Korean Dog Commands

Want to learn some Korean dog commands for your dog? If yes, then you’ve got to read on.

Training your dog to become familiar with the Korean dog commands can become a wonderful sight to behold.

I got some good messages from those who have gone through some of the dog commands in various languages such as the Dog Commands in FrenchItalian Dog CommandsPolish Dog CommandsGerman Dog Commands: Basic German Dog CommandsRussian Dog Commands, etc

From the messages gotten from those who have read the above post, we found out that many people find scenes where a dog(s) display how intelligent they are in obeying different languages very intriguing and are very surprised whenever they see a dog that knows more than one language.

Here, in this post, you will find out the commonly used Korean dog commands – Used for obedience training, protection training, tracking training, and more.

These dog training commands are translated from Korean to English.

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List of Korean Dog Commands

They can be seen below;

English = Korean language

Shake! =손! 

Sit! =앉아! 

Come! =이리 와! 

Lay down! =엎드려! 

Good boy/girl! =잘 했어! 

No! =안돼! 

Some might be familiar with:

Wait! =기다려! 

Eat! =먹어! 

Bite! (careful) =물어! 

Jump! =점프! 

Listen =들어봐 

Follow = 따라와 

Wait/Stay = 기다려 

Take It = 가져 

Put It Down/ Let Go = 놓아

The above are the most common dog training commands in Korea.

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How to get your dog active during Trainings

  • When training your dog, ensure that you provide some treats to keep your dog motivated during training
  • Also ensure that you do not introduce beating and hitting during training
  • Limit the time of training to prevent your dog from being bored.


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