How to Ship a Dog from US to Nigeria

How to Ship a Dog from US to Nigeria? That’s one of the numerous questions we get from lots of Nigerians from different parts of the country.

Today, we shall be looking at how dog lovers can import a dog from the US into Nigeria.

Importation of dogs is no rocket science. – Although you have to be very careful so as not to become a victim of internet fraudster, also know as 419ers, G-boys or yahoo boys who are always looking for victims.

No matter how good you are, you will always need the help/assistance of someone. – When we say “someone,” we are not talking about just anyone who claims to be anything; No!; We are talking about those who are experienced and have imported both for themselves and also for others. and can back it up with proofs and testimonies.

But if you can do the importation alone without any form of assistance, then that is very wonderful.

Note: We are always here to help your out with the importation of your dogs.

how to ship a dog from us to nigeria

Without much ado, let go straight to the point. How to Ship a Dog from US to Nigeria

The First step to take is this; you have to check with the airline over there.

Check out what they need from you and possible levies or fees that you have to pay.

After you are done with that, the next move is to get your import permit. This Import permit can be obtained only from the Ministry of Agriculture, which is located in Abuja.

To get the Import permit, you need the dog’s pet passport showing its biodatas;
Microchip number,
Vaccination records and a
Health certificate from a certified veterinarian facility in the exporting country.

As soon as the import permit is ready, that’s what they need over there to process the dog’s shipment.

Over there(United States), they need to be sure that the dog is;

Vaccinated up to date, and
Cleared by a veterinarian (health certificate).

how to ship a dog from US to nigeria

After successfully going through all these stages, you can now book your flight and pay the necessary charges or fees.

The official price for Import permit in Nigeria is 5,000, but you can’t get it when needed for less than 20/25k

And you pay for clearing when it lands.

You can visit here to know more

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