Signs Of Healthy And Unhealthy Dogs

90% percent of dog owners do not know when to take their dogs to the vet. They lack the needed knowledge or experience to know signs of healthy and unhealthy dogs signs. They wait till the dog starts displaying “full” symptoms or is almost dead. This can be very risky as most of the dogs whose owners have left these signs and symptoms unattended to, do not take it out successfully.

Sicknesses like parvovirus, are to be attended to promptly and at the first display of its signs/symptoms.

Signs of healthy and unhealthy dogs

As part of our goals, we shall be equipping our readers with the needed information to help the know the exact time to pay the vet a visit.

We shall be looking at very few but yet, very important, vital and essential Signs of a healthy dog:

A healthy dog should exhibit the following signs:

– A bright, alert and responsive demeanour.

– Moves easily, without lameness.

– Eating and drinking normally.

– A clean, glossy coat in good condition, free from parasites and skin disease.

– Urinating and defecating normally.

– Ears that are alert, without discharge or irritation.

– Clear eyes with no discharge or inflammation.

– No sneezing or abnormal discharge from the nose.

– Breathing normally, without coughing.

– No vomitting.


If you notice any changes in your dog’s eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, breathing, demeanour, movement or activity levels, or if you see any other abnormalities please contact your vet immediately


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