Kano State Dog Walk(First Time Ever)

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The passion and love for dogs in Nigeria, is gradually covering and affecting every citizen of this country. States where there are usually no dog activities are beginning to host some. Kano state is not left out as they just observed their first walk in history. Kano State Dog Walk

In Nigeria, the northern states are the least when it comes to canine activities.
On the 28th Dec.2018. Kano state dog lovers organized their “first ever” dog walk.
Registration to be a participant was absolutely free for all.

The event began by 10:00am( I know for sure that the northern states in Nigeria have higher temperatures than other region/States in Nigeria).

NB: Having dog activities in high temperatures may bring about “heat strokes” in dogs.- very few dogs make it out of such conditions(especially when noticed earlier by the handler).

Since this was there first time to host such event, the turnout wasn’t as massive as other states that have observed 2-3 dog walks/events.
Nevertheless, the event was a very successful one as it was fully packed with lots of exciting activities such as:
– Dog Tricks
– Dog Exhibitions and parade
– Skill and Obedience Display
-Award-Giving etc..

Kano state dog walk
Meeting venue. This was the place where the dog love rs in the state and participant of the event met before setting out. A Boerboel and it’s owner was seen…

Below are pictures from the event.

Kano State Dog Walk
That looks like a serbian husky.. True or false?

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Kano State Dog Walk
A German Shepherd dog and it’s owner present at the event.
Kano State Dog Walk
A Rottweiler and it’s owner….at the event.

Next year promises to be far better than this. Dog lovers and participants were motivated. Spectators were also not left out as many regretted not coming with their dogs.


More pictures will be uploaded. Stay tuned.

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