Homemade Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved

Homemade Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved


Today, we shall be looking at the preparation of healthy homemade dog food and how to get it right. A lot of dog lovers are fond of buying dry foods with little or no knowledge of how these foods were prepared. This is one of the too many important homemade dog food that has over kibbles or dry foods. When preparing healthy homemade foods for your dogs, your sources of each and every nutrient is known and certain measures are put in place to make sure that these ingredients are well prepared to give or provide your dog with the necessary nutrients.



Sweet potato

Celery, Carrot and Flax Seed Meal

Pear- two pears

5 Whole Eggs

Rice- preferably brown rice.

2 lbs of Ground Turkey

2 lbs of Beef



Step 1: Wash thoroughly and Peel the potato and Shred in a food processor. If the potato is too large for the food processor. Trim to be sure that it fits into your food processor. Add the shredded sweet potato to a big bowl

After this is done, we move on to;

Step 2: The next step is; get the Celery, Carrot and Flax Seed Meal. Wash the Carrot thoroughly and also shred them in a food processor. Ensure to remove the ends of the carrots before shredding. If the carrots are too large to fit into the food processor, cut them to enable them to fit into the food processor. Next is;

Step 3: Wash the pear and shred the pear to mix.

Step 4: Add the Flax Seed Meal says, about 2/3 cups.

Step 5: Add 5 whole eggs. Also, include the shell in the mixture as this is a good source of calcium.

Step 6: parboil the rice and add to the mixture

Step 7: Get your meats (2 lbs of Ground Turkey and 2 lbs of Beef). Now, quickly add to the mixture before adding more.

You might also consider adding peas, green beans, cheese, and mix thoroughly. Now get your loaf pan for cooking. Note: Before cooking, endeavor you rub olive oil throughout the pan to avoid the loaf sticking to the pan.

Fill the pans up and cover them up with foil before boiling.


Now, bake for let’s say, 375 degrees. That is, a little above an hour minutes. When done, food is ready. Serve when cold. Trust me, your dog will love you.


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