Hebrew Dog Commands: All Basic Hebrew Dog commands and their Meaning

Looking for a list of Hebrew dog commands? If yes, we’ve got you covered.

Recently, we have been publishing dog commands in several languages.

Today, we shall be looking at the basic Hebrew dog commands and their meaning.

The Hebrew language is historically regarded as the language of the IsraelitesOpens in a new tab. and their ancestors.

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List of Hebrew Dog Commands

In this list, we shall be list out the most basic Hebrew dog training commands and their meaning.

They will be simplified in such a way that it will be very easy for dog owners to practice and teach their dogs by themselves.

With this list, you do not need the assistance of any youtube video.

Here they are:

Heel: Noga

Sit: Siad

Stay: Zostan

Down: Waruj

Come/Here: D Mnie

Stand: Stij

Retrieve/Fetch: A port

Jump: Przes Kodia

Go out: Naprzod

Track: Szukaj

Guard: Uwaga/pilnuj

Bite: Bierz go/Bij

Out/Let Go: Puse

Speak/Bark: Glos

Kennel: Kojec/Mie jsce

Go ahead: Biegaj

Go inside: Do Srodka

What is going on?: Co Sie Dzieje

Good: Do bry pies

No: Fe

Don’t do that: Nie wol no

Ok: Dobrze

Eat Food: Wez/Jedz

Standstill: Pozorant

Leave It: Freszd

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