How to Give a Dog a Bath without Water

How to Give a Dog a Bath without Water

To the average dog owner, bathing a dog must involve water – which is always the case. But what if you have a dog that hates water or has a unique situation where bathing shouldn’t require water? How do you then give a dog a bath without water?

There are multiple ways to bathe a dog without water, and it involves the use of things like baking soda, baby wipes, waterless shampoo, oatmeal, and cornstarch. These are the dry ways to make sure your dog remains neats, retains its scent, and doesn’t itch.

If you have ever gone camping with your dog, you can attest that there are times you need to clean your dog up in the absence of water. Although this seems very unlikely, you can give your dog a good bath even when there is no water. When you do this, you can keep it clean until you have access to water.

Ways to bathe your dog  without water

how to give a dog a bath without water

Using Dry Shampoo on my Dog

Baking Soda, Cornstarch, and Salt

Making dry shampoo with bath or kitchen ingredients is not an uphill task. To get this done, put together ½ cup non-iodized salt and ½ cup baking soda with 1 cup cornstarch. Once you have this mixture, shake it properly. After shaking it, take your dog outside and get this mixture on its fur. Let it stay for about five minutes. After five minutes of elapses, go on and comb or brush its coat.

Some recipes come with rosemary essential oil, and a couple of eucalyptus drops to keep ticks and fleas away. With just three drops of these, you can scare ticks and fleas. Baking soda can help you give a dog a bath without water.

By Using Baby Wipes

It might seem like a baby wipe can only be used in cleaning up babies. Nonetheless, it can come in handy in keeping your dog clean. Baby wipes are safe, effective, and gentle on your dog.

When cleaning your dog up with baby wipes, you can always customize these wipes. To do this, soak them in a plastic bag with treatments such as tick repellents. Additionally, you do not have to buy ready-made wipes as you can make wipes at home.

When looking to make wipes at home, you can soak paper towels or clothes in diluted apple cider vinegar or witch hazel extract. If you decide to make use of witch hazel extract, you must be very careful. If you can get witch hazel that comes in a non-alcoholic vegetable glycerin base, it is okay. Nonetheless, a lot of them have poisonous isopropyl alcohol.

Isotropy Alcohol does not say a long time on your dog’s body before evaporating. However, you must not let your dog lick it. When used on a dog with long hair, it might stick around for longer than necessary and might find its way into their skin. So, due to the dangers of isopropyl alcohol, you might want to avoid it.

Baby Powder

To give a dog a bath without water, baby powder can help you. Pour a lot of baby powder on your dog’s fur. Once you are done with this, take out time to groom out the powder. This should be done just like you are using dry shampoo. This talc attaches itself to the dirt on the dog fur and takes it off.

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Additionally, you can make use of a couple of drops of baby oil. Once you get this, please put it on grooming chamois or a soft cloth. Once you have the oily material ready, pet your dog with it. Doing this will get all the dirt out of its fur. This method is effective. It, however, might not be suitable for dogs with oily skin. Residual baby oil could get more dirt to your pet’s body after this session is over.

Waterless Shampoo

Do you want to give a dog a bath without water? If yes, you can always use a waterless shampoo is cleaning it up. Beyond cleaning your dog, it can detangle its coat.

This type of shampoo can be gotten in various forms. They are spray, spritz, foam, and dry. Regardless of the state, it comes in, to make use of it, apply it on your dog’s coat. After applying it, go ahead to massage it into your dog’s skin. You have to know your dog’s skin type before doing this. If your dog’s coat is sensitive, you will have to be careful about selecting a product.

To make use of waterless shampoo, follow the steps below;

Step 1:

Take out your comb to brush your dog’s fur. Doing this will help in taking out tiny sticks that might be present in its hair. That’s not all. This action will also help remove patches of hardened mud, as well as anything that might be hiding in its fur. If there are mats in its skin, brush them out very gently. There are times the clumps of hair might prove stubborn. If you encounter this, pinch small sections gently and brush your dog’s fur section by section instead of doing it all at once

Step 2:

After brushing your dog’s fur, the next thing you should do is pour the waterless shampoo into its coat. It would help if you began right on its head and gradually move down towards its tail. While you can apply the shampoo directly to your dog’s body when looking to bathe other parts of its body, this should not be done with its face. When cleaning its face, you might have to pour the shampoo on a piece of cloth or your hands first.

