Trusted and Legit Site to Buy Dogs in Nigeria: Where to buy dogs in Nigeria

Want to know the site to buy dogs in Nigeria?

Want to know where to buy dogs in Nigeria? If yes is the answer, then you are in the right place.

I am sure what brought you here was the fact that you want to know about legit site to buy dogs in Nigeria or where to buy dogs in Nigeria. – Which means one of the following: 

  1. You were a victim of 419ers, otherwise known as scammers of yahoo-yahoo.
  2. You are afraid of falling victim to online scammers/fraudsters.

So, relax, you are on the right spot.

One primary reason a lot of dog lovers fall victim to online dog scams is because of their inability to do research. – How on earth will someone tell you that he is a breeder in Sokoto, and you take it the said person? – without looking out for someone in Sokoto who knows that guy?

I am aware that a lot of people do this and are very successful, but those who fall, victims, are more in numbers.

This is the reason why we came out with this topic to help enlighten potential dog owners and help protect them from becoming victims of scams.

Trusted Sites to Buy Dogs in Nigeria

We know that there are many sites who claim to sell dogs and other domestic pets, but we are going to be listing the trusted and most legit of them all.

Be rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best of Online sites in Nigeria to buy dogs from.

Note: You must be careful when making transactions on any of the sites. 

Make known what you want. – Be specific.

If you are looking for a Pedigree Boerboel, make sure it is stated. 

If you say you need a Boerboel – Then get ready to get anything that looks like a Boerboel. – This tip applies to every other breed you plan on buying. – Be specific.

Some of the sites fail to describe exactly what they are selling. – In this case, make sure you contact the seller and ask him questions based on what you want.

If his explanations don’t meet your expectations, you move on!

Warning: Mind you, an online store is not a place to begin negotiation. – Do your research about the exact breed you need and how much the quality you plan on buying cost before going to any of these online shops.

Prices may differ from one pet shop to the other. – You can always shuttle from one website to the other to see which is cheaper for you.

Without much ado, let’s go in straight to our main focus.

List of Trusted sites to buy dogs in Nigeria – Where to buy dogs in Nigeria

The following names are Trusted websites where dog lovers in Nigeria can buy dog(s) form.

1. 360dogprof

Yes. Although we are not an online pet store, yet we have links to some of the best ethical breeders of any breed of dog in Nigeria.

All we do is to link you up with breeders of your preferred breed, and that’s it. – Not fee attached.

We ensure that you get the exact thing you ask for. – Be it Locally or Internationally bred.

We are always available to assist you.

Site to Buy Dogs in Nigeria

2. Nairaland

Although a lot of people do not know this. – You can always buy a dog from Nairaland.

All you need do is go to Nairaland. 

Look around the menu – Where you have lots of sections.

Search for “Pet,” click on it, and you are ready to go.

Look out for any post there that suits what you have in mind.

There are usually lots of “so so so and so-breed of dog for sale” there.

If you see any that suits your taste, click on it and look out for the poster’s contact detail or phone number.

In case you were unable to see your choice, you can make a post there telling people what you want. – I mean the exact thing you want.

You can drop your contact so that anyone who has what you require can call you.

Note: If you are not a member, that is, if you have not signed up, you will not be able to make any post on Nairaland.

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This site is run by a group of dedicated dog lovers with years of breeding experience too. 

They are also associated/affiliated with some of the best breeders with the best bloodlines in the country and thrive on bringing them to loving homes and kind owners.

They also provide the best service to their customers with the utmost priority.

They educate and advise their customers where needed, especially customers who are new dog owners.

All puppies and dogs from this website come with every necessary and needed documentation and ISO microchips.

According to them, they are dedicated to the belief that their clients deserve the best. – They have built a network that involves some of the best breeders in Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe.

They also routinely visit these breeders(those in their network) to audit their kennel and ensure that standards are still being adhered to.

They also scout for the best puppies from the kennels of those in their network have to offer.

According to them, after an exceptional litter is delivered, the pedigrees of the puppies are verified, then, their veterinarian ensures that every puppy in that litter is in a healthy condition.

They also vaccinate puppies brought from them, and before they are sent to their forever home, the veterinarian performs a check on him before it is sent.

They also offer after-sales consulting services to ensure buyers are not left alone, but rather well-guided.

Site to Buy Dogs in Nigeria


This is another online shop in Nigeria where you can buy dogs.

The site is not a “strictly dog site.” They offer other services there e.g., selling cats.

According to them, they offer 24/7 services for Dogs. – which include access to Veterinary and Auxiliary services.

Auxiliary services offered by them include Vacation Dog Sitting, Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, Dog Waste Cleanup, Dog Training, Dog Sales, Dog Accessory Sales, Veterinary Hospital Directory.


Yes, you heard me right. – Facebook

We know that there are numerous fraudsters, scammers, and 419ers online, but there are Facebook groups known to be transparent one of which is a group named “DOGIN NAIJA

The group has over 65,000(65thousand) as it stands, it is the most active dog grouping Nigeria.

To carry out any transaction there, you must be very careful. – You can involve one of the Administrators of the group and let them know that you are about transacting with a member of the group.

You can also create a post in the group, asking people if they know or have done business with that individual before.

There are other Facebook groups where transactions can take place one is “DOG BREEDERS IN NIGERIA” – This group has over 49,000(49thousand) members.

Which every Facebook group you choose to go with, make sure you are very careful.

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This site is owned by a veterinarian who resides in Abuja, Nigeria.

Although this site can not be compared to the other sites listed above, occasionally, they post pictures of dogs for sale.

Hopefully, you might be lucky to find the breed you are looking for in one of their listings.

Note: Dogs listed on this website are mostly non-pedigree dogs. – Some are not looking well kept of neat.

So, be careful. – Not to be scammed, be careful so that you don’t pay for one thing and get another.

Be sure that they have the exact thing that you want. – If not, move on.

Now you have known the list of best sites to buy dogs from online.

If you have questions or contributions, feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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