Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

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When it comes to good dogs, Nigeria has lots of them. Sometime ago, we published biggest dogs in Nigeria. Today, we shall be looking at the “largest dog breeds in Nigeria”. We know that, Nigerians like big/large things – this is the reason, why 80-90% of people who own them, bought them. Most Nigerians who own large breeds got them basically for their SIZE!!

Today’s post is titled; Largest dogs in Nigeria. We shall not only list out their names, but we shall also be listing certain features that these “Large breeds” posses. Some of the features include: Height, Weight, Coat, Colour and Reason why they were bred.

I must warn: whenever you come across any of these breeds, don’t take them for granted because of their size; They are heavy and very agile and athletic. -BE WARNED!

Note: This list was compiled after investigation, research and comparisons where carried out.

Without further ado; let us look at the breeds that made it to the list
They include;

1. English Mastiff
2. Boerboel
3. Saint Bernard
4. Great Dane
5. Tibetan Mastiff
6.:Neapolitan Mastiff
7. Caucasian Ovcharka
8. Bull Mastiff
9. Cane Corso
10. Dogue de Bordeaux.


1. English Mastiff:

This is a very large breed. It has its origin from England. This particular mastiff is known for its gentle and living nature.
Weight: male:150-250pounds/68-113kg Female: 120-188pounds/54-82kg

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

2. Boerboel:

This breed is also called the South African mastiff. It has its origin in South Africa. It was bred for the purpose of protecting farms, families and livestocks from dander. This breed is also known to be one of the most powerful dog breeds in the world.

Weight: 140-180pounds(males) Female: 110-150pounds
Height: 24-28inches. Female: 22-25inches.

Color: with and without a black mask : fawns, reds, browns, brindle, piebald, and Irish markings, and cream brindle.

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

3. Saint Bernard:

This is a large breed of dog originates from Italy. This breed was breed for rescue.
Height: male: 28-30inches Female: 26-28inches
Weight: male:140-180pounds Female: 120-140pounds

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

4. Great Dane:

Also called the Apollo of Dogs; Originated from Germany. This breed is a domestic dog. As it’s name Implies, this breed is truly great. It holds the record of the tallest dog in the world.

Weight: 110-180pounds/50-82kg(male). Female: 110-180pounds/50-83kg.
Height: 30-31inches(50-82kg)

Colors: Black, fawn, blue, black, Harlequin

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

5. Tibetan Mastiff:

This is a large Tibetan dog breed. Originated from China. This breed

was bred for to protect sheep from wild animals like wolves, bears, tiger etc.
Height: at least 26inches(male) Female: at least 24inches.
Weight: 90-150pounds(male)

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

6. Neapolitan Mastiff:

This breed has its origin in Italy. A large breed also called Mastino, its often used to guard and defend family and property due to their fearful/fearsome appearance.
Weight: 130-150pounds/60-70kg(male) 110-130pounds/50-60kg
Height: 61-79cm/24-31inches.

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

7. Caucasian ovcharka(Caucasian Shepherd):

This breed has its origin in Caucasus in Russia. This breed is used to protect sheep and cattle’s from predators, wild animals and thieves.
Weight: male: 50-100kg/110-220pounds Female: 45-80kg/100-180pounds.
Height: male: 72-75cm/28-30inches. Female: 66-70cm/26-28cm.

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

8. Bull Mastiff:

This is a large sized breed. It has it’s origin in the united kingdom (UK). It was for the purpose of estates and buildings.

Weight: male: 110-130kg/50-59 pounds. Female: 24-26kg/90-120pounds
Height: male: 25-27inches/64-69cm. Female: 24-26/61-66cm
Coat: short.
Colour: Any share of brindle, red, fawn.

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

9. Cane Corso:

This breed has its origin in Italy. A large breed of dog. Known as a companion and a guard dog. This breed was also used in battle for the Romans.
Weight: 99-110pounds/46-50kg Female: 88-99pounds/40-45kg
Height: male: 62-70cm/24-28kg Female: 58-66cm/23-26inches.

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

10. Dogue de Bordeaux:

This is a large breed of dog, with origin from France. This breed has been used to pull carts and haul heavy objects. It has also been used to guard flocks and cattle.
Weight: male: 150pounds/68kg+. Female: 125pounds/57kg+

Largest dog breeds in Nigeria

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