How my dog's life was saved after he took in poison

Touching Story: How my dog’s life was saved after he took in poison.

By: Mannie Oyewole.

Testimonies are very important; as information, as a reference point, and for the good interest of posterity…so I’d like to share one with you guys…

I’ll try to be brief too. I live in ajah, in the ilaje area, in a decent, closed off street. Well developed though, but the plots on both sides of my building are undeveloped yet, with thick vegetation. Now, I share some interests in snakes with the good Dr Mark, and I’m quite comfortable with them, I sometimes capture them (mostly the non poisonous types), spend time playing with them and eventually release them back into the habitat. I have neighbors who arent comfortable with this, but I’ve explained to them and shared articles as well on the snake types and their being non poisonous as well.

about 2 weeks ago, a snake came into the house and Paul, my colleague, captured it, but this time, it was a cobra, small, but nonetheless, venomous. we captured it, like always, and kept it in a jar inside my building. my neighbors begged that we kill it but I would have none of that, I told them that I would rather give it to my good Doctorwho would either release it into the wild someplace else or send it to the right bodies for conservation or study, but my neighbors weren’t happy at all. I called Dr. Mark and told him about it and he promised to come in the following day, which was Friday to pick up the snake. As bad luck would have it, the snake escaped from the jar, within the house and it was a neighbor who noticed it first. I told him not to worry and immediately began a snake hunt. I called the security guard and together we scanned the house from top to bottom, searching every dark corner and every possible hiding place but couldn’t find it. it had gone, where to, we couldn’t figure. this made my neighbors very uncomfortable and they complained bitterly about it. To prepare for the worst,  I called Dr Mark and told him about the escape, also asked him and my friend Slimbone, for antivenom, just to be prepared for any eventuality, at the same time, made plans to fumigate the following day, to allay all our fears and purge the house of every cretin inside.

Following day, we couldn’t do the fumigation because there were dogs in the house, some hand raised corso pups, my dog and good friend, Buffy, a pekingese, and some bully pitts that we kept downstairs as well, we had to plan moving them away for a few days, this happened successfully on Sunday morning. by 8am they had all vacated the house and were told to return on Monday evening. I had left the island on Saturday morning with Buffy and spent the weekend on the mainland. I returned on Monday morning, Buffy and I, but we remained in the car and didnt go into the compound until around 9am. I needed to change and prepare for work. I opened the gate and saw the Bully pitts already in the compound playing,  so I let buffy stay downstairs with them while I dashed in and up to prepare. A few moments later, a heavy storm started and it was serious, so I opened the door downstairs and all the windows so the dogs could have some.shelter from the rain. By the time I finished preparing and came out,  I noticed Buffy already removing spittoon from his mouth, although he was wagging and still playful, I knew immediately that he was reacting to the fumigation. The other dog was completely unperturbed but then again, he wasnt brachycephalic like Buffy. In no time, i took him straight to Dr Mark’s clinic where he was quickly seen to by the good Dr himself. Buffy was okay, stable and even playing with other dogs there as well, plus, the spitting had stopped completely as well so all was good. I left him at the clinic for continued observation while I returned to work, with word that I’d return to collect him in the afternoon. As the day went by, I spoke with the Dr back and forth, checking in and was told he was doing just fine. at about 2:30pm, while heading back to the clinic to pick him up, Dr Mark phoned me (he never does unless theres a problem. lol) and I knew immediately there was something wrong.

Buffy sleeping after being treated by Dr. Mark.

He began by asking me if I was sure that it was only the after effects of the fumigation that Buffy was suffering from or if there was something else, and I answered that Buffy was perfectly okay, up until he came into the house with me during the storm. I asked what the problem was and he said Buffy just collapsed. One minute he was playing, and the next, he was flat on the ground with his eyeballs lolling about and tongue hanging out, getting inflamed. thankfully, I was already on ado road, close to the clinic, so I intensified my speed to get there earlier. I arrived in less than 4 mins and to my consternation, Buffy was in a delirious state, stretching himself to full length, and jerking back and forth, eyes completely wide and unfocused, tongue was so enlarged the mouth couldn’t hold it.. my Buffy was dying, fighting for his life and losing it right before my eyes, my heart broke into a million pieces there and then and I k.ew that I wouldn’t be the same if the worst happened. I said to the Dr, in a very quiet but firm voice, Dr. please dont let this dog die..(he would later tell me that he felt the plea come from my spirit and that drove him to do even extra to save Buffy’s life) At the time, they were trying to pass a line through his veins and drip him but Buffy was hysterical, hyperventilating. I asked the Dr what was happening and he explained that the dog’s temperature had gone beyond 44degrees on the thermometer, and was in shock, at the same time dehydrated. I couldn’t watch what was happening so I left the room, started praying fervently and begging God for my dog’s life, I was confused, afraid, blaming myself for letting this happen, especially with all my experience, but I didnt give up. if ever there was a time for recompense, this was it. I’ve been in several surgeries and emergencies with dogs professionally and knew I had to help somehow, so I went back in, fully fortified in my spirit and determined to fight, as God directed. I called my friend, who is a full time mum to buffy in everyway, because I couldn’t handle it alone and also needed someone that Buffy loved, to be closeby for moral support. Dr Mark, very calm in all the craze, quickly brought in a bucket of water, filled it with ice then soaked Buffy in it. this was quick thinking, done to crash the high temperature of the dog so he can begin to manage the loss of strength and rehydrate the dog. We held him in the bucket for about 25mins, by this time, he had stopped jerking but was very weak, head and eyeballs were lolling about, tongue still engorged and protruding, we carried him to the examination table and proceeded to hydrate him. he was dripped in a forearm,  and at the same time, receiving another drip orally, this to reboost his strength. after a while, Dr had to move the drip to the second arm, afterwards, moved it to one hind leg, just ensuring that the dog had enough fluid in its system, through the veins and orally as well, As he continued, around 25 minutes into dripping him, Buffy started to come to, his eyes began to focus again and his tongue  began to shrink as well, life was returning to my dog, my dearest darling Buffy..I couldn’t hide my relief, yes, this was a fight, a real battle for life. I watched my dog almost die and also watched him being saved through calm and calculating hands, all under God’s direction.. long story short, we left the clinic that evening with  Buffy, understandably stable but very weak still, and took him home. Since then, he has been.nursed back to good health, mostly by my friend Jenny, his mum, and myself. Although we have visited the hospital once after the crazy day, Buffy’s health has improved on a daily and we are so happy that he is almost back to his full self once again.

I cannot thank you enough Dr Mark, you’re a real saint and God sent for our animals..

How my dog's life was saved after he took in poison
Buffy, few days after being treated came to see Dr. Mark

I thank God almighty for His hand, and all the glory goes to Him completely. Dr Calista, you’re a superwoman as well. awesome thanks to the entire staff of saint Mark’s pet hospital 🙏🙏🙏 you guys are amazing. @Dr Mark, bless you

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