Indian Dog Names: List of All Time Best Names of Indian Dogs


Indian names are among the most romantic and musical in the world. In getting Indian dog names, the best way is to look out for remarkable Indians who impacted in the living humans. Those that have left their footprints in the sand of time – somehow, these names might affect the way one’s dog behaves. Remember, the holy book says, “A good name is better than riches.”

Please note this; in choosing an Indian dog name, you make sure that the names to be given to them are very lovely and meaningful. You may also ensure that the Indian dog name to be given to the dog either matches or is a reflection of what you want him/her to be too. The name you’re about to give. Not only should exceptional scientists be put into consideration when choosing an Indian dog name. But also, excellent products are sources from which one can draw inspiration to give unique names dogs.

Are you looking for the list of best Indian dog names of all time? If yes, be rest assured that I’ve got you covered as I have researched and was able to come up with the best Indian dog names for female and Indian dog names for males.


 How to Choose the Best Indian Dog Name?

From my observation and interactions with other dog lovers, owners, breeders, and veterinarians, it’s a known fact that dogs are very comfortable with words, especially consonants that contain long vowels. Examples include Billy, Ella, Jimmy, Harry, etc.

Another factor to be considered is giving a dog a name that sounds similar to a command used in training him/her. Words that look similar to authority or command are not recommended to avoid confusion. Names like “Zit” or “Bit” will confuse your dog when the command “sit” is used.

Also, be sure to pick a name, you’ll be proud of any day, anytime, and anywhere without being ashamed. I’ve seen lots of dog owners who are very ashamed of calling the names of their dogs in public. Because they are usually ashamed of the name 

Sources to look out for the Best Indian Dog Names

There are lots of means through which people draw inspiration from when giving their dog the best Indian Dog Names.

Some of the sources through which one can draw inspirations to give unique Indian Dog Names include; 

In popular action Movies, Series, Soap Operas, Telemundo, etc. examples are “Game of Thrones” or “John Wick,” amongst many more.

Indian Dog Names for Females

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from A;

Abha — Meaning Splendor, or light

Aditi — Meaning Boundless, or freedom

Aisha — Meaning Alive

Aishwarya — Meaning Prosperity, or wealth

Akanksha — Meaning Desire, or wish

Amandeep — Meaning Peace

Amardeep — Meaning Immortal, or light

Anima — Meaning Minuteness

Anisha — Meaning Nightless, or sleepless

Anjali — Meaning Salutation

Aparajita — Meaning Unconquered

Aparna — Meaning Leafless

Apurva — Meaning New, or unpreceded

Aruna — Meaning Reddish brown

Arushi — Meaning Hitting, or killing

Arya — Meaning Aryan, or noble

Asha — Meaning Wish, a desire, or hope

Avani — Meaning Earth

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from B;

Bala — Meaning Young. 

Balwinder — Meaning Strength, or might

Bhavana — Meaning Producing, or manifesting.

Chanda — Meaning Fierce, hot, or passionate

Chandra — Meaning the Moon

Devi — Meaning Goddess

Devika — Meaning Little goddess.

Diksha — Meaning Preparation for a religious ceremony

Dipa — Meaning Light, light

Dipali — Meaning Row of lamps

Dipti — Meaning Brightness, or light

Diya — Meaning lamp, or light

Drishti — Meaning Sight

Durga — Meaning Unattainable

Esha — Meaning Desire, or wish

Ezhil — Meaning Beauty

Fariha — Meaning Happy

Gauri — Meaning White

Gita — Meaning Song

Grishma — Meaning Summer

Gul — Meaning Flower, or rose

Gulbadan — Meaning Having a body like a rose

Gulrukh — Meaning Rose faced

Gurmeet — Meaning Friend

Hema — Meaning Golden

Ila — Meaning Earth, or speech

Indira — Meaning Beauty

Indu — Meaning Bright drop

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from J;

Jaya — Meaning Victory

Jyoti — Meaning Light

Jyotsna — Meaning Moonlight

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from K;

