Denta-Stix in there, and various other treats can be jammed in there too.

Features of this Chew

  • Made for Power Chewing Dogs- With a  natural KONG Extreme black rubber formula that is created to be very durable for extreme chewers.
  • A perfect Fetch Toy- This ball has an extreme bounce, which makes it a great choice for fun games of fetch with a lot of interactive plays and exercises.
  • The toy is Puncture Resistant- The toy is puncture resistant for continued safe play.
  • Comes in different sizes From Small to Large Dogs
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with Globally Sourced Materials.
  • Quality at its peak
  • Durable
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

I am very okay and satisfied with this product.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this is from Amazon


3. Jalousie Dog Squeaky Toys

Great squeaky toy for dogs.
My puppies love to play fetch with them.

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Got these for my puppies as squeaky chew toys to help clean the tartar from their teeth.

They liked them immediately.
My 9-week old Puppies loves these toys!
They love chewing on them and how much they bounce.

The toys have held up great against his obsessive chewing.

They are indeed a great value for the price.

My other dogs love them.

I’ll buy them again

Features of this Chew Toy

  • A toy with a great value- Comes with 6 popular TPR rubber dog squeaky toys in three shapes and six vibrant colors.
  • Made of Non-Toxic Materials- The TPR rubber materials used in making this toy are selected to make sure they are nontoxic. Lead-free.
  • High quality
  • Provide hours of fun.
  • Used as toss and fetch toys.
  • Waterproof.
  • The long spikes help to clean your dog’s teeth during play sessions to provide dental benefits.
  • Used to teach your puppy commands like “drop it”, “bring it”, etc with the toys to add some fun.
  • Great value for money

Possible downsides


The first batch I got had one of the bone-shaped toys come apart at the seams – They opened up into two halves.

I had to order another and they were intact and my dogs still use them.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this toy from is Amazon.


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