How to sell your dog fast |best tips on how to sell your dog fast.

How to sell your dog fast

How to sell your dog fast


Do you want to know How to sell your dog fast? Read on. As a dog lovers and more especially, dog breeder you will like to know; how to sell your dog fast. As we all know, breeding can be rewarding. When a dam(a female dog) gives birth, little profits are made when puppies are sold. One major in breeding or owning dogs is the ability to sell all pups/dogs as soon as possible.

I see lots of people complaining about not seeing buyers, clients(as many call it). The truth is this, 90% percent of those complaining are not following some vital principles.

I know some breeders/dog owners sell their dogs easily some might not be practicing these principles  but sooner or later, they’ll get stuck.

There are 6 principles that are going guide you on how to sell your dog fast.


Make sure you put them to practice and i’m sure you’ll end up testifying and also ensure you drop a comment if the article was helpful to you.

Note: Before you sell your pup(s) make sure they stay at least 8 weeks with their parents. This will help prevent lots of bad behaviors and many other bad occurrences.

Now, What are those principles that can fetch us buyers?
They include;
1. Know your breed
2. Relate with fellow dog owners/breeders
3. Post right
4. Work with a good camera or photographer
5. Make use of social media.
6. Join a dog/kennel club/association
Let’s look at the details in full.

1. Know your breed:

How to sell your dog fast

Let us tell ourselves the truth, most of us don’t know what we breed. Most dog owners who fall into this category are simply following what I call the money mindset. Buy dogs – feed them anyhow -mate – sell puppies. Since they are after money they care less about standard practices. These type of dog breeders can be disastrous as the tend to always lead those who buy pups from them astray, by telling them lies.

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To sell your dog/pup as fast as possible; knowing what you breed is very essential. This gives you a sense of belonging too. Are you a German Shepherd breeder, Rottweiler breeder, Lhasa Apso breeder or what? Any one who breeds Mixed/Hybrids doesn’t have a sense of belonging. I have some questions for you. They’ll help you in knowing the kind of breed(s) you posses.

Here they are:

  1. Can you tell someone the exact breed of dog you have?
  2. Do you know the breed standard of your dog?
  3. Do you know the attributes/characteristics(health issues, etc) of the breed you have?
  4. Is your breed recognized?- by FCI, AKC, etc…


Download the breed standard of the dog you own(if you don’t have one)

And if you don’t know how get it, drop your request here and i will get it for you.


Note: sometimes people complain of not selling their pups even after practicing “standard marketing” one big factor for selling your pups quickly is “Having Quality” substandard/fake product or dog. Hence, its better we roll with quality, to get the best result.

2. Relate with fellow dog lovers/breeders:

How to sell your dog fast

How well do you relate with fellow dog owners? I know some of us might be introverts and don’t like socialising with lots of people. Its okay…the truth is this; being an introvert can’t and shouldn’t stop you from socialising with fellow dog owners. When I say “relate with your fellow breeders/lovers/owners” I mean using platforms like – Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Read also; How to transport your dog in Nigeria.

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There are lots of pages/groups on Facebook with thousands of dog lovers on Facebook, twitter, instagram…etc
– Request for an add into such groups. When added as a member, join in discussions, ask questions, contribute to discussions and let people know you exist. This will help those who want to know how to sell your dog fast.

3. Post right:


How to sell your dog fast

This is where most people get it wrong. Most of us don’t know how to post on public groups or forums…Post constructively.


When selling pups, the way we post matters too.
Don’t; write 4000 words because you want to sell a dog/pup. Even if you’re selling more than a dog/pup be brief, specific and well detailed.

The following might be of help when posting a dog for sell.

  1. The dog/puppy’s age, breed, and appearance (colour etc.)
  2. The parents’ pedigree and awards, if any.
  3. The price and any other fees
  4. Vaccinations taken
  5. The results of health checks of the parents and ancestors
  6. If there is a contract to sign and the main clauses

4. Work with a good camera, photographer:


How to sell your dog fast

This is very essential in not also selling your pup/dog, but it help portray a better image of you. When dog owners post an advert of the dog they want to sell. People often tend to go for those with cool and superb images.
If you do not hNow, before I proceed sometimes we fit they practice standard marketing with substandard/fake product or dog.

So, its better we roll with quality, to get the best result have a camera, get one. If the camera seem to be very expensive, get a professional photographer to take some shots of you.

Lest I forget; Videos: Get a good video of your dog too. Videos help buyers see what they are to buy vividly. A video showing how healthy, strong and fit, the dog is important too.

-Let me briefly state the importance of both Photography and video.

For Photographs: people like things that are beautiful, if we can get photographs of our pups or dogs when in a good pose. it can boost sales too.

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For Videos:

If you want to sell anything to anyone, work with their emotions.-Dan lok
This is actually true. Humans are go for anything that appeals to their emotions.

  1. Videos are good source through which human emotions can be touched.
  2. Videos can provoke emotions (permit me to use that word)

Warning: Always watermark your videos and photographs. Scammers are all over the place.??


5. Make Use of Social Media: Create a page, handles:

How to sell your dog fast
If you don’t have a page, make sure you get one for yourself(kennel or about your dogs).

Note: I know you can draw attentions to your post without having a page. But the truth is that, you are very limited.

-How do you draw attentions without a page, handle etc.?

-Just tag as many big breeders/dog lovers(with lots of friends) as possible. tag them to your post. I’m sure you’ll get attentions.


Remember, the attention you get cannot be compared to the one a page will give you.
Also, Remember to use cool pics, videos for your page. – this help to tell people how serious you are with your dogs. It also promotes trust. People get to trust someone they can easily reach out to.

6. Join a dog/kennel club/association:

How to sell your dog fast

The importance of joining a kennel club can not be over emphasized. In a dog/kennel club/association, you get to meet like-minds.


There you can meet;

  1. Dog food producers
  2. Professional breeders
  3. Veterinarians
  4. Pet shop owners
  5. Dog trainers
  6. Great and experienced dog lovers, etc.

How to sell your dog fast
These guys will greatly impact your life. They not only impact, but will also help you in selling your dogs/puppies- Through referrals.

These points  will help you in selling your dogs/puppies anytime, any day  as long as you follow and practice  them.

Feel free to drop other suggestions.

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