How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly [Detailed Guide]

How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly [Guide]

It is the joy of every dog owner to see their dog healthy, gain adequate weight, and be a “good eater.” However, if the opposite is the case and your dog is underweight, then the need to fatten your dog comes to play. The question on How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly has been asked by most dog owners and has propelled us to document some vital tips on achieving this topic.

To fatten up a dog quickly, you must understand why the dog is skinny and your weight goal. Then you create a nutrition plan rich in fat and protein, potato and pumpkin, whole food treat, and peanut butter, then make sure your dog exercises well. 

But asides from this summary, we have to go into details to figure out how to fatten a malnourished dog quickly. But before we do, let’s consider common reasons why a dog is skinny or malnourished.

how to fatten up a dog quickly

Reasons Why Your Dog is Skinny

Several issues will cause your dog to be skinny. That is why you need to find out why your dog is not gaining or losing weight. This will require you to contact your vet doctor to ascertain your dog’s possible problem of not gaining weight.

Below are some of the reasons we believe one among them could be responsible for your dog’s weight loss.

  • Picky Eaters

Like humans, some dogs are just plain picky about what they eat, and these dogs want the good stuff and are willing to hold out for it. Some don’t have a good appetite, so you can always find a solution if your dog has a loss of appetite.

  • They Might Be Sick 

Having some illness or stomach issues can also be significant causes of dogs eating less than their owners would like. So in case, your dog skips a meal or two due to a stomach bug, then you don’t need to panic. However, if your dog is chronically turning up food, then you need to contact a vet.

Meaning that if your dog is usually a voracious eater and suddenly isn’t interested in food, you should get into the vet as soon as you can. It’s been almost three years since I’ve owned my dog, Jackie; he’s only turned up his nose at his breakfast only once. Then I took him to the vet, and it turned out he had some rage of infection from a small cut on his leg. But if I’d ignored it and gone to the office, things might have taken a turn for the worse.

  • Stressed

Whenever dogs are very stressed or depressed, they may sometimes pass up on food. Remember, humans can be the same too. Meaning that if your dog won’t eat after a stressful event or doesn’t eat when alone, this might be the culprit.

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However, no matter the cause of your dog’s eating stress, I want to help your underweight dogs to get to a healthy weight quickly.

  • Substandard Food

Feeding your dog with food that is not highly nourished can affect the weight of your dog. That is the more reason why you should feed your dog with high-quality food that will provide them with all the nutritional content they need.

More so, giving your dog substandard food will endanger its health because they are made with low-quality ingredients, which will not match your dog’s energy requirement.

  • Behavioral Problems

The behavioral problem can cause your dog to avoid eating totally. Some dogs are picky eaters and can quickly get bored eating the same food repeatedly or may dislike certain ingredients in the meal, which will cause them to avoid eating.

As such, you need to monitor your dog’s behavior.

How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly

Your dog can gain weight faster within the shortest period, that is, if you take the right step. Also, there are several methods you can apply to make your dog gain weight very fast.

Below are six effective methods for Making a Dog Gain Weight Faster.

  1. Begin a New Feeding Schedule for Your Dog
  2. Feed your dog with Foods Rich in Fat and Protein
  3. Give your Dog Food Treat
  4. Regular Exercise
  5. Include Pumpkin and Sweet Potato in your Dog Food
  6. Include Food Supplement

Begin a New Feeding Schedule for Your Dog

One of the effective steps to Fatten up a Dog Quickly is to begin a new and balanced feeding schedule for your dog. The existing feeding routine is probably not working for your dog; you can make a new one, but it is best to get advice from your vet doctor.

Nonetheless, an effective feeding schedule that can make your dog gain weight faster is by feeding him less in the daytime and feeding him with a large chunk of food. This method will let the dog’s body store food as fat and not burn the energy and, the extra calorie intake is not burnt when the dog exercises during the day, thereby boosting your dog’s weight.

Another feeding schedule you may also want to apply to make your dog gain weight faster is to spread dog eating time by feeding it small portions at intermittent intervals.

Any of the feeding schedules above you choose can make your dog gain weight, and importantly, you have to be consistent with any of the feeding schedule you choose.

Feed your Dog with Foods Rich in Fat and Protein

If you are still interested to know more on How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly, another method is to feed your dog with food rich in “fat” and “protein.” The importance of these nutrients to dogs cannot be undermined as they aid growth and development in young dogs and needful for puppies to advance into adulthood; it also helps adult dogs gain weight faster.

The use of higher fat and protein food will help your dog gain weight over a while; however, this process, although it produces results in overtime, it is gradual.

