Interview: Meet the 2nd runner up, The First National Online Dog Show/Photo Contest.

After emerging the 2nd runner up of the just concluded “National Online Dog Show/Photo Contest, we thought it wise to feature/interview this young man. Cynophile(as fondly called. Especially, by those in the canine sector) is one of those young men, who have decided to take breeding seriously. He is passionate about dogs, especially, toy breed.


The latest addition to Ohio Kennel

Below are questions from the interview session.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Onyebuchi Osah popularly known as Cynophile. Im a legal practitioner

How did you come about your Kennel name?

My kennel name is basically my initials

How old is Ohio kennel?

About 4years old


Where are you based?

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

When did you discover your love for dogs?

I discovered my love for dogs as a child. Was always interested in animals from the get go

When did you get your first pet?

4years ago

How did Ohio kennel start?

Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those who intended to breed from the beginning. I just wanted a pet around. The rest is history

Outside Lhasa Apsos, do you raise other breeds?

Just started dabbling onto pugs


How do you feed?

Dry feed

What’s your veterinary routine with your dog?

Aside from the basics which include deworming and annual vaccinations, there is nothing else I do for my dogs . Exercise is basically what I do with the dogs. Thankfully toy breeds when exercised well rarely fall ill.

How many dogs do you have at the moment?


Are you married?

Not yet

How do you socialise your dogs?

Walks , walks walks by also encouraging possitive behavior with praises ad affection. We rarely do treats

Another shot of Riley

How did you feel coming out the second-runner up of the Nigeria first online dog show/photo contest?

It’s a pretty cool feeling


Words of advice for breeder?

Do the right thing, at the right time,all the time . Strive to be better than your last litter. Package your kennel. The world is watching

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