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Ghana National Dog show 2018.

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The KUG(Kennel Union of Ghana) in partnership with PETLIFE organised the Ghana’s main event for the year 2018- Ghana national¬† dog show. KUG-PETLIFE NATIONAL DOG SHOW.
The event was indeed a very special event as a well well read and very experienced was invited. Such event usually takes many years of planning.- but Ghana came through.- that’s Goodnews.
Ghana has been up to lots of great things, with their canine sector not being left out. As we all know, Ghana is ranked amongst the Top 5 leading/best canine clubs in Africa.
Let’s look at some details from the National Dog Show.

Judge: Svetlana Kitaeva(RFC/FCI)
Headline Sponsor: PETLIFE
Other sponsors include:
Happy Dog
Propac Dog food
Phoenix K9
Marbby’s Kennel
Lion Kennel.

Overall best in show:
Dog: Smart Dog G_Klaus
Owner: Peter Olympio vigilio
Kennel name: Haus of vigilio

All winners can be seen here:

Apology: I want to sincerely apologize to KUG , for the delay in publishing the event since last year. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances. I promise it won’t happen again.





Below are Photographs from the show:

A participant being interviewed


Award presentation
Chow chow dog breed at the show
Award display: CEO, Lion kennel displaying his award
Awards to be given.
The parade
The parade
Fun photo: A happy dog owner at the show

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