How to transport dogs in Nigeria

How to transport dogs in Nigeria.

One big problem with dog owners in Nigeria who have just bought dogs is- How to transport dogs in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the issue in transporting dogs is; lack of trust worthy pet/dog transporters.

Well, today, I’ll be showing you how to transport dogs in Nigeria.

The major and most important steps on how to transport dogs in Nigeria;

1. Make sure what you bought is what you wanted. Get pictures, videos, pedigree details(if it is…) etc

2. Make sure you contact someone who has reputation. When I say reputation, i mean people who have transported dogs to people you know. You know why? People with “reputation” try to keep it. But, if you have no one who have done business with them around, the next step will help you.

3. Get in touch with the kennel club or association of the state. To help refer you to a professional breeder or dog owner who practice standard. This will reduce the issue of fraud drastically. At least, You know who to turn to when the deal goes south.

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Note: whenever you’re buying a dog, make sure the dog is coming with a health card/Pet Green card.
After a successful transaction. The next issue is- Getting it to where you are.

What do you do when you want to transport dogs in Nigeria?

1. Go look for a transportation company that’s very close to you. When looking for a company, go for one that’s well known for smooth driving and well coordinated packaging or way billing.

2. Contact the seller, breeder or owner of the dog you’re buying. Ask him to check for the transportation company’s name(the one you found close to you).

3. Once you’ve confirmed the transport company;
– Tell the seller to negotiate with the drive on:
* Time of takeoff
* Amount he’ll charge or take to get the dog transported to your place.

4. After No. 3 has been taken care of;

Pay for a good carriage  basket or crate. A crate is more better, although, its expensive. But if you don’t  have much you can get two (2) baskets. Tell the seller to get you a suitable and comfortable carriage.  As a poor carriage, one with poor ventilation can cause the dog to suffocate and die….
Also, make sure you tell the seller to be sure the dog/puppy is kept in a comfortable place. Not where loads and luggage are. To avoid unnecessary stories. Preferably, you can pay for a sit.

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5. After making sure that – basket, medical card etc. Are intact, Then, we are almost done.


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Endeavour to get the drivers phone number and always call to check on him to know if they’ve arrived.

I hope this helps. ..

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