Dog Names in Japan

Want to get the best dog names in japan? If yes, then you are in the right spot. 

There are lots of beautiful, peculiar, and inspiring japan dog names that will look great on your dog. – The reason why we came up with a list of the best japan dog names you can ever find.      

In listing the best dog names in japan, we shall first begin from a list of popular Japanese dog names.

Japan is an island country that is situated off the eastern coast of the continent called Asia.

Dog owners in Japan are said to be amongst those who spoil their furry friends and companions with unique and loving names in the world.

The Japanese language is loaded with lots of spectacular and unusual names that any dog lover can have their dogs answer. – Just like the African dog names

The Japanese language contains one of the cutest and sweetest names in the world.

Without much ado, let us move in straight to the topic of the day.

dog names in Japan

 Popular Dog names in Japan

In every language of the world, certain names or words are more famous and popular than the rest.

These names are known to be very special to the people of that particular region. – The reason why many of them go for such a name.

There are so many reasons why specific names are trendy in certain regions, “Meaning” is one of the primary reason for such popularity.

Below is a list of popular Japanese dog names in Japan.

The list also contains the meaning of each Japanese dog’s names in the list below.

Here they are – A list of popular dog names in Japan:

Amaterasu= shining heaven (天照)

Chouko= butterfly child (蝶子)

Haruka= spring flower (春花)

Kimi= noble (君)

Yui= Supportive

Yoshi= Lucky

Hotaru= Firefly

Keiko= Blessed child

Kyo= Cooperative

Haru= Spring

Megumi = blessing (恵)

Misaki= beautiful blossom (美咲)

Natsumi= beautiful summer (夏美)

Rina= jasmine (莉奈)

Shinju= pearl (真珠)

Yuzuki= gentle moon (優月)

Akira= Clear

Hiro= Generous

Aki= Bright

Daiki= Nobility

Pikachu= Anime character

Tokyo= Capital city of Japan

Nao= Honesty

Rila= Brown bear

Totoro= Anime character

Yori= Trust

Yuki= Happiness

Toshi= Wise

Kiko= Chronicle child

Aiko= Child of love

Shizuko= Quiet

Yuka= Flower

Kotaro= Small boy

Koro= Roly-poly

Jiro= Second son

Choco= Gotten from the English word chocolate – often used for brown colored dogs

Lucky= Gotten from the word Luck 

Aki= Autumn this name is well suited to a dog with red color

Akira= Bright and Luminous

Taro= Larger dogs

Yoshi= Lucky

Yuki= Snow

Yuji = Heroic

Haruto= Flying sun

Hikaro= Radiance

Fuji= A city in Japan

Sora= Summer sky

Daiki= Great Glory (大輝) or Great Nobility (大貴)

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Jun= Obedient (順)

Kaito= Ocean flying (海斗)

Kazuki= Harmony hope (和希)

Masayoshi= Righteous or honorable (正義)

Momo= Peach

Sakura= Cherry blossom

Maron= Chestnut

Hana= Flower

Ryuu= Dragon, imperial (龍)

Shinobu= Endurance (忍)

Takao= A Nobleman (貴夫)

Tatsuya= To be imperial or Dragon (竜也)

Yuudai= A Great Hero (雄大)

Mocha= Chocolate coffee

Yuka= Gentle flower

Eri= Blessed pride

Hoshi – The Japanese word for star

Chika= Scattered flowers

Sora= Sky

Suzu= Bell

Mirei= Beautiful

Ojo= Princess

Taidana= Lazy

Kemono= Beast

Tips for Finding dog names in Japan

dog names in Japan

Dog lovers and owners have a lot of reasons why they love certain dog names. – Including Japan dog names

If a lover of the Japanese language, I am sure you’ll love to have your dog answer a Japanese dog name.

Japan is known to have fascinating attractions which include but not restricted to its culture – its history, geography, arts, food, technology, fashion, and people.

And then, of course, we all know that the Japanese language is so full of enchanting and pleasant sounds that convey beautiful imagery.

You can get a lot of ideas by reading some/lots of manga comics and watching anime movies. 

Female dog names in Japan

Dog names in Japan are both elegant and beautiful. – That will fit any outstanding female puppy/dog.

Below are the best dog names in japan, and dog owners/lovers can or will ever have their dog answer.

So, here you have it. – A list of the best female dog names in japan:

Kimi= noble

Rina= jasmine

Yoshie= lovely stream

Kimiko= empress

Miwa= peace

Ayame= iris

Yasu= peace

Mai= dance

Yuri= lily

Rin= dignified

Asami= morning beauty


Kei= blessing or mercy

Rinko=gem child

Satomi= wise or beauty

Kanna= guidance

Yui= elegant cloth

Chiharu= thousand springs

Nozomi= heart of hope

Yoko= sunshine child

Ayaka= flower, petal

Chia= thousand loves

Maki= true, precious

Koharu= little sun

Emika= blossoming flower

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Male dog names in Japan

dog names in Japan

Here you have it. – A listing of the best male dog names in Japan.

These names are actually outstanding and full of great meaning.

Take a look at the male dog names in Japan!