Step 3:

Use a finger brush or your hands in working the shampoo into the dog’s fur. If your dog is not comfortable with shampoo being applied to its coat, it will cooperate with the massages.

Step 4:

For this step, you will need a grooming brush. Once you have the grooming brush ready, brush your dog’s fur gently. This action will help you take out any shampoo that is left in its skin. This should be on for about 10 minutes. If you apply shampoo to your dog’s face, you should not take it off with a grooming brush. Please take it off with your hand or a piece of cloth.

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Step 5:

A grooming brush might not be able to get out all the shampoo on your dog’s fur. So, if there are residues on its skin, you will need to take them out with a towel. This can be achieved with the use of a dry towel. However, you will get a much better result when you use a damp towel.


Most people associate oatmeal with just breakfast. However, it has other uses apart from being ideal for breakfast. If your dog has skin challenges, oatmeal can come in very handy.

To clean your dog with oatmeal, you have to cook it until it gets soupy. Once you have the required texture, allow it to get relaxed. Smear the already cool oatmeal deep into your dog’s fur. This can be done very quickly. However, you might have a challenge with keeping it on your dog’s body until it gets dry without your dog eating any of it.

If you are successful with keeping it on your dog’s body until it dries, brush out the dried flakes. As these dried flakes fall out, your dog’s coat will look cleaner.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can absorb oil and take out odor from a dog’s fur. To get started, sprinkle some baking soda from the base of your dog’s neck to its tail. After doing this, rub it in very gently. Let it settle for a couple of minutes before brushing.

Brush Your Dog Frequently

When you have a routine for brushing your dog with a pin brush, you will be able to keep it clean without bating it. This is because brushing it regularly will lower the number of allergens and dirt it is fur. This way, it can be generally clean.

Make Use of Pet Wipes

Pet wipes are great and very portable. If you own a dog, it is essential that you also own pet wipes, especially if you go out with your dog.

There are times you go out with a clean dog only for it to get all messy after about five minutes. When this happens, you might not be interested in letting it ride with you in your clean car. Having pet wipes handy will help you clean up your dog before letting it ride in your vehicle in situations like this.

If you intend to clean up your dog with pet wipes, ensure you use these wipes when the dirt is still fresh. As soon as you notice dirt on your dog’s coat, get your wipes and clean up this dirt.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can brush your dog’s coat. Doing this properly will loosen up the dirt. While wipes can be used occasionally in cleaning up dirty patches on your dog, they can be used in bathing your dog if you do not have the time for an actual bath.

When using pet wipes in cleaning up your dog, ensure you do not touch its eyes. You can use pet wipes in cleaning up your dig in the following steps;

  • Get your dog completely dry with a towel
  • Brush its coat thoroughly. Doing this will loosen its coat and take out the dirt.
  • This is the point where you clean your dog with moistened wipes. The number of wipes you need depends on how dirty your dog is and how big it is.
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When cleaning around your dog’s eyes, you should not just use any pet wipes. You should make use of pet wipes suitable for cleaning a dog’s eyes if there is any dirt around its eyes. Additionally, wipes should not be used on open wounds.

Dog Scents

Have you just noticed your dog does not smell good and will not have the time to wash it up? If yes, you do not have to worry. You can always use dog scents to keep it clean.

Using a dog scent spray is an inexpensive way of cleaning up your dog without using water. When you purchase a dog scent spray, you must take time to go through its label instructions. To get the best from the use of this spray, you should not apply it close to your dog’s eye or face. When trying to clean up your dog’s face, you should use the spray on a piece of cloth and clean up its look. While at this, avoid its eyes, nose, and mouth.

Use a No-Rinse Shampoo

It is not out of place for dogs to get messy. Even if you clean them up, they could pick up dirt in just five minutes.

If your dog gets dirty too frequently, there will be no need to bathe it with water. You can always take out this dirt by using a non-rinse shampoo.

When cleaned with a non-rinse shampoo, you can take out dirt from parts of the coat it has settled.  To get this done, you will need to get a paper towel or a sponge wet. Once you get it wet, put some shampoo on it. This should be followed by scrubbing the dirty parts of your dog’s fur.

As soon as you finish with the cleaning process, comb your dog’s hair. If you want its hair to get dry rapidly, you might need to make use of a hairdryer.


Although some dog owners will only bathe their dog without water when they cannot have access to water, cleaning your dog up without water is also a way to spot clean it. This is basically about cleaning certain dirty areas while other parts of the body are clean.

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