Owerri dog walk/show(best edition so far)

Owerri city witnessed  an exceptional dog walk this year(2018).

There was massive support, from neighboring States like; Rivers state and Abia state.- both state and breed clubs from these region were in attendance.

Presidents from these region were in attendance. They include:

-Mr. Chukwuemeka Okorie(GSDFN, Abia StateState)

-Constance Aleru(KCR, Rivers State)

– President, Aba dog breeders associationassociation(ADBA)

All were present to give their support to the Owerri Canine Club (OCC).

The event was scheduled for 7/8:00am but due to unforeseen circumstances, it began few minutes past 9:00am.

The start-up venue/muster point for  the event was at: Concord boulevard, while end point was at: Freedom square.-There event participants(humans and dogs) rested and enjoyed the show.

The attendance for this years dog-walk had about 70 people in attendance.- making it the biggest/highest participated walk in Imo-state, so far.,- although, the organizers are saying that next year will be far better than this year’s event.- well, let’s wait and see.

After the walk of about 1hour+, participants converged at the Freedom square to withness the show(remember, the event was a combination of a dog walk and a dog show combined).

At freedom square, professional dog breeders,veterinary surgeons, dog food representatives took turns in lecturing the participants.

CEO,  Oz veterinary: talked about parvovirus; how dangerous this virus was; how it could be transmitted and how it can be prevented, handled or cure.

Representatives of dog food brands like, Binggo, Husess, Goldcrums, where given the privilege to talk to the participants about their products.

The President of the club, kicked off the show by bringing judges who were not from that region or had known any of the participants before then.- this was to enable fairness in judgements.

The Judges include:

-Constance Aleru( President, KCR)

-Mr. Chukwuemeka( President, GSDFN. Abia state chapter)

-Mr. Henry( CEO, Goldcrums dog food)

-Mr. Anthony (CEO, Rocca kennels)

-Mr. Chuks (CEO, B3 dog soap and shampoo)

-President, Aba dog breeders association (ADBA)- his name is yet to be known.

The above individuals were judges at the show. They were incharge of calling out the competitors, announcing winners of each category and awarding gift items to each winner to go home with.

Dog trainers were given the opportunity to showcase themselves as they competed for the place of the”best trained dog”.

Thereafter, gifts were given to every participants…and the show came to an END!!

below are pictures from the event.

Some of the participants
A dog receiving an award. He displayed some obedience tricks
Some participants.
Some brands being displayed
Closer view of brands that were displayed.
Aleru constance( President, KCR) giving her speech.

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