How to Give Your Dog a Sponge Bath {Tips}

How to Give Your Dog a Sponge Bath {Tips}

Last Updated on October 14, 2021 by Dr. Jason Williams

How to Give Your Dog a Sponge Bath {Tips}

It is essential to know how to give your dog a sponge bath, especially a warm dog-felt sponge-washing bath.

To give your dog a sponge bath, apply shampoo to the water, wet the dog with a non-soapy cloth till the dog is completely wet. Dip the sponge into the soapy water and scrub the dog tenderly. Scrub from the back to the tail, then to the forehead, but be gentle to avoid soap from entering the eyes.

Typically, most dogs do not like when you use water on them, and their furs slip if they stand on hard surfaces during the bath. Noise from the running water could be a reason why your dog hates water bath.

Most dog owners practice alternative dog washing without the use of water especially when the dog is scared of water. One such is using a soapy sponge to give your dog an exquisite body wash that enhances their health and smell.

So, how do you bathe your dog with a sponge? Is it okay to bathe your dog with a sponge?

Let’s find out.

How to Give Your Dog a Sponge Bath

Should You Sponge Bath Your Dog?

You should sponge bath your dog when it refuses the water bath. It is an excellent method for keeping your dog clean and healthy, and even the dog loves it. Sponge bathing your dog gives it the feeling that you are patting it, especially when you mix a smaller amount of water with your shampoo or recommended soap.

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How to Give Your Dog a Sponge Bath

Giving your dog a sponge bath is easy, and it does not cause water splashes all over the room if you are bathing the dog indoors.

Below are the steps regarding how to give your dog a sponge bath:

Fill the Sink

Before you fill the sink, endeavor to clean off the dirt. You may use antiseptic, but your vet must recommend it.

Depending on the size of the sink, fill in water to a decent level. The water should not rise too high so that you do not have to pour too much soap and realize little foam.

Soap Up the Water

Apply shampoo or any soapy agent to the water. If your dog is under kin medication, make sure to consult your vet about the kind of soap solutions to use on your dog.

According to, dish soap is perfect for washing off accumulated oils on the skin of your dog. Moreover, you should avoid using dish soaps with artificial additives or strong scents to sponge bath your dog.

If your dog has a skin infection, you may apply white vinegar in the soap sponge. Typically, white vinegar contains antibacterial, and it acts as a deodorizer to beautify your dog’s coat and keep it healthy.

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I also use apple cider to give my dog a sponge wash. However, I mix two parts of apple cider vinegar and two warm-water parts with a quarter cup or a half cup of the dish soap.

Wet the Dog

Remember, the reason for sponge bathing your dog is to keep it from hating the bath.

You can wet the dog with another material, but do not directly apply water to the dog’s body.

Dip the soft material, typically a hand towel, into non-soapy water and use it to pat the dog’s body until it gets wet.

While wetting the dog, be attentive to its reaction and stop whenever it growls. It is a simple sign that it does not feel comfortable with the grooming.

Dip the Sponge

Before you dip the soft sponge to use on your dog, stir the soapy water until it produces foam.

When you dip the sponge, remove it and squeeze out the water, but not completely.

Scrub the Dog Tenderly

To sponge scrub your dog, begin by petting its forehead. If it growls, do not use the wet soapy sponge until it stops barking.

Start scrubbing your dog from its back while fiddling with its tail. Continue sponge washing the dog towards the belly region and then it’s legs and hock.

The next spot to wash is its tail and then the forehead. Be careful while sponge washing the forehead of your dog to keep the soap from entering the eye.

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Dry the Dog

After scrubbing, rinse off your dog. The dog will not react aggressively when you rinse it after the sponge bath.

Pick up a dry and clean soft towel. Use it to clean your dog’s wetness for at least 4 minutes, depending on your dog’s size.

Finally, blow-dry the dog, but do not take the hand dryer too close to the dog.

Maintain a distance and be watchful before the dog, especially puppies, may jump at the dryer.

Of course, you have completed giving your dog a sponge bath, which improves the dog’s health and gives it a refreshing smell.

Summary of Items for Sponge Washing Your Dog


You need the sponge to give your dog a clean body wash. It must not be harsh, and it must be sizeable for your dog.


A distinctive disinfectant such as white vinegar or apple cider contains acetic acid, which helps to disinfect your dog. Mix it with the soapy water.


Use shampoo or dish soap to create foaminess in the water.

Bathtub or Sink

You could use any item capable of holding water. Note that you need a smaller amount of water since sponge wash reduces the amount of water to use on your dog.


You need a clean towel to wipe your dog after a proper body wash.


If you have no hand dryer, you may contract a dog wash to give your dog a warming sponge bath.

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