Kajal — Meaning Lotion for the eyes

Kala — Meaning Art form, or virtue

Kali — Meaning The black one

Kalpana — Meaning Imagining, or fantasy

Kalyani — Meaning Beautiful, or lovely, 

Kamakshi — Meaning Love, desire

Kamala — Meaning Lotus

Kamani — Meaning Desirable

Kanchana — Meaning Golden

Kanta — Meaning Desire, or beautiful

Kanti — Meaning Beauty

Karishma — Meaning Miracle

Kashi — Meaning Shining

Kaur — Meaning Princess

Kavita — Meaning Poem

Khurshid — Meaning Shining sun

Khushi — Meaning Happiness

Kiran — Meaning Dust

Kirtida — Meaning One who bestows fame

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from L;

Laboni — Meaning Beauty, or loveliness, or charm

Lakshmi — Meaning, Signal, Sign, or mark

Lalita — Meaning Playful, charming, or desirable

Lata — Meaning Vine, or creeping plant

Lavanya — Meaning Beauty, or grace

Lila — Meaning Play, or amusement

Lilavati — Meaning Amusing, charming, or graceful

Lina — Meaning Absorbed, or united

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from M;

Madhu — Meaning Sweet, or honey

Madhur — Meaning Sweet

Madhuri — Meaning Sweetness

Mala — Meaning Necklace

Malati— Meaning Jasmine

Malani — Meaning Fragrant

Mandeep — Meaning Mind, intellect, or spirit

Manjeet — Meaning Victory, or conquering

Manju — Meaning Lovely, or beautiful

Manjula — Meaning Pleasing, or beautiful

Manjusha — Meaning Small box, or small chest

Maya — Meaning Illusion

Mina — Meaning Fish

Minali — Meaning Fish catcher

Mira — Meaning Sea, or ocean

Mitra — Meaning Friend

Mohini — Meaning Infatuating

Mridula — Meaning Soft, delicate, or gentle

Mukta — Meaning Liberated, or set free

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from N;

Nalini — Meaning Lotus

Namrata — Meaning Bowing, or humility

Nandita — Meaning Joy

Nasim — Meaning breeze

Nasrin — Meaning Wild rose

Navdeep — Meaning New, or fresh

Navneet — Meaning Eternal

Neha — Meaning Love, or tenderness

Nida — Meaning Call, or proclaim

Nikita — Meaning House, or habitation

Nila — Meaning Dark blue

Nirupama — Meaning Unequaled, or matchless

Nisha — Meaning Night

Nishat — Meaning Energetic, or lively

Nitika — Meaning Guidance, or moral conduct

Nitya — Meaning Always, or eternal

Nur — Meaning Light

Padma — Meaning Lotus

Padmini — Meaning Many lotuses

Parvati — Meaning Of the mountains

Prachi — Meaning Eastern, or ancient

Pratibha — Meaning Light, splendor, or intelligence

Pratima — Meaning Image, likeness, or reflection

Pritha — Meaning The palm of the hand

Priti — Meaning Pleasure, joy, or love

Priya — Meaning Beloved

Priyanka — Meaning Agreeable, or amiable

Puja — Meaning Honor, or worship

Purnima — Meaning Full moon

Pushpa — Meaning Flower

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from R;

Rachana — Meaning preparation

Rajani — Meaning The dark one

Rajkumari — Meaning Princess

Rajni — Meaning Queen

Rani — Meaning Queen

Rashmi — Meaning Ray of sunlight

Rati — Meaning Rest, or pleasure

Ratna — Meaning Jewel, or treasure

Reshmi — Meaning Silk

Reva — Meaning One that moves

Richa — Meaning Praise, verse, or a sacred text

Rina — Meaning Melted

Ritka — Meaning Movement, stream, or brass

Ritu — Meaning Season, or period

Riya — Meaning Singer

Roshan — Meaning Light, or bright

Roshni — Meaning Light, or brightness

Rupa — Meaning Shape, or form

Rupinder — Meaning Greatest beauty

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from S;

