Stretching in dogs


A lot of dog owners get scared whenever they see their bitch or dam stretching -especially after mating them. Stretching in dogs have been a problem to dog owners and breeders. As many of them feel, whenever a dog stretches; if its pregnant, It loses it in the process of stretching. Below is a question asked by a concerned dog owner. Who would like to know the effects of stretching in dogs and its effects on the dam/bitch especially after mating.

Common question asked about stretching in dogs:

My bitch stretches a lot. I hope this wouldn’t affect her when she gets pregnant…how can I go about it and stop her from stretching, cause she really does it a whole lot…

Please I need your advice on the issue, cause am really worried about it…

Dog stretching

Now, here is the answer:

There is no scientific proof that stretching aborts pregnancy in Dogs.

If for anything, exercise helps.

Some believe that giving a dog a cut under the groin will stop the dog from stretching and therefore prevent the dog from aborting. This is simply barbarism.

Here is a simple fact to know about the womb. The womb(where the fetus of baby is), just like most other organs in the body like the kidneys, liver etc are surrounded by elastic membranes. When the body stretches, these membranes helps to balance the internal structures.

Another example is, with a non pregnant human. If this myth is true, then, a lot of our internal organs like the intestines would have ruptured just by jumping from a stool or stretching out at the gym.

In summary, stretching doesn’t affect a pregnant dam neither does it abort the puppies in her womb. The common myth about dogs stretching especially when mated is false. It cannot affects the puppies in her womb.

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