Russian Dog Names for Huskies

You just brought a new Husky dog, and you’ll like to have a list of Russian dog names for huskies from which you can get a great name.

Well, you need not worry anymore as 360dogprof has got you covered.

This post shall be listing out the best and most Russian dog names for huskies.

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These unique dog names for female puppies’ ideas range from the most popular dog names to the more unusual. 

How to Choose the Right Russian dog names for huskies

From my observation and interactions with other dog lovers, owners, breeders, and veterinarians, it’s a known fact that dogs are very comfortable with words, especially consonants that contain long vowels. Examples include Billy, Ella, Jimmy, Harry, etc.

Another factor to be considered is giving a dog a name that sounds similar to a command used in training him/her.

Words that sound similar to command are not recommended to avoid confusion. Names like “Zit” or “Bit” will confuse your dog when the command “sit” is used.

Also, be sure to pick a name you’ll be proud of any day, anytime, and anywhere without being ashamed. 

Sources of Russian dog names for huskies

There are lots of means through which people draw inspiration from when thinking of Russian dog names for huskies.

Some other sources from which Russian dog names for huskies can be gotten include;

Movie series, soap operas, politics, sports, wrestling, etc. 

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List of Top Russian dog names for huskies and their meanings

Male Russian Dog Names for Huskies

Below are some of the male dog names for your lovely husky dog breeds

  1. Alexei = defender
  2. Anatoly = sunrise
  3. Artur = Russian version of Arthur
  4. Boris = fighter
  5. Daniil = Russian version of Daniel
  6. Denis = French name derived from Dionysus
  7. Dmitry = Russian word for a follower of a Greek god called Demeter
  8. Evgeny = Russian version of Eugene
  9. Fyodor = God’s gift
  10. Grigory = Russian version of Gregory
  11. Igor = warrior
  12. Illia = My Lord is God
  13. Ivan = Russian version of John
  14. Kirill = lord
  15. Konstantin = Russian version of Constantine, the famed Christian Saint
  16. Makar = blessed
  17. Maxim = greatest
  18. Mikhail =Russian version of Michael
  19. Mishai=nickname for Mikhail
  20. Nikita=unconquerable
  21. Oleg= blessed
  22. Pavel =Russian version of Paul
  23. Pyotr =Russian version of Peter
  24. Rodion =Hero’s song
  25. Ruslan=lion
  26. Sergei =shepherd
  27. Stanislav =glory
  28. Stepan= Russian version of Stephen
  29. Viktor =conqueror
  30. Vladimir =famous prince
  31. Yaroslav =Bright fame, glory
  32. Zakhar =God remembered

Russian dog names for huskies

Female Russian Dog Names for Huskies

Here is a list of some of the Russian Dog Names for Huskies!

  1. Alina = beautiful
  2. Aliona = light
  3. Anastasia = resurrection
  4. Anna= A Russian version of Hannah
  5. Anya = A Russian version of Anna
  6. Darya= Russian version of Darius
  7. Ekaterina = pure
  8. Elena = Russian version of Helen
  9. Elizaveta = Russian version of Elizabeth
  10. Evgenia = noble
  11. Faina = light
  12. Fedosia = God’s gift
  13. Irina = Russian name for Irene
  14. Katia = name for Ekaterina
  15. Ksenia = hospitable
  16. Lubov = love
  17. Maria = Russian version of Mary
  18. Marina = of the sea
  19. Masha = Name for Maria
  20. Natalia = Christmas
  21. Nina = Grace
  22. Oksana = praise for God
  23. Olga = holy
  24. Polina = Russian and female name for Paul
  25. Raisa = relaxed
  26. Serafima = fiery one
  27. Svetlana = light
  28. Valeriya = strong
  29. Vera = Faith
  30. Yulia = Russian name of Julia

Russian dog names for huskies

Soviet Space Russian Dog Names for Huskies

Giving your Husky a Russian name isn’t just limited to famous Russian people — you can also name your Husky after one of the Soviet space dogs that have helped pave the way for human space exploration!

Here are some of the most notable:

  1. Dezik
  2. Tsygan
  3. Lisa
  4. Ryzhik
  5. Smelaya
  6. Malyshka
  7. Bobik
  8. Otvazhnaya
  9. Snezhinka
  10. Albina
  11. Tsyganka
  12. Damka
  13. Krasavka
  14. Bars
  15. Lisichka
  16. Dymka 
  17. Modnitsa 
  18. Kozyavka 
  19. Shutka 
  20. Zhulka 
  21. Zhemchuzhnaya 
  22. Kometka 
  23. Laika
  24. Belka 
  25. Strelka 
  26. Pushok 
  27. Mushka 
  28. Pchyolka 
  29. Chernushka 
  30. Zvyozdochka 
  31. Veterok 
  32. Ugolyok 

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