Sandhya — Meaning Twilight

Sanjana — Meaning Uniting, or joining

Saraswati — Meaning Possessing water

Sarita — Meaning Flowing

Savitri — Meaning Relating to the sun

Shabnam — Meaning Dew

Shahnaz — Meaning Pride of the king

Shailaja — Meaning Daughter of the mountain

Shakti — Meaning Power

Shakuntala — Meaning Bird

Shanta — Meaning Pacified, or Calm

Shanti — Meaning Quiet, peace, or tranquility

Sharmila — Meaning Protection, comfort, or joy

Shashi — Meaning Having a hare

Shikha — Meaning Crest, or peak

Shila — Meaning Conduct, disposition, or character

Shivali — Meaning Beloved of Shiva

Shobha — Meaning Brilliance

Shreya — Meaning Superior, or best

Shweta — Meaning White

Shyama — Meaning Dark, black, blue

Siddhi — Meaning Accomplishment, success, or attainment

Sima — Meaning Boundary, or limit

Sita — Meaning Furrow

Sitara — Meaning Star

Sneha — Meaning Love, or tenderness

Sona — Meaning Gold

Sonal — Meaning Good color

Sonam — Virtuous

Sukhdeep — Pleasant, happy

Sulabha — Easy, simple, natural

Sultana — Meaning Ruler

Suman — Meaning Well-disposed

Sumati — Meaning Wise, or good mind

Sunita — Meaning Well conducted, or wise

Suniti — Meaning Good conduct

Sushila — Good-tempered, or well-disposed

Swapna — Meaning Sleep, or dream

Swarna — Meaning Good color

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from T;

Tanu — Meaning Slender

Tanvi — Meaning Slender woman

Tara — Meaning Star

Tejal — Meaning Brilliance, splendor

Thamarai — Meaning Lotus

Trishna — Meaning Thirst, desire

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from U;

Uma — Meaning Flax

Urvi — Meaning Wide

Uttara — Meaning North

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from V;

Vaishnavi — Meaning Belonging to Vishnu

Varsha — Meaning Rain

Vasudha — Meaning Producer of wealth

Vasundhara — Meaning Possessor of wealth

Veda — Meaning Knowledge

Vidya — Meaning Knowledge, science, or learning

Vijaya — Meaning Victory

Indian dog names

Indian Dog Names For Male

Abbas — Meaning Austere

Abdul — Meaning Servant of the powerful

Abhay — Meaning Fearless

Abhijit — Meaning Victorious

Abhilash — Meaning Desire, or wish

Abhinav — Meaning Young, or fresh

Abhishek — Meaning Anointing

Adil — Meaning Fair, or honest

Aditya — Meaning Belonging to Aditi

Adnan — Meaning Settler

Agni — Meaning Fire

Ahmad — Meaning More commendable

Ajay — Meaning Unconquered

Ajit — Meaning Invincible

Akash — Meaning Open space

Akbar — Meaning Greater, or greatest

Akhil — Meaning Whole, or complete

Akshay — Meaning Un-decaying

Ali — Lofty, sublime

Amandeep — Meaning Lamp, or light

Amar — Meaning Immortal

Amardeep — Meaning Immortal

Amarjeet — Meaning Victory, or conquering

Amin — Meaning Truthful

Amir — Meaning Commander, or prince

Amit — Meaning Immeasurable, or infinite

Amitabh — Meaning Immeasurable splendor

Amrit — Meaning Immortal

Anand — Meaning Happiness, bliss

Anbu — Meaning Love

Anik — Meaning Army

Aniket — Meaning Homeless

Anil — Meaning Air, or wind

Ankit — Meaning Marked

Ankur — Meaning Sapling

Anuj — Meaning Born later, or younger

Anup — Meaning Watery

Apurva — Meaning Unpreceded, or new

Aravind — Meaning Lotus

Arif — Meaning Learned, or expert

Arijit — Meaning Conquering enemies

Aritra — Meaning Propelling

Aruna — Meaning Reddish brown

Arya — Meaning Aryan, or noble

Asad — Meaning Lion

Ashwin — Meaning Possessed of horses

Asim — Meaning Boundless, or limitless

Aswathi — Meaning Sacred fig tree

Avinash — Meaning Indestructible

Azad — Meaning Free

Azhar — Meaning Shining, or bright

Aziz — Meaning Powerful, respected, or beloved

Babur — Meaning Tiger

Bala — Meaning Young

Balakrishna — Meaning Strength, or might

Balwinder — Meaning Strength, or might

Bilal — Meaning Wetting, or moistening

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from C;

