Slicker Brush: All you need to know about the Slicker Brush

Today I will be discussing a tool used in dog grooming – The slicker brush.

Most dog owners are mindful to utilize the slicker brush for dogs because of its wire or pin bristles, so we have to pose the inquiry:

is the slicker brush worth purchasing?

Is purchasing the slicker brush an exercise in futility?

What is a Slicker Brush?

A Slicker Brush is a dog grooming apparatus used grooming of dogs and, most times, felines(cats). The primary role of this tool in grooming is to dispose of any locked hair, free hair, and mats hidden or clearly visible in the dog’s coat.

The slicker brush usually comes in a rectangular fit shape. Although, recently, there has been a massive production of beautiful sets of slicker brushes in different forms and shapes. The slicker brush has fine wire or pin bristles, stuffed firmly together.

Each of these pins/wire bristles is usually calculated so as not to scratch the skin of the dog being groomed.

Apart from evacuating and removing of dead hairs and matted hairs from a dog’s coat, the slicker brush is also perfect and ideal for keeping your dog’s coat is healthy and in good condition, with the bristle helping to convey or distribute oil present in the dog’s coat throughout the fur. – the oil is essential in your dog’s skin.

The slicker brush is for the most used on thick or wavy or curly-haired dogs as they require a progressively thorough grooming schedule.

Some of the breeds of dogs that the slicker brush will be very effective on include:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Saint Bernard
  • Siberian Husky
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Schnauzer


Is a Slicker Brush Safe for Dog?

Whenever it is appropriately used or utilized, the slicker brush is entirely safe for use on your dog.
There’s a couple of focus that should be uncovered as a primary concern before using the slicker brush. Initially, the pressure put on the brush is vital.
The principle threat with this sort of brush is that, as it has extremely fine and sharp pins or bristles, it can scratch or injure the skin of the dog.
Using an excessive amount of weight and pressure on the slicker brush can make inconvenience and aggravation your dog’s skin, so be delicate and gentle, when using the brush.

Additionally, it is essential that you do not make use of the slicker brush on your dog if they have any fleas, ticks, broken skin, or skin issues, for example, mange.
This can prompt aggravation and disease/infection for your pet.

Lastly, you will have to consider cautiously before acquiring the slicker brush, the size, and the length of your dog’s coat or hair.

As the slicker brush is commonly used for grooming longer haired mutts, it may not be insightful to get the slicker brush for short-haired breeds such as the Boxer or Labrador.
Because of the different lengths of pins or bristle, it is significant not to purchase a brush which is too huge for your pet, as this will again expand the opportunity or possibility of scratching or inflicting injury on your dog’s skin.

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Which Brush Should I Be Using for My Dog?

There are three primary kinds of brush, which you can pick between when shopping for your dog.

Bristle Brush:

This can be used on every coat type.

A bristle brush with more extensively dispersed bristles can be used for long-haired coated dogs, while bristle-brushes with tightly stuffed bristles can be used for dogs with shorter coats.

Wire-Pin Brush:

The wire-pin brushes are typically used for grooming dogs with wavy or curly, long to medium hair coats.

Slicker Brush:

The slicker brush is Ideally used for disposing of mats and tangles

Each is of the above-mentioned brushes is constructed explicitly for a specific sort or type of hair, so it’s essential to know which one you’ll require that will suit your dog.

Here is a simple table to follow:

Sort of Hair Coat:

For short, smooth coat (for example Labrador, Gun Dogs, Chihuahuas)

Which Brush to Use:

Brush to be used include soft/Medium bristle brush-firmly stuffed bristle for short hair.

Sort of Hair Coat:

Short, wiry and thick coat (for example Jack Russell Terriers)

Which Brush to Use:

Brush to be used include a Firm Bristle brush, firmly stuffed bristles.

A slicker brush can be used here to remove knots and mats

Sort of Hair Coat:

Medium to Long, soft streaming or flowing coat (e.g., Golden Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters, Lhasas)

Which Brush to Use:

Soft/medium fiber brush with generally divided bristles for a longer coat

Wire-pin brush can likewise be utilized.

Slicker brush for any tangles

Sort of Hair Coat:

Thick, unforgiving external coats with delicate undercoats (for example Collies, Chows, Pomeranians)

Which Brush to Use:

Firm bristle brush with generally separated fibers

Wire-pin brush for a longer coat

The slicker brush is used to dispose of tangles

Sort of Hair Coat:

Slender, fragile or delicate coats (for example Yorkshire Terriers, West Highland Terriers)

Which Brush to Use:

Wire-pin brush can be used for a longer coat.

