How To Tame An Aggressive Dog: Practical Steps

How to tame a dog an aggressive dog


A lot of dog lovers have had issues on how to tame an aggressive dog or putting an adult dog under control.

Whenever we walk into a puppy mill and find some very beautiful adult dog(s), we get attracted to them and might eventually have the feeling of owning one.

But when we think about some events or possible outcomes that follow owning an adult dog- especially, one that wasn’t bred or brought up by you! we most time begin to have a change of mind.

Owning an adult dog(one that is aggressive) can be very risky, especially if you don’t know how to tame an aggressive dog properly.

There have been lots of situations where an adult dog bites its owner, destroys his/her properties, bite children and possibly killing infants. Enough said, let’s look at how we can tame or put a dog under control.

I knew a lot of dog owners find it very challenging especially, in knowing how to tame an aggressive dog.

This made me ask lots of experienced breeders/dog owners.- Especially, those known for buying adult dogs( aggressive and non-aggressive).

In learning how to tame an aggressive dog, there are several tips and steps that must be adhered to. they include;

Tip one:

Feed him/her for 2-3 days with caution Ensure that the newly bought adult dog is in a chain. This is to avoid unnecessary attacks, as the chain will help put the dog under control

how to tame an aggressive dog

Opinion 2: Maverick has this to say. This opinion more professional.


Key point: Get as much information as you can from the previous owner. This will get you informed and equipped- that is to say, with the information you get from the previous owner, you’ll know the necessary actions or steps to take. If the dog is very aggressive, a more sophisticated approach will be adopted, in other to tackle the condition.

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Let’s now fully move into the steps to take:

1st: I make sure the owner gives me the leash by him/herself. Dogs are naturally highly intelligent and very sensitive. So, it nice to follow the right approach. When the chain is passed to the dog, it means a lot to both the dog and his new owner.

To the dog; The change in dog handling signifies, Trust.- not change in ownership. If the owner trusts you to hand over his dog to you, so will the dog trust you handle him.

To the new owner: It simply means the previous owner trust him/her enough to hand over the dog to you. It doesn’t mean he/she is now the boss and new owner of the dog. It doesn’t mean he/she is now in authority.- you still have to prove it.

NB: The dog will read your body language and be calm/relaxed towards you. But you have to be calm and assertive else if d dog senses anything unusual (fear, agitation or burst of excitement) he/she can still attack.

2. I walk the dog for a very long distance until he tires out(before moving the dog). If he is very aggressive, I make the owner or whoever the dog is familiar with come with me. The essence of this walk is to build confidence.

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3: Give water after the long-distance walk.- this is to build trust.

4: Give food later (from a distance if the dog is crazy or very aggressive)

5: Always use a strong chain please so it won’t break- just like the first opinion, it is important to put the newly adult dog under control.

6: Always present yourself in a friendly way to the dog(crouch down, call his name and try to make him come to you)

Note: Most aggressive dogs tend to be calm in unfamiliar places, so far the previous owner isn’t present.

7: Try to check his body language(you need to understand a dog’s body language please, not all wagging means “Come pet me”. Some means, “come and take a bite from me”

8: Here’s the secret most people won’t say though, before picking an adult dog, make sure he’s not been fed prior. A hungry dog is a controllable dog. The more hungry the dog, the better! This way, a bowl of chicken will make you look like a god to him. If the dog was shipped to you though, it’s best you start from Number 3 of our steps. (Give water) after you’ve figured out a way to put him in a large crate/kennel of course.

Give him food Present yourself in a non-threatening manner Make him come to you-most dogs likes to take a walk(depending on the previous owner though if he’s the type that walks dogs), So seeing a leash or a chain may make him want to come to you. If you can walk him successfully for a few days, you’re good to go.

I buy mostly adult dogs, I’ve not been bitten doing it so here’s my own experience. I hope it helps. ☑

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That’s how we do it, capitalize on the fact that he or she is in an unfamiliar environment and you’re the only savior he or she have got.- Ensure you make him or her feel at home and comfortable around you.

Another has this to say:

This is what I do. For me to be on a safe side, after the walk, I didn’t just put her in a crate/kennel. I held her, we sat together pat her. Chain her on a rod, If I have to leave, I’d return and still pat her. When she got relaxed, she started charging at anybody coming into the compound. But I made sure I held her for hours. And also, I used the advantage of having other dogs. She watched me play, feed and control the rest.- This will make her know I am truly in charge. Took lots of courage though. I made sure I breathe in and out, relax as much as possible before going close. Because that was my first time getting an adult dog that charged aggressively on everybody at the park. So it wasn’t easy staying calm. 🙂 Also, am always at work, so I allow them-my other dogs (s) free. So as to familiarize themselves with the new environment.

Also, read this to know if chaining can make a dog aggressive.

I am very sure this will be of immense help to you in taming an aggressive dog. If you have a technique that has worked for you, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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