Dog Nail Protection for Hardwood Floors

If you are looking out for the best dog nail protection for hardwood floors, then this article is all you need.

Always having a dog around is excellent.- It, however, is associated with some unwanted occurrences.

Popular among these occurrences is damage to your hardwood floors. 

It is not out of place to feel unhappy when you notice your dog causing some damage to your hardwood floor. 

When you notice this, you might feel like you need to choose between your dog and your hardwood floor. 

If this is how you feel, you do not have to worry as you can enjoy both your hardwood floor, as well as the presence of a dog.

If you are searching for ways to keep your hardwood floor protected from dg nail? If yes, you are on the right page. 

List of Best Dog Nail Protection for Hardwood Floors

Here are the best dog nail protection for hardwood floor any dog owner MUST HAVE to protect their hardwood floor from scratches.

The tips below will surely help you protect your hard floor from dog nails.

Cap and Trim Your Dog’s Nails

It is not out of place for your dog’s nails to scratch hardwood floor finishing. 

If your dog has long nails, your hardwood floor will lose its shiny appearance and start looking dull in a matter of months. Cats have nails just like dogs.

They, however, retract their claws when they move around.

The same cannot be said about dogs.

To ensure that your dog’s nails do not mess up your hardwood floors, you must trim them.

As they grow longer, their likelihood of messing up your hard floor increases. 

While trimming dog nails can greatly reduce their likelihood of scratching your hardwood floor, you must note that even nails that are very well trimmed will cause a couple of scratches.

Since you cannot eliminate your dog scratching the surface of your hard floor with its nails, you might consider capping its nails. 

Nail caps are not difficult to apply, and they are also humane.

Additionally, it will be difficult for your dog even to notice them. 

With nail caps, you can make your dog nails blunt. 

This way, issues of its nails scratching the floor will never arise.

Here, I listed out the BEST NAIL CAPS FOR YOUR DOGS

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Use Runners and Rugs

If a part of your home is a high traffic area, you will need to give your floors the right protection using runners and rugs. 

Do you have a wooden floor that goes up along a long hallway? If yes, you will need to place a runner in such a hallway. 

Doing this will keep the floor protected from wear by dogs. 

If you are trying to protect your living room from the effect of dog nails, you can spread a large rug in the room.

Although rugs and runners keep your hardwood floor from being destroyed by dog nails, they, in turn, can cause wear to the hardwood finish. 

To prevent this, ensure your rugs and runners are secured with non-slip underlay.

You will also need to make use of absorbent rugs for mudrooms and entryways. 

Not all rugs are suitable for this purpose. 

There, however, are sure rugs that can absorb dirt and mud effortlessly.

This rug type can help keep put away any moisture or debris your dog makes contact with, without side the house. These rugs are not cheap.

You, therefore, should not expect them to be the same price as a regular welcome mat.

Regardless of the choice, you will have to pay for them, you can trust them to keep your floors free from dirt and moisture.

Ensure Your Dog is Potty Trained

It might seem like the worst thing your dog can do to your hard floors is to destroy it with its nails.

If this is what you are thinking, then, you are wrong.

Your dog’s urine is your hardwood floor’s worst enemy.

When your dog scratches your hardwood floor, it can be fixed.

However, stains caused by potty accidents are not temporary and will damage the finish on your wood as well as the wood itself permanently.

Additionally, you will be unable to get the odor out.

So, you will need to take out time to train your dog to use its potty.

During your dog’s training period, ensure it stays in a part of the house where no hardwood floors will get damaged.

An example of this area is a kitchen that has a tiled floor.

If your entire home is made of hardwood, you will need to cover a part of the floor with a disposable carpet or plastic.

If by accident, your dog urinates on the floor, ensure it is cleaned instantly.

Leaving urine on the floor makes it destroy the floor’s finishing.

When it is done penetrating the floor’s finish, it gets into the wood.

Furthermore, the corrosive power of its ammonia content increase as time goes on.

This will lead to black or brown staining which is almost impossible to get off.

If your dog has already stained your hardwood floor and this stain is new, you can get it off.

This is not so easy.

You, therefore, will need to get in touch with professionals to get the job done.

Buy Dog Booties

Dog booties are good for your floor, as well as your dog.

best dog nail protection for hardwood floors

They feature a bottom that is skid-proof.

Due to this feature, they can keep your dog from sliding or falling.

Although your dog might struggle to get used to the fitting of dog booties, it’s just a matter of time before they get used to wearing it.

In the following links BEST DOG BOOTIES FOR DOG OWNERS and HOW TO PROTECT HARDWOOD FROM SCRATCHES, I listed out the best booties for dogs. 

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