Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy While at Work

Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy While at Work

Want to get the list of toys to keep your dog busy while at work? If yes, then this article is for you.

Having a dog should not stop you from working effectively.

Dogs are brilliant animals, and they can adjust quickly to changes.

If you are busy at work and do not want your dog to be bored, you can get your pet a toy.

The toy will keep your dog engaged while you concentrate on your work.

We want to look at the best toys you can get for your dog while working on this article. 

List of Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy while at work

Here is a list of the best toys to keep your dog busy while at work.

These toys are known for being highly interactive.

1. Outward hound Hide-A-squirrel

This toy could be the best toy for your dog.

You have to monitor how your dog plays with this toy. 


● It is designed with an exciting collection of shapes, sounds, and textures.

● Your dog can play hide-and-seek with hiding a Squirrel.

You have to squeeze the squeaky squirrels in the plush tree trunk and look as your dog sniffs them out. 


● Your dog can play hide-and-seek.

● It includes six squirrels.

● It is strongly designed with a fascinating array of shapes, textures, and sounds.

● It consists of 3 squirrels Junior, Large & Jumbo.


● It must be handled with care and supervision. 

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product from is Amazon- They’ve got these toys at the most affordable price



2. Kong Classic dog toy

This fantastic toy will keep your dog engaged. 

It is attractive and an excellent choice for your pet.

It has been in use by many dog trainers and vets for over the past 40years.


● Classic’s unique all-natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable, 

● It bounces well, which is excellent for dogs that like to chew and provides fun for the playful dog. 

● You can stuff the toy with KONG’s Stuff’N Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies (it is sold separately).

● They are made in the United States from globally sourced materials.


● It Provides play,

● It helps reduce boredom.

● Relieves separation anxiety.

● This toy bounces unpredictably to keep your dog in play mode.


● It must be supervised.  

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product from is Amazon

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3. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys

This may be your best purchase you’ll ever make on a dog toy. 

Your dog is sure to love it.

He/She will learn/have to solve it within a couple of minutes.

The game is very stimulating to him.- Even when it’s empty he will go over and play with it.

This product is highly durable but if you have a destructive dog, it may not last.


● The Dog Hide N’ Slide level 2 intermediate dog puzzle is fun hide-and-seek.

● The Dog Hide N’ Slide is an interactive treat puzzle game that challenges your dog’s mind and reduces boredom and violent behavior at the same time.  

● This toy is designed with a non-slip base and a special plastic and wood composite.

The Dog Hide N’ Slide is a game that is designed for several hours of fun.

You are advised to train your dog not to chew on the toy by removing it after the treats have been eaten. 

● It is designed with your pet’s health in mind.

It is easy to clean with water and soap.


● Intermediate level fun

● Challenges your dog

● It is safe for your dog.

● Made with non-removable ad durable parts


● You have to play it safe. It can be damaged.

● A bit pricey

 Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product remains Amazon.

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4. SPOT Seek-a-Treat Flip’ N Slide dispenser 

This toy is great.

It is also a food dispenser.

It can help you create a bond between you and your dog.

It is beneficial when you are busy with work. 


● This great dog food dispenser was built strategically with colors within the spectrum of your pet’s vision.

It has vibrant blue, red and yellow colors.  

● It helps provides a beautiful bond with your dog, 

● The puzzle toy helps sharpen your dog’s mind and decision making skills.

It is an excellent way to train your dog and keep it sharp for several indoor and outdoor activities. 

● This toy is built with high quality, sturdy, and durable substances designed to withstand your dog’s regular energy.


● Wonderful colors

● Puzzle games to help improve your dog’s mind

● It is made with high quality and durable material.


● It can get damaged if not handled with care.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this toy is from Amazon


How to keep a dog entertained while at work

When you are at work, and you are busy.

You might not have the time to play with your dog.

The best way to keep your dog entertained is to get your dog a toy to play with.

Make sure it is an excellent toy that can keep your pet company.

Most dogs like to play with toys; once they are comfortable with it, you can train your dog to use a toy.

It will benefit you in the long run. 

Buyer’s guide

Here are  a few things to look out for when buying toys to keep your dog busy while at work

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1. Size

You need to buy the right size for your dog.

Some toys are not compatible with big dogs.

Some toys can easily be destroyed by one bite from a big dog.

Getting the right toy size can go a long way in keeping your dog engaged while you carry out your work.

2. Texture 

Not all dogs like all textures.

Make sure you know the kind of texture that your dog likes and is comfortable with.

3. Quality

Look for toys that cannot be easily destroyed. 

This will allow your toy to last long with your dog.

The material used to make the toy should be considered.

4. Chewable

Get your dog a soft toy that it can easily chew on.

Frequently asked questions 

How will I use the toy?

You know your dog best. Some dogs like to play easily by jumping, while some like to play by rolling on the flow.

You can throw the toy at the dog.

You can drag the toy with your dog.

Just find what gets your dog in the play mode. 

 What training goals do I want to achieve?

Some toys can keep your dog in the play mode, and at the same time, challenge the mind of your dog.

Getting a puzzle toy can help improve the mind of your dog.


A dog is a man’s best friend, and we must find a way to keep it entertained while we are engaged in a serious activity.

We hope we have been able to expose you to things you need to know about dog toys.



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