A soft or delicate slicker brush can be utilized for tangles and matted hairs.

Step by Step Instructions to Use a Slicker Brush For Dogs

A slicker brush makes an extraordinary grooming device for dogs. When it is used or utilized accurately, it can prompt glossier, more advantageous, and a more beautiful looking hair or coat.

The following is a technique for how you ought to utilize your slicker brush-alongside the remainder of your grooming schedule:

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What you’ll require:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • A conditioning spray(shower bottle)
  • A metal brush

At first, you need to get your dog’s coat ready before using the slicker brush.
Splash a limited quantity of conditioning shower or water over your dog’s coat; this will go about as a defensive hindrance of sorts against hair or coat injuries.

Ensure that you are exceptionally gentle with the brush, make use of long, slow strokes to brush from the neck to the tail.

Here you are turning out any dead hair and specks of dirt, so there’s no need be firm.

If your dog has longer hair, lift the brush a little as you work your way down the back.

Now, you’ll begin to hear the odd scratching clamor. This implies you’ve hit a tangle.

To detangle any bunches, you’ll be delicate.

Else, you might cause uneasiness.

Begin by utilizing your fingers to slacken the knots, and in the event that you battle with this- a metal brush will be the best instrument to utilize.

When you have extricated the tangle with a brush, you can switch back to the slicker brush. To dispose of the bunch, brush over it in various ways until you can brush through it. Be mindful so as not to pull on the hair as you do this.

When you have brushed your dog’s back, proceed with a similar technique for the remainder of the body, legs, and neck.

Try not to utilize the slicker brush on the face of your dog.

When the dog’s body is done, you can utilize the delicate and soft bristle part of the brush on the face and ears, and afterward, brush over the entire body to dispose of those last bits of hair.

Now your dog will most likely be much tired, so give them a treat and set them free!


slicker brush for dogs

Advantages of the Slicker Brush For Dogs

The slicker brush can be used for grooming both dogs and cats.

It is anything but difficult to use. – that is, It is effortless to use.

It’s extraordinary at evacuating tangles.

It evacuates dead skin and dirt.

Disadvantages of the Slicker Brush For Dogs

There is a danger of scratching the skin.
While detangling, you can pull on solid hair and aggravate the skin.

A few dogs and felines(cats) don’t care for being brushed and think that it’s genuinely awkward. – they find it very uncomfortable.

What Precautions do I have to take before purchasing a Slicker Brush?

As I said previously, the slicker brush is absolutely safe to utilize, whenever used appropriately.

In any case, before you go out and purchase the first you see, there are a couple of things you have to put at the top of your priority list.

Right off, when you are in the pet shop, test the brush out on your arm (delicately).

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In the event that the brush scratches your arm, don’t purchase the brush. You would prefer not to cause your dog uneasiness.

As I said above, ensure that you buy the right size for your dog. You would prefer not to prepare your Lhasa Apso with a brush made for a Great Dane since it will be awkward and substantially more liable to scratch the skin.

It is inconceivably critical to ensure you clean your brush after each and every utilization and dispose of any hair left in the bristle.

The fundamental explanation behind this, aside from contamination, is that flies and bugs sitting on your dog’s skin can get caught between the pins and should be evacuated in light of the fact that it is entirely appalling.


How Do I Clean and Maintain my Slicker Brush?

Keeping up the state of your brush is in reality quite simple, and can enable your brush to last significantly longer before being supplanted.

What you’ll require:

  • High temp Water
  • A basin or bowl
  • Either: Soap OR dog safe disinfectant OR bleach
  • Materials/cloths

Right off, evacuate the more significant part of hair and dirt from the brush by taking another brush and scrubbing the two against one another.

This is a lot simpler technique than merely utilizing your fingers to remove them.

Fill your basin/bowl with boiling water and one of the accompanying: cleanser, disinfectant, or dye.
In typical examples, you need to utilize cleanser or disinfectant instead of dye. Utilizing bleach to wash your brush is more for dogs who have delicate skin, are sick, or who have a skin condition. Use the bleach sparingly, on the grounds that it can make untimely wearing your brush whenever utilized every now and again.

Absorb your brush the water for 10-15 minutes. When you take it out, dry it all together with a material to keep rusts away.


Would it be a good idea for me to purchase a Slicker Brush?

At last, the slicker brush is one of the most famous grooming brushes out there, and it assumes a fundamental job in the upkeep of your dog s skin and fur. For whatever length of time that it is utilized appropriately, it is probably the best apparatus to use for long and thick-haired dog breeds.

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