Chanda — Meaning Fierce, hot, or passionate

Chandan — Meaning Sandalwood

Chandra — Meaning Moon

Chandrakant — Meaning Beloved by the moon

Chetan — Meaning Visible, conscious, or soul

Chiranjvi — Meaning Long-lived

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from D;

Darshan — Meaning Seeing, observing, or understanding

Dayaram — Meaning Compassion of Rama

Dhananjay — Meaning Winning wealth

Dharma — Meaning Law, duty, or virtue

Dhaval — Meaning Dazzling white

Durai — Meaning Chief, or leader

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from E&F;

Eshil — Meaning Beauty

Farhan — Meaning Happy, or cheerful

Farid — Meaning Unique, or precious

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from G;

Ghulam — Meaning Servant boy

Govinda — Meaning Cow finder

Gul — Meaning Flower, or rose

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from H;

Hardeep — Meaning Lamp, or light

Hari — Meaning Brown, yellow, or tawny

Harsha — Meaning Happiness

Harshad — Meaning Happiness

Harshal — Meaning Happiness

Hasan — Meaning Handsome

Hassan — Meaning Improver

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from I&J;

Imtiyaz — Meaning Distinction

Indrajit — Meaning Conqueror of Indra

Jagit — Meaning World, or universe

Jaya — Meaning Victory

Jaywant — Meaning Possessing victory

Jitendra — Meaning Conqueror of Indra

Jyoti — Meaning Light

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from K;

Kailash — Meaning Crystal

Kali — Meaning The black one

Kalyan — Meaning Beautiful, lovely, or auspicious

Kamala — Meaning Lotus

Kanta — Meaning Desired, or beautiful

Kanti — Meaning Beauty

Karan — Meaning Clever, or skillful

Kavi — Meaning Wise man, sage, or poet

Khan — Meaning King, or ruler

Khurshd — Meaning Shining sun

Kiran — Meaning Dust, thread, or sunbeam

Kishor — Meaning Colt

Krishna — Meaning Black, or dark

Kshitij — Meaning Born of the earth

Kuldeep — Meaning Lamp, or light

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from L;

Lakshmi — Meaning Sign, or mark

Lal — Meaning Boy

Lochan — Meaning The eye

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from M;

Madhu — Meaning Sweet, or honey

Madhukar — Meaning Bee, or honey-maker

Madhur — Meaning Sweet

Mahendra — Meaning Great

Mahmud — Meaning Praiseworthy

Mamun — Meaning Trustworthy

Manas — Meaning Mind, intellect, or spirit

Mandeep — Meaning Mind, intellect, or spirit

Mani — Meaning Jewel

Maninder — Meaning Mind, intellect, or spirit

Manish — Meaning Thought, or wisdom

Manjeet — Meaning Mind, intellect, or spirit

Manu — Meaning Thinking, or wise

Maqsud — Meaning Intention, or aim

Maruf — Meaning Favor, or kindness

Mayur — Meaning Peacock

Mitra — Meaning Friend

Mitul — Meaning Measured

Mukul — Meaning Bud, or blossom

Murad — Meaning Wish, or desire

Murali – Meaning Flute

Murugan — Meaning Youth

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from N;

Nadim — Meaning Drinking companion

Nasim — Meaning Breeze

Navdeep — Meaning Lamp, or light

Navin — Meaning New

Navneet — Meaning New, or fresh

Nikhil — Meaning Whole, or entire

Nilam — Meaning Dark blue, sapphire

Ninad — Meaning Sound, or hum

Niraj — Meaning Water-born

Nirav — Meaning Quiet, or silent

Nirmal — Meaning Clean, or pure

Nishant — Meaning Night’s end, or dawn

Nishat — Meaning Energetic, or lively

Nitin — Meaning Guidance, moral conduct

Nur — Meaning Light

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from P&Q;

Padma — Meaning Lotus

Pallav — Meaning Budding leaf

Parminder — Meaning Highest, or best

Partha — Meaning Son of Pritha

Prabhat — Meaning Shining forth, or morning

Prabodh — Meaning Awakening

Pradip — Meaning Light, or lantern

Prakash — Meaning Light, bright, or shining

Pran — Meaning Breath

Prasad — Meaning Brightness, clearness, or graciousness

Prasanna — Meaning Clear, bright, or tranquil

Prasenjit — Meaning Conqueror of an expert army

Pratik — Meaning Look, or appearance

Pravin — Meaning Skilled

Prem — Meaning Love, or affection

Punit — Meaning Cleaned, or purified

Qasim — Meaning Share, or Divide

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from R;

