How Much to Tip Dog Groomer

Want to know how much to tip dog groomer? Then this was specially written for you.

Grooming your dog regularly is paramount in ensuring that your dog’s health is in good condition and is an essential part of dog care.

Fascinatingly, dog groomers help perform this task and earn a living by cleaning and taking care of a dog. 

If you are confused about how much you can tip a Dog Groomer, don’t worry as we will inform you of all you need to know.

How Much to Tip Dog Groomer

Basically, the dog groomer takes care of dogs’ hygiene needs such as nail clipping, bathing, hair removal, and even creative grooming services such as coloring the dog’s fur and painting the dog’s nails. 

Dog groomers are trained to take care of dogs, especially those having health problems, by checking for swelling, cuts, heat, changes in temperament, parasites on the skin, and thrush.

On the other hand, the service charge of a dog groomer depends on their level of experience. 

The length of time that the groomer has been in the business and the number of hours worked is considered; thus, on an average median hourly rate for a dog groomer, the service charge ranges from $16.76 to $26.03.

Possibly you want to take your dog to a dog groomer to clean it up, and you are wondering how much to tip a dog groomer after service has been rendered, well, to tip a groomer, on average, is about 15 to 20 percent of the service total.

Tipping your dog groomer is a sign of showing a token of gratitude, and mostly you can give whatever you can afford. 

On the other hand, your groomer will sometimes perform extra services at no additional cost or charge, such as adding conditioner, brushing teeth, or grinding nails.

how much to tip dog groomer

Reasons Why You Should Give Tip to Dog Groomer

Dog groomers are known to render unique services to dog owners by providing them quality hygiene and care. 

It possible that you are still wondering why you should tip your dog groomer. We have highlighted three important reasons why you should.

  1. They render a Service to You
  2. They are professionals
  3. Their services are enjoyed

They Render a Service to You

It is ideal for tipping those who render services for you, that’s why you shouldn’t ignore dog groomers. 

A dog groomer performs a service for you, which you may or cannot accomplish by yourself; as such, you should show appreciation by giving them a tip.

They are Professionals

you should also know importantly that dog groomers are professionals.

Dog groomers attended formal schools where they have been groomed on how to care for your dog. 

Most of them have years of experience, and some have grown to own their own business.

Been the professionals they are, you can recognize and appreciate their work giving them something extra to their service charge.

Their Services are Enjoyed

Dog groomers are professionals who are trained to render quality service in pet care. – A service that is enjoyed by most dog owners. 

If you enjoy their services, you shouldn’t refrain from giving them a tip for a job well done.

Do you tip Dog Groomer who Owns Business? 

Tipping is not an evil act rather;, it is a sign of showing your satisfaction and appreciating a well-done work; as such, tipping groomers, including those who own their businesses, is acceptable. 

As such, dog owners tend to appreciate their dog groomers when to show their gratitude for a job well done.

This is a measure of telling the groomer that you like the work done. 

When you tip your groomer, he or she will be delighted to continue the good and excellent job and makes efforts to accommodate you in her schedule.

How Much to Tip Mobile Dog Groomer 

It is okay to tip a mobile groomer as long as the grooming job is well done, and they didn’t do more than or less than your expectation, but according to your satisfaction.

So, if you are willing to tip a mobile dog groomer, having been satisfied with their service, you can tip them 15% of the total service charge.

Do You Tip Self Employed Dog Groomer

You can tip a groomer that is self-employed as long as you are satisfied with the work done. 

After all, tipping is a sign of showing gratitude and appreciation, which will go down well with the groomer, be it self-employed or the one that owns a business.

Do You Tip Dog Groomer at Vet

So many dog owners often ask if they are to tip a dog groomer at the veterinary. 

You must know that tipping is legal and base on choice; that is, if you are satisfied with the grooming work done. 

As such, to show appreciation, you can tip a dog groomer at the vet.

One of the reasons why most dog owners are skeptical to tip dog groomers at the veterinary is paramount because of the high fee that has already been paid. 

Nonetheless, you can still tip them if you feel ok with the job done.

How Much to Tip Dog Groomer at Petsmart

Petsmart is one of the top veterinaries visited in the United States. 

They offer excellent services to their customers to satisfy their needs.

However, you can still tip dog groomers in this place. As such, you can give the groomer at Petsmart. 

You can tip dog groomer at Petsmart 50% for trained groomers and 60% for managers.

Conclusion How Much to Tip Dog Groomer

That is the much we can discuss on how much to tip dog groomer.

Tipping your dog groomer is an act you should do as often as possible to appreciate a job well done. 

When you tip your dog groomers, you boost their morale to keep up the good work as often as you patronize them.


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