what is dog baiting: Everything you need to Know

What is dog baiting? – We got this question about dog baiting, and we decided to write something on that-dog baiting.

Before we go into details, what dog baiting is; I’ll like you to know what a bait dog means or is.

what is dog baiting

What is a bait dog?

A bait dog is a dog that is used to train other dogs to fight.

Typically, the “bait dog” is usually chained up and kept very weak while other dogs continuously attack and bite them in various parts of their body.

When the “bait dog” becomes too weak to fight back or retaliate, they are dumped and left to die in pains.

Now that we have known what a “bait dog” is; Let us now look at dog baiting.

 What is dog baiting?

Dog bating is a blood sport where dogs are troubled, annoyed, or tormented, such as by being pitted against each other. It may be for either entertainment or gambling.[1][2][3][4][5]

what is dog baiting

History of dog baiting

Dog baiting has been a part of animal baiting, which has a history during various periods of history. 

In various cultures and parts of the world, different types of animal baiting exist. 

They include; 

Badger baiting 

bear baiting 


donkey baiting 

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duck baiting

hog baiting

human baiting 

hyena baiting 

lion baiting

monkey baiting 

rat baiting, and 

wolf baiting.[1][2][3][4][5] 

Facts known about baiting can be traced or linked to England in the Middle Ages, although the act has not been legalized there for some time. 

However, dog baiting is still practiced in parts of the world, including some parts of Central Asia.

what is dog baiting

Restrictions of dog baiting


  • South Sudan: In Sudan, there is a Criminal Code that clearly stands against arranging, promoting, or organizing fights between animals such as; cocks, rams, bulls, dogs, or other domestic animals. The law states that anyone encouraging such acts(animal baiting), shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term, not more than two months or with a fine, upon conviction.[5]



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