Radha — Meaning Success

Rafiq — Meaning Friend, or gentle

Raghu — Meaning Swift

Rahul — Meaning Able, or efficient

Raj — Meaning Empire, or royalty

Raja — Meaning King, or ruler

Rajani — Meaning The dark one

Rajendra — Meaning Lord of kings

Rajesh — Meaning Ruler of kings

Rajib — Meaning Striped

Rajnish — Meaning Lord of the night

Rakesh — Meaning Lord of the full moon

Rama — Meaning Pleasing, or beautiful

Ramachandra — Meaning Moon

Rana — Meaning King

Ranjit — Meaning Colored, pleased, or delighted

Rashmi — Meaning Ray of sunlight, rope

Ratna — Meaning Jewel, or treasure

Ravi — Meaning Sun

Ravindra — Meaning Lord of the sun

Rishi — Meaning Sage, poet

Rohan — Meaning Ascending

Rohit — Meaning Red

Roshan — Meaning Light, bright

Rupinder — Meaning Greatest beauty

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from S;

Sachin — Meaning True, real

Samir — Meaning Wind, or air

Sandip — Meaning Blazing

Sanjit — Meaning Complete victory

Sanjiv — Meaning Living, or reviving

Saral — Meaning Straight

Sardar — Meaning Chief, leader

Sarvesh — Meaning Ruler of all

Shahid — Meaning Witness

Shahjahan — Meaning King of the world

Shahnaz — Meaning Pride of the king

Shahzad — Meaning Prince

Shakti — Meaning Power

Shandar — Meaning Fabulous

Shantanu — Meaning Wholesome

Sharif — Eminent, or virtuous

Sharma — Meaning Protection, or comfort, joy

Shashi — Meaning Having a hare

Shekar — Meaning Crest, or peak

Sher — Meaning Lion

Shiva — Meaning Benign, kind, or auspicious

Shresth — Meaning Most excellent, best

Shrinivas — Meaning The abode of Shri

Shrivatsa — Meaning Beloved of Shri

Shyama — Meaning Dark, black, blue

Shyamal — Meaning Dark, black, or blue

Siddhartha — Meaning One who has accomplished a goal

Singh — Meaning Lion

Sonam — Meaning Virtuous

Subhash — Meaning Eloquent

Subrahmanya — Meaning Good

Sudarshan — Meaning Beautiful, or good-looking

Sudhir — Meaning Good

Suahil — Meaning Level, or even

Sujay — Meaning Great victory

Sukhbir — Meaning Pleasant, or happy

Sukhdeep — Meaning Pleasant, happy

Sultan — Meaning Ruler, or king

Suman — Meaning Well-disposed

Sumantra — Meaning Following good advice

Sumit — Meaning Well measured

Sunil — Meaning Good

Suraj — Meaning Sun

Surendra — Meaning Lord of gods

Surya — Meaning Sun

Sushila — Meaning Good-tempered

Swapan — Meaning Sleeping, or dreaming

Swapnil — Meaning Sleep, dream

Swarna — Meaning Good color

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from T,&U;

Tamanna — Meaning Wish, desire

Tushar — Meaning Cold, frost, or snow

Uttara — Meaning North

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from V;

Vasu — Meaning Bright, or excellent

Vijaya — Meaning Victory

Vimal — Meaning Clean, pure, or spotless

Vinay — Meaning Leading, guidance, or modesty

Vipin — Meaning Forest

Vipul — Meaning Large, extensive, or plenty

Vishal — Meaning Wide, broad, or spacious

Vishnu — Meaning All-pervasive

Vivek — Meaning Wisdom, distinction

List of Indian dog names for girls beginning from Y&Z;

Yash — Meaning Fame, praise, or glory

Yasir — Meaning To be rich

Zafar — Meaning Victory

Zahid — Meaning Pious, or devout

Zahir — Meaning Helper, or supporter

Zaman — Meaning Time, age, or era

Zawar — Meaning Pilgrim, or visitor 


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