As such, you need to find food with a higher percentage of protein and fats and feed your dog. If your dog already eats food with these nutrients and you desire to switch, you can start by introducing the new meal in a small portion with the old and gradually changing the meal overall.

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Give your Dog Food Treat

As we continue to reveal to you different methods on how to fatten up a dog quickly, we also recommend you give your dog food treats, giving your dog extra calories that will increase weight within a short period.

An effective treatment you can give your dog is peanut butter, which is very rich in fat and can let your dog gain weight over time. Also, it is best to give your dog these treats just a little period before bedtime.

You can also add some protein food along with peanut butter to further hasten the weight gain process.

However, you should not replace your dog’s regular meal with treats, and it should be given on a few occasions.

Regular Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise to animals, that is why we also recommend it among the important methods on How to Fatten up a Dog Quickly.

Although exercise is associated with weight loss, exercise helps dogs gain muscle/muscle mass, making it necessary. As such, if your dog engages in regular daily exercise, it will maintain its ideal weight.

To get the best of this method, let your dog exercise regularly and feed it with a high protein and fat diet; it will maintain the appropriate weight level.

Include Pumpkin and Sweet Potato in your Dog Food

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are wild cards when you talk of how to fatten up a dog quickly. They are a perfect alternative if you don’t want to feed your dog with protein and fatty food.

Pumpkin and sweet potato are great to help your dog gain weight as it provides fiber and fat and boosts dog weight. Also, the nutrient in these foods will not disturb your dog’s stomach and will in no way lead to stomach upset.

Include Food Supplement

A food supplement is another great method that will help make a Dog Gain Weight Faster. Adding food supplements to your dog’s meal will increase their calorie intake and give them the nutrients they need.

You can use supplements such as Vitamin B or any other energy supplement, which will boost your dog’s appetite and the energy metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

How Do You Feed an Underweight Dog?

If your dog is underweight, you will have to determine the dog’s daily feeding calorie amounts. You will have to feed your underweight dog 125% of its required calories until it gained the required weight and afterward reduce his feeding to 100% of its daily calorie burn.

What to Feed a Dog that is Too Skinny?

You can feed your skinny dog various foods, but the most important foods are those made with meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. These meals are rich in protein and fat that help in bodybuilding and weight gain.

Also, avoid giving your dog meals such as cereal grains, by-products, and meat meals.

Best Dog Foods to Help Dogs Gain Weight

There is tons of dog food out there in the store, supermarket, and shops. But below are the best dog foods you can give your dog to gain weight.

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Bully Max High-Performance Food

This dog food is high in protein and, and it comes with standard food ingredients. It is fine for any dog breed.

Elite K9 Maximum Bully All Stages Dog Food

The Elite K9 will help any dog breed gain muscle and weight. It is high in protein and fat; it also has a brand that provides oatmeal and pumpkin in its food.

Nature’s Logic Canine Meal Feast

This is a meat-based food that is high in protein. The food comes in different brands, flavors, and protein sources.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Food

This food is made with Glucosamine, Omega 3, and 6 acids, which help protect the dog’s skin, coat, and joints.

How to Fatten Up a Dog After Parvo

how to fatten up a dog

Your dog survived parvo, and you are wondering how to get it back in good shape.

All you need do is to try and fatten up your dog. 

Provide it with good nutritional food. 

Importantly, try to feed your dog every four hours, but not exceed over 6 hours between feedings.

Some of the food you should feed your dog after parvo includes white rice, oatmeal, boiled chicken, ground beef, potatoes (including sweet potato), etc.

How to Fatten Up a Dog on Raw Diet

You need to choose raw food with fat and protein to make your dog fat, and one of such food is to give your raw dog meat, i.e., fatty meats.

How to Fatten Up a Dog with Human Food

You can also fatten your dog by giving it human foods that will help improve its weight. 

Human foods such as Eggs (raw, scrambled), Cottage Cheese (Full fat), Lean meat (Raw or cooked to match your dog’s diet).

How to Fatten up a Dog with Pancreatitis 

To fatten up a dog quickly with pancreatitis, you should provide it with a high level of fish oil, which is helpful to dogs with acute pancreatitis. 

More so, you can provide your dog with foods such as boiled chicken, low-fat beef, egg whites, yogurt, barley, and cooked vegetables to help it gain weight faster.

Conclusion on How to Fatten up a Dog

You have several tips on how to fatten up a dog quickly that will help your dog gain weight. As you know, it takes time for your dog to gain weight.

However, you need to be sure that your dog isn’t putting on the wrong kind of weight or putting weight too fast. 

The reason has been that a sudden or drastic weight gain can hurt your dog’s joints because of the pressure of their extra weight increases.

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