Haru= Spring

Masato= Righteous

Itsuki= Timber

Makoto= Sincere

Naoki= Honest tree

Tamotsu= Protector

Akio= Bright man

Osamu= Disciplined

Daiki= Great glory

Dai= Large

Hiroshi= Generous

Nori= To rule

Hideo= Great man

Eiji= Eternity

Ryo= Refreshing

Yukio= Blessed hero

Tsuyoshi= Strong

Masa= Just or true

Kento= Happiness

Takeru= Fierce or noble

Jin= Bright and beautiful

Shota= Fly

Michiyo= Era of Wisdom and Beauty

Natsu= Born in summer

Goku= Aware of emptiness

Minato= Harbor

Riku= Wise sky

Kaito= Supportive

Haru= Peaceful. clement

Bunji= Affectionate

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Cute Japanese dog names

Here is a list of the cutest dog names in japan.

In this list, I shall be combining both genders (male and female).

Doki Doki= Excited

Tori= Bird

Akachan= Baby

Amai= Sweet

Meisa= Sprout

Ojo= Princess

Emiko= Beautiful child

Oji= Prince

Suki= Beloved

Kirei= Pretty

Rini= Little bunny

Kicho= Precious

Amaya= Night rain

Shika= Deer

Emi= Beautiful

Kami= Spirit

Ami= Friend

Nanako= Child

Jin= Tender

Mausu= Mouse

Sukoshi= Little

Megami= Goddess

Shinzo= Heart

Yume= Dream

Fuwa Fuwa= Fluffy

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Japanese food names for dogs

Japanese food is popular all over the world, and many dishes have names that make super cute pet names too.

These are our favorite Japanese food names for dogs:

Shuga= Sugar

Momo= Peach

Sesa= Sesame

Ramen= A famous noodle broth dish

Soba= A type of noodle

Udon= Another type of noodle

Kurumi= Walnut

Dango= Dumpling

Sashimi= Thinly sliced raw fish or meat

Sushi= A famous rice dish

Tamago= Egg

Bekon= Bacon

Wasabi= Horseradish

Purin= Pudding

Zeri= Jello

Sake= Rice beer

Keki= Cake

Edamame= Soybeans

Mu Shu= Pork


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Cool Dog names in Japan

Here is a list of the best cool names in Japan.

They were carefully picked and selected.

Here they are:

Fuji: Highest volcano in Japan, and still active!

Sora= Summer sky

Komori= Sunbeam

Riku= Wise sky

Ukiyo= Floating world

Hinata= Warmth ray

Kogarashi= Arrival of winter

Asahi= Daybreak

Yuugen= Subtle grace, mysterious

Yuuto= Brave man

Kaizen= Change for better

Ashi= A lake in Japan

Boketto= Daydreaming

Oki= Japanese islands

Touma= Mountain top

Gecco= Moonlight

Aoi= Beyond the inside

Tsuki= Moon

Niko= Two hearts

Cho= Super

Maji= Real

Hayate after Black Hayate, an anime Shiba Inu

Acha= Disappointed sky

Renko= Lotus child

Unique Dog names in Japan

Here you have it – A list of unique dog names in Japan.

Take a look at the unique dog names in japan

Hisoka= Reserved

Arata= Fresh

Kaito= flying ocean

Kazuhiko= Harmonious prince

Minori= Truth

Kei= Lucky

Nao= Docile

Nobu= Faith

Shig= Luxuriant

Manabu= Learn

Jun= Obedient

Takehiko= Mountain prince

Kin= Gold

Hiroshi= Tolerant

Noboru= Climb

Daichi= Great wisdom

Tadao= Loyal

Ayumu= Dream walker

Yuu= Higher

Niyuki= Boiled snow

Ninomae= One

Ryu= Dragon

Suzu= Bell

Igarashi= Fifty storms

Kuroko= Crocodile

Funny Japanese Dog Names

We got wanted this list to be a complete one. – The reason why we compiled a list of funny dog names in japan

Shibo= Fat

Koinu= Puppy or a little dog

Chokin-Bako= Piggy

Okubyomono= Coward

Nemui= Sleepy one

Juhi= Bark

Fukai= Obnoxious

Kiti= Kitty

Oroka= Not intelligent

Kaba= Hippopotamus

Bukiyo= Clumsy

Ototo= Little brother

Ashi= Paw

Imoto= Little sister

Koro= Roly-poly

Piero= Clown

Rocketto= Rocket

Kutsushita= Socks

Taida= Sloth

Sutikku= Stick

Tama= Ball

Tough Japanese Dog Names

Here is a list of tough dog names in japan.

They contain really tough names that will match any dog with a tough person.

Tatsuo= Dragon man

Tsunami= Tidal wave

Futeki= Fearless

Senso= War

Yasei= Wild

Masahiro= Justice

Jogi= Ruler

Kingu= King

Arashi= Storm

Tamotsu= Defender

Raion= Lion

Heishi= Soldier

Isamu= Brave

Kuma= Bear

Senshi= Warrior

Gekido= Fury

Takeo= Valiant man

Takeshi= Fierce warrior

Jishin= Earthquake

Shirudo= Shield

Shiro= Castle

Butsu= Boots

Okami= Wolf

dog names in Japan

The Best Japanese Dog Names

So, here you have it. – The best dog names in japan.

Do you have any questions or contributions? Feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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