Interview with one of Ghana’s finest German Shepherd breeders

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It may interest you to know that Ghana is one of the African countries that are doing well when it comes to dog breeding.

We contacted a well known figure in the breeding sector Ghana and requested for an interview section with him. We’re glad he accepted.

You want to know him? Continue reading.


– Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Samir Msaileb, 43 years old, Lebanese expat in Ghana.

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– How did you come about your Kennel name?
Actually my brother and partners name is LION, so I decided to name the kennel after him.

– How old is Lion Kennel?
3 years

– Where are you based?
Taifa – Accra – Ghana

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– When did you discover your love for dogs?
I opened my eyes in this life with love toward animals especially dogs.

– When did you get your first pet?
I lived among pet lovers. I don’t remember a time we weren’t having a pet. But I had my own first dog when I was 13 years old.

Ghana breeder

– How did Lion Kennel start?
As lion Kennel team we were all owning different breeds of dogs at the beginning, We needed experience so we decided to start with different breeds, I started researching, contacting and visiting top breeders until I got all informations I needed before we started the Kennel.

– Outside German Shepherds, do you raise other breeds?
We have had many different breeds, like Presa Canario, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler, Boerboel, Dobermann and many toy dogs as a pets. But for now we have Presa Canario male and toy dog female apart from the GSD.

– How do you feed?
I use PetLife dog food mixed minced meat, Quail eggs and vegetables

– What’s your veterinary routine with your dog?
Monthly visit


– How many dogs do you have at the moment?
14 adult German shepherd and 2 puppies

– Are you married?
I’m Married with 2 kids

– What’s your occupation?
Electrical Engineer

Ghana breeder

– How do you mix family, job and breeding?
It’s not easy to have time but fortunately my family always support and encourage me to continue and improve.

– How do you socialise your dogs?
My dogs have to walk every day and meet people all the time and I don’t miss any single event.

Ghana breeder

– How do you feel, being recognized as one of
Ghana’s finest breeder?
I’m always proud for what we have achieved as a team and always ready to do more, we hope to work harder to keep the Kennel name on that level

Ghana breeder

– What’s the canine sector in Ghana like?
Ghana has a lot of quality dogs and will match international level very soon

– What do you think is the problem and solutions in
the canine sector in
Kennel Union of Ghana with the breed clubs should work more to educate the public and the breeders as well for the importance of the breed standards, training, Socializing and the meaning of the human best friend.

– Words of advise for breeders

Education and knowledge availability and imparting is key, We are all learning, better breeders are those who learn more and more everyday and improve their breeding program, Join clubs and national organizations. This can save you a lot of research time and give you instant solutions for most problems you face.


Indeed, it was nice speaking with this great breeder. We appreciate the time he spared so that we coulĸ have this conversation. We say a BIG Thank You to Mr. Samir.

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