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One of Ghana’s biggest breeder |interview with 360dogprof

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Calling out good breeders in Ghana with exception of Mr. Carlos who is One of Ghana’s biggest breeder in Ghana, makes the list incomplete.  He’s well known for adhering to standards and principles. No wonder his dogs stands out!

We pushed for an interview,  and we’re glad that our request was accepted.

You want to know about Mr. Carlos? One of Ghana’s biggest breeder? CEO, DMK Kennels? Then continue reading.

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Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a passionate hobby breeder

One of Ghana's biggest breeder
– How did you come about your Kennel name?

DMK is derived from Dog Matic Kennel
– How old is DMK ?

DMK as a name is almost 6
years old.
– Where are you based?

Accra- Ghana

One of Ghana's biggest breeder
– When did you discover your love for dogs?

From the age of 5 years
– When did you get your first pet?

When I was 2years old
– How did DMK kennel start?

One of Ghana's biggest breeder

DMK Kennel started by me wanting to expose my love for dogs
– Outside Rottweiler, do you raise other breeds?

I have bred many breeds
CHOW and others)
– How do you feed? 

I feed as per my FEEDING PROGRAM
– What’s your veterinary routine with your dog?

– How many dogs do you have at the moment?


15 dogs.
– Are you married?

– What’s your occupation?

– How do you mix family, job and breeding?

– How do you socialise your dogs?

I start with my family
– How do you feel, being recognized as one of
Ghana’s finest breeder?

Have never felt that way. I breed for passion not for Comparism

One of Ghana's biggest breeder
– What’s the canine sector in Ghana like?

I wouldn’t know
– What do you think is the problem and solutions in
the canine sector in Ghana?

Many problems.
Solutions are many. Structure does not exist.
– Words of advise for breeders

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