How to fly with a dog on Southwest Airline

I am sure you want to learn how you can fly with a dog on southwest airlines. If that is the cases, make sure you read to the end, because I’ll be sharing with you every necessary tip on how you can fly with dog on southwest airlines

fly with dog on southwest

In this post, we shall be looking at the southwest airlines and How one can fly or travel with a dog on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines allow small vaccinated breed of dogs. – owners are advised to put their dogs in an appropriate dog carrier or crate in the aircraft cabin.

The southwest airlines do not allow dogs to travel in-cabin on international flights or any itinerary that includes an international flight. 

The s southwest airlines also do not transport pets to or from Hawaii. You can visit their  FAQs sectioOpens in a new tab.n to learn about specific rules and regulations about Hawaii travel.

Cost to fly a dog on southwest airlines:

Every dog traveling on board is subject to a fee of  $95 Pet per pet carrier.

The southwest airline has specific policies on traveling with your petOpens in a new tab..

For customers of the airline traveling to Puerto Rico, specific requirements may applyOpens in a new tab..

Fly with dog on southwest: Traveling with a Service Dog(Law Enforcement or Search and Rescue Dogs)

The Southwest Airlines accepts well-rained service dogs otherwise known as law enforcement dog, trained in detecting explosives or drugs or other specific functions. They also take well-trained search and rescue dogs for traveling. – This they do without any charge, but must be accompanied by their respective handlers who are on official business. 

Every Customer of the airline traveling with a service dog must present a letter of mission and a copy of the dog’s certificate. 

Following federal safety regulations, the dog(s) must be in a position that will not obstruct the free movement of customers’ of the airline. 

Also, service dogs may not occupy a seat or sit in an emergency exit row.

Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional Support dogs traveling with and providing assistance to a Customer with a disability either mentally, physically, or emotionally, are accepted in the aircraft cabin.

Emotional support animalsOpens in a new tab. are allowed to travel on flights to/from all domestic and international destinations. 

Note: Emotional support dogs are also subject to additional governmental laws and regulations at the destination, these governmental laws may include but are not limited to;

 Health certificates

Permits which may be required by the country or state from or to which the dog is traveling to 

Vaccinations needed by the country, state from, and to which the dog is being transported.

fly with dog on southwest

Also, you must note that Emotional support dogs permitted on Southwest Airlines flights are subject to compliance with certain safety and documentation requirementsOpens in a new tab.

Below are some location-specific resources for you. 

They might be of help to you

Location-specific resources:

The southwest airlines also encourage their customers to contact the relevant ministry, embassy, or other governmental authority to ensure that they understand all applicable requirements. 

REMEMBER: Customers are solely responsible for researching and complying with applicable laws, requirements, and procedures concerning the transportation of well-trained service dogs and emotional support dogs.

I am very the above information on how to fly with dog on southwest airlines was helpful to you. feel free to drop your questions and contribution below in the comment section

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