How to Travel with a Dog on a Plane: Complete guide

Lots of dog lovers are eager to know how to travel with a dog on a plane.

As dog lovers, we desire to take our dog everywhere we go, especially whenever we are about traveling.

However, few airlines will/can allow you to travel with a dog on a plane or cabin, this is if they are small

Although there are some airlines, who do not allow their travelers to travel with their dog inside the cabin regardless of the size of the dog.

Nevertheless, if your dog is an emotional support dog, they will surely be allowed to travel with your dog regardless of the size of the dog or the policy of the airline.

United airlines and south Airlines will let you into the cabin with a small pet. 

If you are to travel with a dog on a plane, the dog must be put in a tag that will fit comfortably underneath your legs.

Putting them at your feet attracts some bills/fee, and the fee is between $150- $500

A larger breed of dogs is not usually allowed into the plane. If you must do so, then the dog must be kept in a dog crate where luggage is kept in the cargo hold.

The sad thing is, putting your dog in a cargo hold can be very dangerous as many dogs have been lost in the act due to the difficulty in breathing, though some are kept in area/space where the climate and pressure are controlled.

How to travel with a dog on a plane

Four steps to be followed, when traveling with a dog on a plane(Emotional Support Animal)

  1. Learn the emotional dog/ animal`s law.
  2. Get the correct paperwork from a licensed or qualified mental health professional.
  3. Notify your airline that you will be traveling with an emotional support dog.
  4. Prepare to fly.

1. Learn more about the emotional support Animals laws:

What is an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal is said to be a companion pet for an individual with disability which may be emotional, physical or mental.

These emotional pets are usually recommended by a therapist.

The emotional support animals do not necessarily require the same training as the service dogs do.

Get familiar with the emotional support animal air carrier act less act.

Ensure that you know all emotional support animal laws/rules that protects you. This will help you to stand up for yourself at the right time.

2. Get An Emotional Support Animal letter from an experienced and licensed mental health professional:

Make sure your pet gets an official emotional support animal letter from a licensed therapist.

How to travel with a dog on a plane

3. Notify your airline that you will be travelling with an emotional support dog/ animal:

As soon as you are done working your flight, give your airline a call to notify them of your intention travelling with an emotional support dog/ animal.

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Send them the emotional support letter gotten from the therapist.

We`ll advise that you notify them earlier as airlines are known to have their policies.

All airlines out to be very familiar with the emotional support animal laws and should not have any issue with you travelling with your pet.

However, if they notice it`s not trained and they perceive the possibility of the dog causing harm to other passengers, then they can deny access.

Ensure your dog is well trained before travel.

you can read about How to fly with a dog on Southwest Airline

4. Prepare to fly:

Flight can be stressful, so we advise that you get your dog ready by exercising him/ her for at least one hour before the flight.

Have in your possession a digital or printed copy of your emotional support animal letter.

Getting a vest with “emotional support animal or dog” written on it. -This will help to easily identify the dog as an emotional support animal.

As soon as you are done with the security clearance with your emotional support animal, inform the gate attendant that you will be travelling with an emotional support animal.

Remember, your emotional support animal must not ride in a crate carrier. They can sit on the floor in front of you or on your lap.

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I am sure the article on “How to travel with a dog on a plane” was helpful to you.

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