Dog Training Services in Lagos

If you are a resident of Lagos, Nigeria, and you are looking out for dog training services in Lagos, then you are on the right spot.

I will be listing out the best dog training services in Lagos, but before I do that, I will be telling a few things you need to know before your get in touch with a dog trainer.

It won’t be nice if a dog trainer comes to your house, or you take your dog to his house, and during discussion and interaction, he finds out that you know nothing about dog training and doesn’t even know what you want. – The kind of training you would love your dog to have.

The truth be told, you can actually train your dog yourself. – That is if you follow this blog and dog all it says. – Then, you may not have any reason to contact any dog training services in Lagos for anything.

Talking about training, I have already written something about the five essential commands you need to teach your dog. – There I did not only list out the essential commands, but I also explained how one can teach their dog(s) to obey them.

There are so many resources out there through which one can learn how to train their dog(s) themselves, but if your schedule is too tight and you can afford the bills, then proceed. If you cannot afford the bills, consider going to youtube and type in the exact command you want your dog to learn.

You will see several trainers teaching it. You can click on any and watch.

currently, we are working on getting an active and educative youtube channel that will be of help to every dog lover in Nigeria.

In looking for dog training services in Lagos, you must know that it runs in a program, and duration is also set alongside location.

Dog training services in Lagos

Things to know and consider before contacting a dog trainer

Program: For puppies, the recommended program is Basic Obedience training.

Duration: Usually between 2 weeks to one month or more

Location: The best location should be the client’s home

Session Duration: 30minutes – 1hour is recommended. – To avoid fatigue

Visits per Week: The trainer may visit between 3 to 5 times a week.

Cost: cost should be between 50 thousand Naira (most times some trainers charge less than this) to 100 thousand Naira.

Training needed for puppies

5 Basic Commands(Go, Come, Sit, Stay and Leave it) and Behavioral Correction. 

Other dogs. – say six months to twelve months

More commands should be initiated.

For Security Awareness Training

Security Alertness/Awareness Training and Response to Attack command when instructed. 

By default, Basic Obedience regiments are also included. 5 Basic Commands(Go, Come, Sit, Stay and Leave it), Potty Training, and Behavioral Correction.


The more the training, the higher the fee.

List of  dog training services in Lagos

OHA Ben Dog Breeder

Dog trainer in Lagos

Address: 1, Abbey Street, off Cele bus stop, Ikotun Egbe road, Egbe 300001, Lagos

Phone: 0906 579 3180

Dog Care Nigeria

Phone: 0803 707 3745


Dog trainer in Lagos

Address: 2, Adebayo Orleans Street, Ronik Ejigbo Lagos, Ejigbo 300001, Lagos

Trending  Korean Dog Commands

Phone: 0706 287 4470

Majestic K9 Group

Dog trainer in Lekki

Address: off C & I, Perez Building, Plot 3, Rockdrive, Leasing Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Phone: 0812 434 9999

A1 Pet Shop

Dog trainer in Lagos

Address: Akinwande Road & Off Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Coker, Lagos

Phone: 0809 180 0144


Pet store

Phone: 0810 549 9509

Paws911 Dogs Affair

Dog trainer in Lagos

Address: 8 Supo Adetunji St, Mushin 100253, Lagos

Phone: 0805 832 7068

Buy A Dog

A dog breeder in Lagos

Address: 121 Okota Road, Off Ago Palace Way, 100263, Lagos

Phone: 0708 883 0007

Celeb Pooches Limited

A dog breeder in Lagos

Address: Connal Rd, Yaba 000000, Lagos

Phone: 0812 574 2538

Kent up Breeders

Dog trainer in Nigeria

Address: No 7b Association Avenue off Social Club Street, 300001, Abulegba

Phone: 0813 706 6980

Kennel Pride Pet Care

Pet supply store in Lagos

Address: 6 Adeyemi Thomas St, Magodo GRA Phase II, Lagos

Phone: 0818 246 3630

There you have it a list of dog training services in Lagos.

Do you have questions and contributions? If yes, make use of the comment section below.

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