How to Fatten up a Dog

Want to know how to fatten up a dog? If yes, this Most dog owners who want their dog to increase in mass often visit the internet to find tips on how to fatten up their dog. 

Often times, when you surf the internet about dog weight; what you will get is how your dog can lose weight. 

Interestingly, we discuss contradictory to weight loss as various tips will help you fatten up your dog. 

As such, we have compiled different tips on how to make a dog gain weight fast

How to Fatten up a Dog

If you want to know everything on how to make a dog gain weight fast, you are reading the right content as we have provided you with different tips on how to fatten up a dog, outlined and discussed below. 

how to fatten up a dog

  1. High-Quality Dog Food
  2. Feeding schedule 
  3. Special Feeding Treats
  4. Give them food Supplement
  5. Adequate Exercise
  6. Preventive Care
  7. Observe your Dog Health
  8. Get Professional Advice

There is a highlight of different tips.

How to make a dog gain weight fast.

Read through below to learn more about these tips. 

1. High-Quality Dog Food

First, the type of food you choose to feed your dog is vital in your dog’s overall health. 

Giving your high-quality dog food will help him gain body fat and obtain adequate nutrition he requires. 

As such, you need to provide your dog more with nutritional food to help keep them healthy and gain weight.

2. Feeding schedule 

It is crucial to create a feeding schedule for your dog to help him adjust to a meal plan after their usual feeding. 

You should create a feeding schedule that includes 3-4 small meals daily to help your dog digest the food more accessible.

3. Special Feeding Treats

Another tip that helps fatten your dog is to add special feeding treats to your food. 

Dogs do enjoy been given treats. 

Giving your dog treat will aid digestion and also help to provide a balanced diet. 

However, it should be moderate and not be overly done to avoid behavioral or health concerns. 

Some of the special treats you can give your dog include High-Calorie Snacks such as chicken liver, cottage cheese, tuna, raw meat, etc.

4. Give them food Supplement

The type of food and diet you place your dog on can make your dog fat.

As such, giving your dog food supplement will help improve your dog weight and aid a well-balanced diet for your dog.

You should visit your veterinarian, who will determine if supplements are ideal for your dog before beginning any supplement routine. 

However, you should regulate the supplements to avoid adverse effects that may arise from overuse.

5. Adequate Exercise

Adequate exercise daily is key on how to fatten up a dog. 

It is essential to exercise your dog during the fattening process to help keep your dog fit and in good shape. 

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You can place your dog several exercise routines, such as neighborhood walk, visit a local dog park, game of catch and fetch, and a playdate with another dog, among many others. 

6. Preventive Care

Taking good care of your dog is essential as there are parasites that often leads to underweight. 

As such, you need to place your dog on a prescribed deworming drug as prescribed by your vet doctor. 

Brush your dog teeth daily, and check its coats in case of any stickling and suckling insect. 

7. Observe your Dog Health

As we go further in our discourse, you must observe your dog’s health. 

It would be best to watch your dog daily if any behavioral changes help you learn more about your dog.

8. Get Professional Advice

Finally, as you consider how to make a dog gain weight fast, you need to get professional advice, which mostly can be given by a vet who is a professional in animal care. 

Thus, you need to Schedule regular visits to your veterinarian consistently to keep up with preventative care and vaccinations.

How to Fatten Up a Dog After Parvo

how to fatten up a dog

Your dog survived parvo, and you are wondering how to get it back in good shape.

All you need do is to try and fatten up your dog. 

Provide it with good nutritional food. 

Importantly, try to feed your dog every four hours, but not exceed over 6 hours between feedings.

Some of the food you should feed your dog after parvo includes white rice, oatmeal, boiled chicken, ground beef, potatoes (including sweet potato), etc.

How to Fatten Up a Dog on Raw Diet

You need to choose raw food with fat and protein to make your dog fat, and one of such food is to give your raw dog meat, i.e., fatty meats.

How to Fatten Up a Dog with Human Food

You can also fatten your dog by giving it human foods that will help improve its weight. 

Human foods such as Eggs (raw, scrambled), Cottage Cheese (Full fat), Lean meat (Raw or cooked to match your dog’s diet).

How to Fatten up a Dog with Pancreatitis 

To fatten up a dog with pancreatitis, you should provide it with a high level of fish oil, which is helpful to dogs with acute pancreatitis. 

More so, you can provide your dog with foods such as boiled chicken, low-fat beef, egg whites, yogurt, barley, and cooked vegetables to help it gain weight faster.

Conclusion on How to Fatten up a Dog

You have several tips on how to fatten up a dog that will help your dog gain weight. 

However, you need to be sure that your dog isn’t putting on the wrong kind of weight or putting weight too fast. 

The reason has been that a sudden or drastic weight gain can have an adverse effect on your dog’s joints because the pressure of their extra weight increases


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