Miralax for Dogs: All You Need to Know About Miralax

Miralax for Dogs [Everything you should know]

When we talk about constipation in dogs, there are various substances that can be used to get your dog away from that condition – Miralax for dogs is one of them.

There are human consumables that can also be beneficial to our fur friends; Miralax, also known as Polyethylene glycol 3350, is one of them.

A lot has been said about this drug, its uses, and its functions.

Today, I shall be discussing in detail everything you need to know about the drug and how it can affect your dog.

What is MiraLAX?

MiraLAX(Polyethylene glycol 3350)Opens in a new tab. is known as an over-the-counter stimulant used to provide relief from occasional constipation.

MiraLAX is also called an osmotic-type laxative. The typical way MiraLAX works to treat constipation is to hold water in the stool of your dog, which causes the stool to become soft, thus, increasing the number of bowel movements.

Note that you can get MiraLAX medication without a prescription, which indicates it is not a harmful medication. Regardless, you should not self-prescribe.

Is Miralax Safe for Dogs?

MiraLAX is safe for dogs and can be given during canine constipation. The MiraLAX helps in softening and reducing stools in dogs and other pets. Even veterinarians recommend and make use of MiraLAX for the treatment of dogs.

Many dog owners mix MiraLAX with their dog`s meal. However, it is recommended to follow the instructions of your vet to use MiraLAX on your dog safely. In some cases, an affected dog should be given a little dose of Miralax.

Many dog owners mix Miralax with their dog`s meal.

Miralax For Dog Dosage

The dose of Miralax for dogs should be minimal as this is a vast possibility of witnessing adverse reactions even the first time they are being used, you have to make sure you play safe. The dose of Miralax for dogs should be based on the weight and size of the dog and not by what the drug leaflet says.

Medication should never be given to your dog without first consulting a qualified veterinarian.

In dogs, the dose of Miralax Powder for solution varies with the size of the dog:

  • 10 Pound Dog: ⅕ teaspoon daily.
  • 20 Pound Dog: ⅖ teaspoon daily.
  • 30 Pound Dog: ⅗ teaspoon daily.
  • 40 Pound Dog: ⅘ teaspoon daily.
  • 50 Pound Dog: 1 teaspoon daily.
  • 60 Pound Dog: 1 and ⅕ teaspoon daily.
  • 70 Pound Dog: 1 and ⅖ teaspoon daily.
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For small dogs – 1/8 to ¼ teaspoon every 12 hours and should be given to them twice daily.

For medium-sized dogs – should be given ¼ to ½ teaspoon every 12 hours and should be given to them twice daily.

Large dogs – should be given ½ to ¾ teaspoon every 12 hours and should be given to them twice daily.

Note; the Miralax was produced for humans.

Also, The span of administration relies upon the condition being dealt with, reaction to the medicine, and the advancement of any antagonistic impacts. Be sure that you complete the prescription of the dog, unless specifically directed by a qualified and experienced veterinarian. Even if your dog feels and looks okay and better, the entire treatment plan ought to be completed to prevent relapse.

How to Give MiraLAX to a Dog

The best way to administer MiraLAX to your dog is through the food you serve them. However, the dog is not supposed to see when you add the medication or know that you added the medication. It discourages the dog from eating the food and you may find it difficult to convince it to eat all day, even without the MiraLAX in the food.

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Can Dogs Have MiraLAX for Constipation?

Miralax can be used for dog consumption as it is a laxative solution used for the increment or increase of the amount of water found in the intestinal tract to enable the stimulation of bowel movement. It can be joined to their meal to ease dogs constipation.

Note; Always seek the advice of a veterinary doctor before administering Miralax for dogs as the Miralax can cause some rupture in your dog’s bowel if the dog is suffering from an intestinal blockage.

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What Happens When You Give Your Dog MiraLAX?

When your dog consumes MiraLAX laxative, it stimulates the lining of your dog’s intestine, which speeds up the passage of stool through the colon. It also increases your dog’s stool hydration for easy stooling.

Note that MiraLAX laxative can damage your dog’s nerve if you administer a  dosage to it. Also, it is not okay to keep the colon empty, which is why your vet is the person to consult.

If your dog is on another medication, it may not be okay to administer MiraLAX at the same time, depending on the medication though. The frequent practice is to administer MiraLAX after or before about 2 hours to the other medication. The best practice, however, is to consult your vet and inform them that your dog is on another medication.

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Note that if MiraLAX does not ease a dog’s constipation within one to two days, it could be a sign of a health issue, consult your vet for professional treatment.

Miralax for dogs dosage chart

Here’s a dosage chart to know exactly how to administer it to your dog(s).

miralax for dogs dosage chart
Miralax for dogs dosage chart

Possible MiraLAX Side Effect on Dogs

Like many other medications, MiraLAX has temporary side effects on dogs.

Below are the side effects your dog may experience after taking MiraLAX:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating

As I mentioned, the side effects are temporary, your dog should be free within a few days or a week. If the side effect persists, see your vet.

How much is Miralax?

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We all know that Miralax is quite effective in treating constipation in dogs, but prevention is always better than cure. Miralax should be considered as the last alternative if you want faster results.

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