Polish Dog Commands: All Basic Polish Dog Training commands

 Are you looking for a list of Polish Dog Commands? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Polish is a native language spoken primarily in Poland. It also serves as a native language of the Poles

There are dog owners who would like their dogs to learn a second language.

To do this, your dog should be able to learn the basic essential commands of such language.

This is why we researched and came up with a list of polish dog commands alongside their meaning to enable dog owners to train their dogs to obey the polish dog commands effectively.

Be reminded, the polish dog commands, if appropriately utilized by the Dog owner, can be very pleasant for both the dog and its owner too as well as will make both lives easier and lot more enjoyable.

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Table of Contents

List of Polish Dog Commands

Below are the basic dog training commands in polish.

They are essential in getting your dog to understand the Polish dog commands and to train your dogs in the Polish language.

  • Fetch: Aport
  • Lie down/Down: Waruj
  • Heel: Do nogi
  • Bite: Bierz go
  • Search/Seek: Szukaj
  • Track: Wąchaj
  • Stay/Stand: Stój
  • Come: Chodź
  • Good dog: Dobry pies
  • Bad dog: Zły pies (skarcenie)
  • Sit: Siad
  • Down: Leżeć
  • Shake/Give me a paw: Łapa/Daj łapę
  • Bark: Daj głos
  • Crawl: Czołgaj się
  • Jump: Skacz
  • Rollover: Turlaj się
  • Leave it: Zostaw
  • Stay: Zostań
  • Come/Here: Do mnie
  • Jump: Przeszkoda
  • Go out: Naprzód
  • Guard: Pilnuj
  • Go inside: Do środka! − Go inside!
  • Stand still: Nie ruszaj się
  • Wyrażenia dodatkowe / Additional phrases
  •  Lead/leash: smycz
  • To unleash a dog/to let a dog off the lead: spuścić psa ze smyczy
  • Collar: obroża
  • To put a collar on: założyć obrożę
  • Harness: uprząż
  • Muzzle: kaganiec
  • To muzzle a dog: nałożyć psu kaganiec
  • Obstacle course: tor przeszkód
  • Obstacle: przeszkoda
  • Scent carrier: nośnik zapachowy
  • Vigilance: czujność
  • Scent: zapach
  • Obedience: posłuszeństwo

Here you have it, a list of the Polish dog commands.

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