Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria

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Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria

Today,  we shall be looking at the most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria.

I’ll like you to know that, “the way you train or handle you pup determines the kind of dog you’ll have in future. A lot of Nigerian dog owners neglect “dog training”. – which for me, I’ll say its the primary reason why dogs get aggressive. The sole reasons why dog owners complain of having an aggressive dog is due to the following factors :
– Genetics
– Lack of training
– Lack of socialization
– Bad ownership
– Cruel treatment etc..

“Genetics” shouldn’t be left aside as it plays a major role in determining how a dog will turn out to be.
Now let’s move in properly.
First, let’s look at what “Dog aggression” is…

What is Dog Aggression?

This can be said to be a dangerous attack by a dog towards an individual, objects or other animals.
The following are behaviours of an aggressive dog.

* Barking
* Biting
* Snarling etc…
The causes of aggressiveness in dogs can be caused by lots of factors, But the most common factors include:
Lack of Specialisation
Territorial defensiveness
Bad ownership etc..

Now, let’s go into the topic properly.
There are many factors that are to be considered before tagging a dog “Dangerous or Aggressive”. A popular saying goes – “There are no bad dogs but bad owners or handlers. It can be observed that there are some dog breeds with greater potential to cause severe injury to a victim.

Note: Dogs were mostly bred to please their owners and make them happy. One of the primary cause of aggressiveness in dogs is as a result of lack of proper training, harsh ownership or unfair treatment.

The most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria include:


This breed was bred to protect livestock and bring down bear and other wild animals that came to attack them. This breed is a very strong willed and stubborn dog. Unless we’ll trained and properly socialised. This breed will certainly dangerous even to the owner and it will surely exhibit some unimaginable behaviours which can be dangerous to anyone close.

Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria


There are lots of PITBULL breeds in the world and in Nigeria. Amongst them are the American Staffordshire bull terrier, the American pitbull terrier- these dogs were bred for games and are . used in dog fighting in various parts of the world. Infact, the pitbull is seen as the most dangerous dog in America.

Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria


Although, this is not a “very” popular breed, but it’s owned by some Nigerians. This breed is endowed with lots of energy that if not put into work, might result to something dangerous. It’s not a breed anyone can wish to have. It is compatible for trainers and those with the time to work the breed out.

Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria


This is a powerful breed with very high guard instinct. If this breed is left untrained, it will definitely turn out to something dangerous. Bad or dangerous characteristics in Rottweiler mostly results from lack of proper training, abuse, lack of proper socialization and irresponsible ownership.

Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria


This is a large, well muscled and well balanced breed. Bred to protect homes and farm from wild animals. The breed has it’s origin from south Africa. Lack of proper training, socialization, irresponsible ownership etc….can turn this breed into an uncontrollable breast.

Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria


This is a member of the mastiff family. A large breed, although calm, this breed can be dangerous if not properly managed.



This breed is exceptionally intelligent, Highly athletic and protective of it’s owners. – those who own this breed can attest to this. If not well trained and socialized, this breed can cultivate unmanageable characters that can be dangerous to anyone close.


This is the most proffered dog breed in Nigeria. Even though it has the lowest “dangerous” rating. Although, very intelligent; if left untrained, unsocialized, this breed can become very dangerous to anyone close – especially to Strangers.

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Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria

Note: All dog breeds  can be dangerous but the above have records hence the reason for their inclusion in the list of Most dangerous dog breeds in Nigeria.

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