Dog Sneezing a Lot

Dog sneezing is a common and regular occurrence; however, there is a need to worry when it becomes too frequent.

Several reasons cause dog sneezing a lot; it can either be something minor like a reaction to dust or something more severe.

Whatever the reasons are, we have discussed below all that you need to know about dog sneezing a lot.

Dog Sneezing a Lot

Dog sneezing can be an everyday occurrence, as earlier mentioned, and if it persists over time and consistently, it means something must be wrong.

Therefore, to further our discourse on dog sneezing a lot, below are some common causative factors of sneezing in dogs.

  1. Irritants or Foreign Bodies 
  2. Infection
  3. Tumor
  4. Mites
  5. Allergies

1. Irritants or Foreign Bodies 

Irritants or foreign bodies are items or agents that ought not to be found in your dog’s nose.

Foreign bodies or irritants tend to be found in dogs due to digging or sniffing around, especially around soil, leaves, or grass.

Your dog will sneeze to eject it naturally.

Signs of foreign bodies include scratching at the nose, nosebleeds, and sneezing.

2. Infection

Viral and bacterial infections can cause dogs to sneeze a lot frequently.

Affecting the upper respiratory tract of your dog leads to coughing.

While a disease caused by Aspergillus, fungus often leads to sneezing.

Infections of this nature happen when dogs are exposed to dust and grass clippings outdoors and are believed to result from getting into contact with the fungus through the sinus and the nose. 

If your dog is in pain when it sneezes and bleeds or discharges from the nose, it probably is caused by infection.

3. Tumour

Tumour is common in dogs, mainly breeds with longer noses.

Tobacco smoke is one of the major causes of causing nasal cancer in pets, including dogs.

Tumors are known to expand and can ruin the structure of the nose.

As such, sneezing in dogs may also mean that there is a presence of nasal tumors in your dog. 

4. Nasal Mites

Microscopic bugs such as pneumonyssoides caninum found mostly in dog’s nasal passages and sinuses.

These bugs can lead to severe itching in the nose and may lead to nosebleeds and chronic discharge.

That is why you need to observe your dog if it is in the habit of digging in the ground with his face; this could be a result of nasal mites infections. 

5. Allergies

Another major cause why your dog sneezes a lot could be an allergy.

Dogs tend to suffer from Allergic rhinitis; however, this is not common in dogs.

The reason is that dogs are vulnerable to allergies and allergy symptoms that affect their nasal passages. 

Once you notice a nasal discharge from your dog’s nasal cavity, it could be as a result of anything that disturbs them like dust or even cigarette smoke.

Dog Sneezing and Runny Nose

Your dog can suffer from sneezing and runny nose.

Most times dogs tend to suffer from these two conditions due to allergy to pollens, foods, drugs, mites, spores, and chemicals.

These conditions often result in sneezing and runny nose; it can even go beyond that.

Aside from allergy, other causes of dogs’ runny nose and sneezing can be tumor or polyp, infections, foreign bodies, and much more. 

Dog Sneezing Attack 

Dogs suffer from a lot of sicknesses and among which is a sneezing attack. Dog sneezing attack is caused by a foreign body and not inherent.

There are different reasons why your dog suffers from sneeze attacks, such as Irritants and foreign bodies (i.e., dust, pollen, and other small particles) trapped in a dog’s nose pharynx, causing irritation. 

Dog Nasal Mites

Most dog owners are familiar with Nasal Mites, which are tiny bugs (i.e., pneumonyssoides caninum)found mostly in dog’s nasal passages and sinuses.

The most common signs of nasal mite infection in dogs include nose bleeding, sneezing, “reverse sneezing” (sniffing air rapidly inward), inability to pick up scents, facial itching, nasal discharge, labored breathing, head shaking, and high-pitched, and noisy breathing. 

Dog Sneezing and Coughing 

There is a possibility of your dog sneezing and coughing at the same time.

If your dog is suffering from both conditions, it could result from canine influenza (dog flu).

However, canine influenza happens to be a disease to which no dogs have natural immunity.

Dog Sneezing a Lot and Shaking Head

Dog sneezing a lot and scratching head could be that your dog suffering from nasal mites when it has sneezing fits, nasal discharge, nose bleeds, labored breathing, head shaking, and facial itching.

As earlier mentioned, these microscopic bugs are found in the dog’s nasal passages and then breed and cause your dog severe pain and discomfort.

Dog Sneezing Treatment 

Dogs suffer from several diseases, among which are sneezing, which can be mild or severe.

Interestingly, it is not the end for your dog when it suffers from sneezing, as there are several sneezing treatments available to help rid your dog of this challenge.

Below are some of the dog sneezing treatments that you can use.

1. HomeoPet

This provides support for a healthy nasal and sinus tract. 


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2. Goodwinol Vet Rx Dog – 2 oz

provides healthy treatment for all dog breeds. 


3. PetSilver Respiratory Solution

use to heal lung and sinus condition and dog cough.


Conclusion Dog Sneezing a lot

Dog sneezing can be something mild or complicated, but you should know that sneezing is a common occurrence in dogs.

But sometimes, it can be involved than it seems.

So, ensure you observe your dog closely and be sure to begin treatment immediately.

Ensure you visit your veterinarian for professional advice.

More so, we included some treatments in our discourse that you can use to treat your dog suffering from sneezing and coughing.


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